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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fluffy Friday: Garfield @ Rusty

Garfield @ Rusty


Hi! I was very worried when I realized Garflied's right eye was swollen last week. Already been so busy around the office with deadline and the chores at home, I don't think I can take him to the vet as yet. At first it looked as though there was a growth in his right eye. I was counting the days for Saturday to visit the vet, luckily, when I finally able to take Garfield to the vet, it was not as bad as I thought. I requested for anti-biotic injection for Garfield. I went home with anti-biotic pills including some tablets for the swollen below his right eye.

Thanks God, it works wonders with just one visit to the vet and the anti-biotic injection. So now I have to monitor Garfield very closely by giving him 2 small tablets in the morning and 2 at night. It's quite difficult to give Garfield medicine, somehow, I managed. All I need to do is just show him love and with a little patient. Firstly, I got to stroke him gently to gain his confidence, then only I could open up his mouth wide to put in the anti-biotic pill deep inside. Immediatey after he swallowed it, I got to repeat the same procedure by giving him the other pill to heal/stop the swollen, hopefully it will subside soon.

To my surprise with only an injection from the vet and only a day of treatment at home, Garfield now looks better, his right eye is getting better. Believe me, animal are smart, Garfield knows that I am trying to help heal him. After the vet visit, Garfield wanted to be near me. This morning he was at my bedroom's door with his meow, meow cry to wake me up. When I was at the living, he came closer to me trying to lick me to show his gratitute and appreciation for helping him.

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