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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Israel accused of using "White Phosphorus" in Gaza - 11 Jan 09

This video speaks for itself. The Israeli are now being accused of using "White Phosphorus" in Gaza. It should only be used on combat zone and not on civilians in a densely populated area. (In fact, Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas in the world). Is this for real? It is a war of horror and it is so heartbreaking watching helplessly the innocent Palestinian civilians being killed with this weapon! The situation there is so horrified. The Israeli are really too much! Oh my God, these bunch of people are really so means and behaving so inhuman!

A while ago when I was typing this post, my TV was on Aljazeera channel and at that moment there was this one particular Israeli female military officer on aired being interviewed by Aljazeera regarding the White Phosphorus. You should hear how she answered to all questions asked. Firstly, she portrayed the image that she is so arrogant and secondly, she was so unprofessional and looked so stupid when answering all the questions, again "beating around the Bush" since all Israeli cannot live without "Bush" and therefore they all like to beat around the "Bush"!

I don't understand why there are still people who prefer war instead of peace in this 21st century. As I've mentioned before in my earlier post, we are civilized human being and not cave men! By right it should be war against diseases such as Cancer, Aids, etc, global warming, pollutions, poverty, animal cruelty and many other endless problems that the world are facing now and need to find solutions not creating another unnecessary problems.

To be frank, I like President-Elect Obama and usually surf on his website to follow up and listen to most of his great speeches. I wrote a short passage about him in my earlier post after he won the election. I do hope he would not disappoint many people around the world who have faith in him including me with his policy when he become the president of the United States of America. He will have so many issues to go through the minute he steps in the White House especially some unnecessary issues and problems left behind by the worst president of the United States.

American always become the target to some extremists due to the Bush's foreign policy and his double standard action towards the Middle-Eastern people and taking sides towards the Israeli sending them the latest sophisticated weapons to fight the Palestinians. The super power should show good example to the world and not become big bullies or take sides. They should be more wise in their actions.

What confuse me the most is during Bush's administration, Mr. Bush always keep on mentioning "weapon of mass destruction" and then went on destroying Iraq accusing Iraq keeping such weapon and so captured Sadam Hussein. But in reality, America with President Bush in the White House and in power, the world have already witnessed the earlier bloody wars and if you can still remember, first, it was the war with Taliban in Afghanistan and hunting of Osama Binladin with his followers and yet till today with all the greatest and latest technology are still not able to trace the leader of Al Qaidah, believe to be hiding in caves somewhere between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Damages was also done in Afghanistan as you very know until today off and on there are crisis there. The same goes with Iraq, off and on there are suicide bombers killing of innocent people, meaning there are still crisis going on there as well.

To sum up all and in reality the world can see and judge for themselves that both, America with President Bush in power and now Israeli at the rate they are going on with non-stop killing and slaughtering innocent civilians in a densely populated area without mercy, they are warmongers! Both have done so much damages and destruction and both are using what I called "weapons of mass destruction" bombarding their enemies including many innocent civilians is unimaginable and unacceptable.

As we are all aware even though America is not directly at war with the Palestinian fighters, it is known that all the sophisticated weapons Israeli are using are from the American President Bush since he is all out for this war. Imagine during his reign, troops were sent to Afghanistan and Iraq. And now American weapons are sent to the Israeli supporting them to fight against the Palestinian fighters. No wonder American economy crippled. I hope President-Elect Obama will do it right to turn back America into a super power of good example, a nation that lead with all the good changes he promised. I am keeping all my fingers crossed. I know it is going to be tough for him but I think by doing so he will free and heal America and at the same time adopting fairness and justice to the world and thus bring peace to the world!

To the world, please start being positive and stop using names like Islamic Extremists, Islamic terrorists, Islamic Militants and all other negative names.

Artillery Fire 2000

I posted the above video just for the sake of general knowledge to all of us.

I pray for peace to the world and hope majority love peace over war and pray for peace too.


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