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Friday, October 30, 2009

World Music Awards - 2006 - Michael Jackson

I woke up this morning with a realization and cannot deny the fact that sometimes life is cruel even towards good, talented and famous people if they aren't careful enough! We all ought to remember one thing here, no matter how talented and famous a person becomes, still he or she must be very careful not to fall prey to some mean opportunists and blood suckers out there who have their own agenda and always all out looking for the right moment to get their benefits by destroying someone life. We should avoid these sets of people if we get suspicious when they are trying to be too closed to us and we must stop associating with them immediately since these wrong people really know how to play their games well with all their sweet talks etc. and in the end we only found out their true colour when it is too late.

It was just two years ago when Michael received this prestigious World Music Awards and now it remains only the history of him. I believe in a way he has been played out by many who just want his money.

There are some lessons I've learned myself when associating with a few bloodsuckers in my life. They appeared to be very normal but extraoridinary nice and wanting to be closed to you, but after they got what they want and managed to cheat and swindle you, then later either they just pretend as though nothing happened and left you in a lurch after ruining you and sometimes they will even end up becoming your greatest enemies instead! So be extra cautious and careful when dealing with these type of bloodsuckers! Mind my language.

Michael private home video - his childhood days & his days of fame,
he really enjoys to entertain & loves his fans

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DorothyL said...

Hey Lily...great videos. It is so true that popularity and having monetary assets tend to make a person vulnerable and most definitely prey for the bloodsuckers and users of the world. It is so unfortunate that we have to learn to mistrust people in order to protect ourselves.

Lil said...

Hi Dorothy,
Nice of you to visit me with your comments here.

When I read my post again, I realized that there are some errors typed. I normally recheck all my posts and edit again. There are few grammatical errors and one spelling error. I hate to see errors, always trying as much as possible to read back and correct them. Actually I don't write well, but I am trying my level best and still in my learning process. Sincethese days I become quite bold and daring enough to create a blog I somehow love to write to speak my mind even though I am not a writer or a good one. I believe practise make perfect, so let's see how it goes .... :) ;) 8-) :*

Love & hugzzz to you dearest Dorothy as always.

LadyJava said...

:* :* :* :*

LadyJava said...

Have a great weekend Lil!

Lil said...

Hello dearest LadyJava,
Thanks for visiting and your comments. Congrat. again, bravo! Will put up your badge below this post soon. So sooner or later I am trying to begin putting up all the previous Oct scores up the "Top Monthly Commenter Board" and will add in this score of your to a new month - November. OK?

Tonight I have a surprise for all on my Music Monday, am try to post it tonight.

Love and hugzzz always

:) ;) 8-) :* :* :*

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