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Monday, October 26, 2009

Music Monday - Lionel Richie with "Oh No"

"The smell of rain, the soft touch of snowflakes, and the comforting crunch of leaves beneath our feet are nature's callings. Come and play!"

Feel like listening to one of my favourite songs from Lionel Richie's and hope you like my selection this week. Enjoy listening, it is soooooooo good!

Happy Music Monday
have a great week, cheers!


Lionel Brockman Richie, Jr. (born June 20, 1949 in Tuskegee, Alabama) is an American R&B singer, songwriter, composer, and occasional actor who got his start as the front man for the Commodores, a nationally popular Motown band during the 70’s. They had several hits such as Easy, Three Times A Lady, and probably the Commodores’ most famous hit, Brick House.

Richie quit the band in ‘81 for a solo career. He released his self-titled debut in 1982. The album hit No. 3 on the charts and sold over 4 million copies. His follow up album, Can’t Slow Down, sold over twice as many copies and won the Grammy for Album of the Year in ‘84. His third album, ‘86’s Dancing On The Ceiling spawned such hits as Say You, Say Me, Dancing On The Ceiling, and Se La, but would be the end of his commercial success.

His 90’s albums such as Back To Front, Louder Than Words, and Time all failed to achieve the previous decade’s commercial success. Some of his recent work, such as the album Renaissance, has returned to his older style, hoping to achieve more success.

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Congrats. Monica, bravo!

Congrats. Mariuca, bravo!
Wishing on a Falling Star


Monica said...

:* :* :* :*

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Monica said...

Hi Lily! great pick for this week.. happy MM!! :) ;)

Recent blog:=- Help! I look like Rudolph!

Lil said...

Love to see at my site again dearest Monica.Actually this song is meant for "orang bercintalah" for lovers. Since I like listening to it, and perhaps it can also bring joy to those lovers, I choose this beautiful song for this week. Glad you like it.

Have a beautiful day and soon I will include your links below this post and put up your score at my Scoreboard. See... my Scoreboard is improving and growing, so at the end of each month, will try to follow and do the right proceedure, ok? Happy dear?

Cheers! :) ;) 8-) :* :* :* hugzzz

Mariuca said...

:* :* :* :* :*

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Mariuca said...

I love the Commodores Lily and Lionel too of course. THough nowadays his daughter is making more news in the biz compared to him lol! :-P :-P :-P :-P

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Mariuca said...

Happy MM dearie, enjoy the rest of ur week... 8-) 8-) 8-)

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Lil said...

Hi my dearest Mariuca,
Love to see you here often. Thanks for all your suports and kind words, you and LJ will always be part of my blog. Glad to have you both around always!

You too enjoy the rest of your week.

Will put up you bagde below this post and add your score, congrats. again!

Lots of love & hugs to you and your three cute cats.

All my cats say hello meow, meow to you and your cats. :) ;) :* :* :* :* :*

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