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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Music Monday - Snap! with "The Power"

"Looking forward to an event and planning for it is often as pleasurable as the event itself"

Hello, hello, Good evening people, tonight DJ Lil is back on her Music Monday with another of her great selection(s), it's her another favourite numbers and this time mind you, you guys better get ready for a big surprise ...... it's music and songs with power, I mean a real Power!

Since she always seems sleepy easily during the best time to post Music Monday these days, she got fed up and decided to take a real challenge this time and you know what? The solution is to choose a real explosive powerful music & songs that could rock the whole house and that does it. Hope her neighbours, four young ladies are sound asleep in their fantasy dreams, he he he .......

So here it is, with great pleasure I am presenting to all those music lovers out there ah ha, don't be shocked - it's Snap! with "The Power" & another piece of music & song good for dancing. Their super power sure does keep me awake for this week Music Monday after the clock strike 12.00 midnight. It sure does helps to keep both pair of my eyes wide opened, as black coffee has not much effect on my poor soul these days. And all of a sudden, you know what? I am now beginning to shake and move with the rhythm instead while still sitting on my chair facing my computer posting my MM with these explosive piece of music videos, the sound are quite dynamic and kind of loud just like in a discotheque, I am just a bit crazy tonight!

All of a sudden it is raining cats and dogs outside. Well! it's already monsoon season in this corner of the globe, at least it helps to compete with the sound of my music and songs and even if the sleeping beauties next doors wake up they will hear the sound of the heavy rain fall instead. The rain is so heavy, luckily it does not follow with thunders and lightnings, otherwise, it would be doomed for me as I normally have to switch off my computer during bad weather especially when I hear loud thunders followed by lightnings.


Come on everybody... let's start our groovy moves to join the fun with the power of this great sound! And let's dance ......

"Happy Music Monday"
Enjoy it!

Stay cheerful and have a great and fruitful week. Cheers!


Another great video as a bonus of good music/songs

Snap! are a German electronic music project created by producers Michael Münzing and Luca Anzilotti. However, in a reaction to some people’s perception of German music as being “cheesy”, they decided to credit their work as Benito Benites and John “Virgo” Garrett III and hired different vocalists to do the live shows.

Their first release, “The Power”, became an instant hit across Europe and in North America. In 1992 they followed up their World Power album with the album “The Madman’s return”, which features the hit single “Rhythm Is A Dancer”. By this time friction had developed between the producers and the vocalists, and they all went their separate ways.

Throughout their career, Snap! had nine Top 10 singles (including two number 1’s in the UK).

The C.J. Stone Remix of “Rhythm Is A Dancer” is still widely played in nightclubs across the UK today, usually as the last song of a set, and has become somewhat a dance anthem.

Snap! returned to the scene in 2006 with a single called “Beauty Queen”.

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Wishing on a Falling Star


Mariuca said...

:* :* :* :* :*

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Mariuca said...

yeeeha! CHOP! 8-) 8-)

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Mariuca said...

Alamak lama betul tak dengar this song Lil!!!! SNAP! Hahahah the memories! :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-D :-D :-D :-D

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Mariuca said...

And that Ace of Base song oso I love LOL!! :* :*

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Mariuca said...

Great picks this week sweetie, happy MM! :-D :-D :-D :-D

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Lil said...

Hiiii Thanks for your presence here. Got work on the Top Monthly Commenter of the month and then to continue with November Score Board. See you around....

Love & hugzzz always

Hello meow from me and my cats to you and your cats :) 8-) :* ;) :* :*

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