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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MUSIC MONDAY: What Goes Around Comes Around by Justine Timberlake

"Life like roses, is a package deal, thorns and blooms. Hope, added to petals, transforms them from seasonal leftovers into lasting keepsakes, and blends our days into a potpourrri of enduring possibilities"

This song is suitable for my Music Monday post this week. I like the title of the song and I strongly believe "What goes around, comes around". For those who have done wrong to others will one day, sooner or later get back their own medicine, it's just like a boomberang, it will comes back to the sender.

I appologies if it has to be a post of life struggle which do not bring the readers joys and happiness. But as you know writing it down and sharing it here will at least ease little of my pain and clear my mind. Last but not least, I like to wish all members and readers especially to my dearest LadyJava, the creator of Music Monday, and my dearest Marzie, my good fairy.

I am glad I made it this week!

Hi guys! Good news is I'm back with Streamyx, I took off today to have it fixed and have cleared all my works till late hours yesterday, arrived home almost 10.00 p.m..late last night. At the same time it is a blessing for me to be at home today because I need back very badly all my strength and energy since it was wasted and drained out unnecessarily on stress! I can't wait to write what I feel about the unfairness and the dirty games people played on me even after doing alots of goodness assisting and sharing with them in whatever way I could for the smooth operation in the office and again I like to put it out clearly here, I did it all for the sake of the company, especially the deadlines till I got to go back quite late. They complained so much that they have too much work load compared to mine. But strange, yet both can have their lunch on time most of the time they would knock off at the right time leaving me doing some works including theirs sometimes till late hours.

There are no gratitute from these two and instead they are joining hands trying to take over the office and ruin and destroy my mood. I can tell you one thing here, I know for sure that I can be hired easily once a person knows me through recommendations, so if I feel that this place is still a hell for me, sooner or later if I have a chance, if I must go. I will go! It is no point working in a beautiful place where there are dirty polities around turning me into a miserable person! I will try to look for another job even though I love this place and happy with my job here. See... I always do my job independently without being pushed by my bosses. In fact, most of the time I am the one who call them if there are anything that they need to know immediately.

I just made myself a mug of nice hot milo and could not wait any longer to come to my blog to write. It is more important than having my breakfast because deep in me I have this feeling of being played out and being made a fool and it is conquering my emotion now. I cannot lie to myself and just say that everything is fine when I know very well that both are all out on the prowl to prey on me just about any time with some new tricks! I'm in hell and all stressed out till I could not even close my eyes at night and kept thinking how to overcome my new challenges at the office with these two mean unskilled, slow, and sick mind colleagues added with jealousy.

Imagine from day one, I started almost everything here, you name it, quality application form, leave form (I modified them), offer letter, confirmation letter, quotation, invoice, monthly sales format, list of staff names both Arab and Local and many other formats off and on. Till today almost all letters are typed by me, perhaps they are not well versed in English I presumed. Even their monthly simple covering letter to the bank including the list of staff names & particulars for their monthly salary are prepared by me, which by right it is their responsibility. I don't mind doing this because I can draft and type a good official letter and I did it again for the sake of the company and because I know they both are slow, calculative and are not well-versed. But they must start learning from now and take back their responsibility and not take me for granted. Definitely I can assist them if they have difficulties. But, no, they have choosen to burden it on me instead. They are so typical who cannot see others better than them or get paid more than them and are trying hard to do something melicious to sabotage me and they have managed to do it finally recently. I will tell you in another post because this is a Music Monday post. I think it is not appropriate to have a lengthy post here. Members come here to post and share music and songs, right?..

Yes, before I forget to mention, I had the worst birthday in my entire life so far last Saturday. I was supposed to work half day. This time the other woman left me a note on the 4th of March for me to finish up her deadlines and she took off again for a good reason it seems. She could very well finish that herself and left me the normal Local Staff pay slip to type. Oh! No.., she waited for the right time to get back on me because in early February when they both took leave together during Chinese New Year, by the way both are not Chinese, leaving me their unfinished job and I was not even notified that both also took off on the 2nd February and contitue with Saturday and Sunday and the City Day holiday so that both will be able to have a long holiday together with Saturday and Sunday. One of them even asked me for favour to exchange with her my working Saturday with her in order for her to travel back to her "kampung". I did this favour and was so flexible with situation, yet they do not know how to appreciate me. Surprisingly, the other woman also took a long holiday leaving me alone behind with her unfinished job. I thought that before they go for this long holiday they would come back on the 2nd of February, moreover the other woman already knew that I was not feeling well on Friday when I called her up late evening saying that I could not finish her dateline and she told me to go home.

On the 2nd both bosses walked into the office and was taken by surprise to find me doing the calculation and trying to clear this dateline. Both bosses called her up and questioned her why she left her unfinished job to me and whatever else later.

After that incident, she was so pissed off with me, instead of me getting angry with her, it was just the reverse. By right I am the one who should question her for not telling me that she also took off on the 2nd leaving me with her unfinished job. Instead she argued with me over it telling me that I should back her up. Crazy woman, after what she had done to me, I have to stand by her??? She thinks that I am a fool or what?!

Not satisfied with the situation, both were furious with me trying their new tactics to get back on me, I rather not elaborate here, it was such a childish act! My boss realized that I was so furious with them and then when he asked me what was wrong with me, I just blew up. And yet later I told him to just forget it because I think I can handle them. That very afternoon, both bosses were around to have meeting with three of us. When asked whether they are happy working there, they replied "yes". This is the time when the other woman questioned what was I hired there for, she always has the impression that I don't have much to do! I believe I've mentioned that in the earlier passage. So, all come to a conclucion to work as a team. In fact, I repeat from day one, I was the one who mentioned it, but they misused it! Team work does not mean that they join hands to leave their job unfinished and took off together. Team work in the actual sense means all of us to work as a team helping one another especially during crucial time so that the job will be accomplished and on time.

So, thinking that we should work as a team, this time before she took off again, she left me her shit again. It is not that easy just to follow typing what is written blindly, even the names was not written in full and with some errors in spelling, apart from that I got to check all her calculations, I can't type them out blindly, can I??? She knows better because she prepared them, why can't she just do it herself instead of dumping them to me. I even have to call her up a couples of time to confirm whatever I was not sure off.

I'm back to square one, still doing her dirty job. I thought when she has a computer, she would not disturb me again with her unfinished datelines. she should thanks me as I've already told her if she need help or assistance from me I will go to her computer, just mention it and call me any time at all. Actually, I don't mind to give some helping hands, but it must be in the right manner, come on, be logic, she just cannot leave me her datelines just with a piece of note instructing me and it was at the last minute. Who she think she is? So now I have to become her "kadam" and taking orders from this miserable unskilled mean clerk who is out all to destroy me? I'm sure she is nowhere compared to me, and yet she is trying so hard to burden me with her work just because she know that she is slow I think. Part of her job is to take care of the Human Resource work, this doesn't mean she can just order anybody around including me. I believe she is trying to take control of the office when the bosses are not around, such a power crazed person!. Yet all letters, may it be warning letters to staff, letters of offer or confirmation letters and almost all letters are all prepared by me! I too have my deadlines.

I'm also in-charge of preparing letters and other documentations to the Immigration, meaning I got to work very closely and not miss out any date(s) wifh the foreign staff multiple visas or other visas. Apart from that I got to follow up with the customers with daily quotes getting their feedback with their confirmation. Answering telephone calls, taking messages and sometimes I got to call the clients to get their full particulars and necessary information to prepare the quotes. All these need special immediate attention too and I got to liaise with the manager and the General Manager. Why can't she just give the datelines to her assistant. The other woman also has an attitude problem and they give me the impression that they are also lazy and very calculative. The second woman sometimes called her "boss"? " no wonder she "anggan-anggan nak jadi leader konon" she can just dream on, if she do not have the expertise and the quality as a leader and just trying to use certain power for her own advantage, she better stop dreaming lah! Shame on them, if I do not finish their datelines on time, the Arab staff would not have got their salary on time. They are paid in cash accompanied with these slips. In the actual fact, from day one when she did not have the computer, I typed everything, and I never stop doing all these shits which is supposedly to be her responsibillity till this very day and yet she gave wild accusations and not knowing what are my job function. In the first place, she doesn't have to know what my job function are, she should concentrade more on her job and not being nosy with what I am supposed to do.

They are so lucky to have me there at the moment, they all should realize this because if another person is in my shoes there now, I honestly believe the worst would have happened! Again, I stayed back long hours with no overtimes or any allowances for my fare back home. I need to take a cab home when it's late. This year birthday was spoilt by this selfish, jealous individual who are all out to prove that she is better than me! How dare she put forward a wild accussation and question both my bosses recently. She said that she would like to know what I do when I come office. Wow! She should have known me better, I am there mostly taking all her shitsssss from day one because she has no skill in typing and yet she is aiming to control the office as a leader! I want to get this out of my chests here. One day she said tyring to irritate me, quote with the exact words : "Some people come to office, they work and get paid" unquote and the other woman continued, quote "Ya lah!, but some people come to office, they don't work, only playing with the internet and yet get paid" unquote. When I questioned her, she denied and when this happened there was even a witness, the Chief Steward, he was there in our office. Excuse me, I was on the net sometimes to send and receive e-mail from clients and suppliers. They are so stupid even after me helping them to create their e-mails, they don't even know how to use them. In fact, I was the one who convinced my boss to give them the internet lines, otherwise, till today they are not exposed to the net. The fax machine was out of order for the past few weeks, luckily, I managed to send all quotations with attachments through my personal e-mail (Therefore, recently I created another e-mail address to use it just for the office), at first some quotes were sent through my private gmail address. I sacrifice alots and yet this is what I get. Enough is enough! I think I ought to look for another job now.

I like to work peacefully and mind my own business doing my job diligently and in good spirit without disturbing others with unnecessary crabs. Pray that sooner or later I will get to work in a place where someone really need an independent worker like me who is not afraid of hardwork and who come to office with the intention of doing a good and honest job!

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