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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Office Politic : How many people's lives do we make miserable?

 How many people's lives do we make miserable? 
How many are crying or suffering because of so & so…………
Let us improve ourselves. Muhammad pbuh says, "The best of people are those who benefit most, the rest of people."
Yes, I am not perfect, but InsyaAllah, I do not have the heart to make others miserable or jealous of others!


Yes, I am not perfect, but InsyaAllah, I do not have the heart to make others miserable or jealous of others!

I am putting this up as a good reminder, and if this woman tries to be funny with me again, just watch out, I won't hesitate to give back her own medicine with a piece of my mind!. She is just a miserable new staff there and she is using and holding on to someone's name to make her feel she is so important there. Hello..... Just holding on to our female boss' name and claiming that she is a so called good friend “kawan karib” does not mean that she can get away with everything and not serious in her daily job contribution. In fact, the lady boss is also a friend of mine since 1996, once when I was attached to Binladin Group of companies building the runway for KLIA, my lady boss was supposed to take over my job because I wanted to quit and was planning of going to UK for a good long holidays plus if possible to live and work there.

So just because she think she is our boss' good friend does not mean she is able to humiliate me and say what she like. In fact, she was supposed to be kicked out recently but we safe the situation by recommending her to continue working there not knowing her true color then. Now, another colleague is also pissed off with her attitude, she is so slow in picking up what was taught and not initiative enough and not really serious, I can see that. When I joined as one of the pioneers there, did what I could to start everything on my own without anyone help or guidance. Imagine, we got to spoon feed her and to teach her even how to us a computer since she does not even has a clue on how to operate a computer. Instead of being humble and nice trying to catch up with whatever workload to try at least to be an obedient helper, she is another bad news similar to the former staff who left on her accord after making quite a blunder plus created all sorts of scandal even though she too is not a computer literacy.

Even the former worker who was trying to act big there was bad news. I had to type almost all her duly paper works just because she is not well-versed and capable of doing a good job, fast in typing and proficiency without many errors. Similarly, this new idiot too is not qualified for the job, yet she dare find troubles with just a minor misunderstanding and in the actual fact she is so stupid and slow. Imagine, with demanding daily functions to fulfill, they both can only type with one finger and both have no clue whatsoever in using a computer. I will write again one day more about the former “Sour Grape” who was also trying to act big and thought that she can bully me!

To all, it looks as though that the Admin Executive and I as a secretary there are lucky to have two assistants there. We both always have deadlines apart from our daily demanding functions. She better watch out this time, if she ever try to be funny with me again, I am going tell her off and this time I will and must drop her down to her real standard because she was so rude in criticizing me in front of my other two colleagues to show that she is so important and thinking I am a fool and she can get away with it easily! Let me tell you this, without me the Admin Executive there, just take a week I bet the office will be in a stage of "topsy-turvy" and a total “chaos” I can assure you. She said that "I AM A NOBODY” & ‘I AM NOTHING THERE” and that my lady boss said that “I AM NOT EVEN A LEADER THERE” clearly show that she was trying to belittle me to the lowest degree in front of my three other colleagues. I was one of the pioneers there with my hard work and being a pioneer I started establishing the systems there! She just joined us to assist us with only all the simplest tasks and got everything ready there just to continue, yet still we guide her all the way, instead she is already trying to ruin and crash my integrity, my pride and my expertise by putting me down, belittle me and I strongly believe I do not deserved this! She better go check herself first and foremost. She speaks broken English and I believe if she ever write she is bound to have bad grammar, she has bad pronunciation and do not even know how to spell such simple words like "Wednesday" and "Carrot" and with frequent irritating bad habit of couching without closing her big fat mouth and laughs like a “Pontianak”, how do you deal with such idiot???

I have a story behind this great Quote; coincidentally it has something to do with this Quote and words of wisdom, I experienced another big blow just recently and this time from a third person. I am not going into detail since this is already a lengthy post, but just a hint, this woman is not even well-versed in her job, not a computer literacy yet she is so bold and so rude towards me just because I gave her a special simple urgent assignment. This is not the first time, she back chat and try to find fault when I ask her to do something with just simple task like make photocopies, try to get some recycle papers, place near the photocopy machine and those in bad shape to cut into smaller pieces to use for taking messages etc. She is there to assist me and another staff the simplest tasks when we need helping hand as we both always have deadlines to fulfill and she is still not capable of doing important job on her own if we need them urgently. We still guide and train her to do Quotation to customer but my Admin Executive finds her very slow in picking up what was taught. We still let her do and try but only on those not urgent Quotes in order to help her find safe and comfortable learning them while on the job. Yet, instead of gratitude, she is trying to show that she is so important there just because she is a good friend of my lady boss and I was surprised to note that recently when I just reminded her about reminding the customer to either email or fax us the copy of the bank slip after paying the deposit because the function is this coming Monday, July 1st, she disliked it. So what am I supposed to do, I am the one so responsible and the pioneer handling all Quotes and Invoice, and being a Secretary and a senior staff, I cannot even remind her?? ell you what; I am too strong to be trashed out with unkind words these days. These are some of the remarks I received after being so understanding and helpful. These words are so clear and fresh in my thought despite of me trying to be so genuine towards her, God help me, I deserved what I deserved and those culprits deserved what they deserved! Anyway, what goes around comes around!!!"You are nothing & you are a no body here" "Even it seems my lady boss told her that “I am not a leader there” blah, blah, blah…Tell you what, I am more interested in getting paid according to what I am worth, excuse me rather than to be a leader to some idiots there.

Whatever lah! I am not so hard up to be a leader to some idiots, I believe some do not understand "Team Work" and cannot work even under a little pressure, ha.. ha... in fact, it was not even a pressure. I am too strong to be put down with unkind words of humiliation these days. I take it positively as the opposite version because I know myself too well! Jealous people always say something in reverse. I am a very positive individual and I do not believe in any “power of suggestion” from some idiots period. I only believe in lifting up people and making people becoming better. They can keep on playing their games, it is just a pity it won't work on me!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fluffy Friday: Latest development re. my rescued cats and mine

Black Jack
Sadly, the above two cats are mine out of the 14 cats which were forced to send away within a very limited time!

Even here at the place where I am living, some "Jinjang Joe" threw away the cat food and water if they find me feeding the hungry homeless abandoned cats. To the extent these majority living here who claimed that they are Malaysian but are very racist and they tend to group together to demand the management to impose a fine to some animal lovers if found feeding the abandoned cats in this area. So now a fine of RM 50.00 is being imposed. The hell with their selfish man-made law, I am not bothered at all! I still continue doing what I strongly feel is right and if I see any moving abandoned cat around I will feed them, but now I got to do it discreetly only in the late evening.

Not enough with their lies accusing me of having 50 cats in my apartment which lead me to hand over my cats to Pusat Jagaan Kucing since I was given a limited time to do so, otherwise, the management will confiscate all my cats, and I believe PJK is a safe place to send for temporary shelter rather than sending them to SPCA, Here at SPCA, it will not be a 100% safe because they have a certain policy such as if no one comes to adopt these abandoned animals for a certain period of time, they will be put to sleep (be killed by an injection) in order to make way for more abandoned/stray animals.

After the damaged done (sending most of my cats away), they are still not satisfied, they thought that now I cannot even feed the abandoned cats. In the first place. They can have dogs in their apartments and we cannot have cats?! Not that I have anything against dogs, in fact, I always help put up some posts on dogs too to supports the movement on a cry to stop abusing these animals.

Just to spread the good news, when the building manager, a security guard and one more of their staff visited my apartment on the 8th Oct '12, they were so astonished and surprised to find that my apartment was so clean and more to it with the smell of some good fragrance! At first, the building manager was a bit shy to enter, he ordered only those two staff to enter to check my apartment to see whether I really have 50 cats. I forced him to come in instead together with those two staff. I showed him around and took them to my Master Bedroom where I put my remaining 4 beautiful/clean/tame loving cats. They witnessed another surprise, they found out that I am equipped with much good stuff for the cats namely, Dettol, Cat Shampoo, and perfume, sprayed fragrance, soap for washing the litters, floor wash with apple fragrance, spray for fleas etc.

The building manager smiled and do not want to look further and so I said to him. "Mr ..., you are welcome to my apartment anytime for a cup of coffee". The three left but in front of my door, Mr.... shoot his head and said "Aya!, how can they said 200 cats???" My, my after their first accusation of me having 50 cats and now I found out that they accused me of breeding 200 cats!!!! What? they must be joking or what? Please do not underestimate those who helped/rescued some abandoned animals. Firstly, we are not crazy people and secondly, their dwelling place may be cleaner and can even put to shame those who do not own pet(s) around the house. So now I rest my case!!!!!

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fluffy Friday - My poor cats got to go, or else................

I was so stressed out yesterday, some culprits who are eyeing at my apartment and my cousin's apartment have made several complaints that it seems both of us have 50 cats in our units.  They must be joking or what? They think we are crazy or what? 

After shifting back to KL, I only have a few. In fact, I was planning to give away and only keep 2 or 3 and when the right time comes to keep on giving away, but only to good homes leaving behind perhaps 1 or 2. Those who promised to come to view and collect them always gave me empty promises and take their own sweet time with no response. At this point I know they are not reliable and not suitable to even owned my cats!

Those culprits I mentioned earlier are so eager to have our apartments for their friends or their prostitutes because we are situated in a good location and we are very near to the city. It is a walking distance to my office, about 20 to 25 minutes walk. We go to office by cab but have the habit of walking home.  

So these culprits have to do something in order to put us into trouble! This is the only alibi they could think of. I am not stupid! No wonder sometimes there are certain nosy people asking us how much we are paying for our rental. We are right on the top of the high rise on the 19th floor, the view is good and the air is fresh and on the top of that, it is very peaceful and private!  The view from my cousin's balcony is even better, she got to see the whole of Kuala Lumpur city including the famous Petronas Twin Towers.

  1. Why then should they worry if we have cats? Some of them have dogs and we could even hear the barking at night but never even bother. Our cats do not disturb them. They are indoors and very comfortable with their life, I can see that! As I've mentioned earlier I was planning even earlier to give them away to good homes. When I received all the empty promises, I even looked around for the best shelter homes because I just do not want to put them at SPCA. I will be dead worried thinking that my meow meow might even be put to sleep (killing by an injection) in a matter of time if nobody comes to take them home for adoption.

Luckily for me and for my meow meow, I found a temporary shelter home on FB named "Pusat Jagaan Kucing" which will protect all the unfortunate stray or abandoned abused cats.  I managed to get the address and finally got a mobile number with a name from my blogger friend LadyJava.

I have limited time now and got only a week to remove my meow meow!

What I do not understand is there are prostitutes and social escorts living here but nobody care or even bother to complain even if they are sent back home by their pimp late at night drunken! Mind you, most of them are young China girls without visas!!!! No wonder recently some thieves have entered their units and took away a handsome amount of cash etc because they cannot open up a bank account. So tell me, how come those thieves only entered China girls' units? And the Chief Security is like a gangster, perhaps he is the one behind this because he was trying to con me before.  Long story if I elaborate here, maybe, next time.   I have a strong feeling it has to do with the inside people. There is a CCTV it seems, so who control it? How come they cannot find out the thieves till today. These three units are occupied by these China prostitutes

And on the top of that I found out that some of those Indonesian cleaners who work for the management like to abuse the abandoned cats/kittens. I've heard that recently it seems they took away some newborn kittens from the mother cat I always feed and threw them somewhere leaving them there with the intention of letting them die!!! And there are few incidents when I feed some abandoned cats/kittens downstairs, there were some nasty people who threw the food and the drinking water away! Wooo ...this is really too much! I thought this is supposed to be an Islamic country. I do not like to create any sensitive issue here, I respect people and I expect the same from others because I do not disturb or violate the cause of nature. When I feed the cats/kittens downstairs I gave them only dried cat food, and believe me, I got no choice but only to put the food on the ground without any containers so that I would not leave or litter the place, the only thing I left was a miserable small container cut out from the mineral water bottle and I will always make sure to change the water when I feed them again, so don't worry about the breeding mosquitoes around! Anyway, there will be hardly two or three small miserable containers lying around far from the public, just at certain corners.

So this is what I believe "Akhir Zaman" whenever you do right, is either wrong, madness or weird! They might even think I am crazy! But another thing I say here, what about those who dressed up half naked walking around in public? They are not bothered, right? Oh! that is fashion and so they are respected instead!

I kind of got carried away trying to speak my mind out here and by the way, I do not mind or don't give a damn to what others think of me so long as I know I am doing right, my guide is my religion and I do not take any crap from anybody period!

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