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Friday, January 9, 2009

Emir of Qatar calls for Arab Summit on Gaza - 04 Jan 09

Despite US abstention, Security Council urges "immediate ceasefire" and calls for halt to violence in Gaza, Israeli keep pounding their air strikes killing and injuring more Palestinian civilians and even hit the convoy of rescue workers killing the driver and injured a medical worker. Now they are using their delaying tactics. Latest news, the United Nation and humanitarians rescue workers including the Red Cross decided to suspend their operation for the safety of their workers. This would make matters worst, imagine the Palestinians not only lack of daily basic needs especially water & sewage, food, medicines and electricity, now with the withdrawal of the United Nation workers and the stubborn arrogate Israeli keep bombarding Gaza with their fighter jets even after UN calls for immediate ceasefire. The Israeli are saying that they are continuing the war and at the same time having meeting among themselves before they could stop the war, as usual beating around the "Bush" (Since they really cannot live without "Bush") saying that their point is to restore and achieve security on their part and ignore the resolution. What the Israeli are doing now is committing a breach of the resolution and this could constitute war crimes, if I'm not mistaken! The on going slaughtering of all innocent Palestinian citizens including babies, children, women, the elderly in general is totally unacceptable morality.

Message to the Israeli, please go home to your land, stop occupying Palestine and get your troops the hell out of Palestine once and for all so that everybody can live in peace! Go back and study the history of the root of situation and the existence of your land, you should be grateful for having Israel.

I believe majority of people around the world love peace over war!

UN calls for ceasefire in Gaza

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