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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Terengganu, East-coast of Malaysia badly hit by flood

Dear all,

Last Saturday, 29th November my area has been hit by flood pretty bad. The following day it subsided and was OK. Due to very bad weather and moreover it is now monsoon season, it rains off and on non-stop, so it floods again. That Saturday my house was not affected since it is on higher ground and I managed to see all the commotions just opposite my house. You can even see rescued boat in one of the pics attached. I was shocked to see the flood water immediately opposite my house and the water level were up to waist length. I managed to snaps some photos to attach here. It is not over yet, sad to say since I believe all the big drains were over float, (I believe part of the reasons is because many irresponsible people here like to throw their rubbish even in the big drains, all these people should be taught not only where to throw their rubbish but I think they should even be taught how to use public toilets properly and to think of others, shame on them! I thought they should be more alert on these subjects since they considered themselves good Muslim. First and foremost, I like the world to note that a true and good Muslim do not go around killing people and a true and good Muslim would not throw their rubbish in big drains and they should be clean inside out in every way and in every aspect of life!!!).

Yesterday was quite a bad day for me, the flood hit my area and covered my porch and my cat shelter was about 6 inches deep. Fortunately for me, it did not enter my house. I have 3 big cages, 2 medium cages and 1 small cage in the shelter, so all my rescued cats were on the top of these cages. In fact, some climbed up to the wooden panels above my blinds. Last night, it subsided and so I did a lot of cleaning and mopping at the shelter and at my porch and the corridor to the shelter. I will post more stories with more photo snaps very soon since now I am so involved and absorbed with the cleaning up process. In fact, now it is gloomy again, the weather is so unpredictable, it rains for sometimes and then it stops, and rains again and this has been going on since late November. Please pray for me that if it flood, it won't be so bad and it does not enter my house and all my cats be out or danger and safe, since it is still raining off and on!

"Rain, rain go away, come again another day!"

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