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Friday, February 19, 2010

Fluffy Friday #12 - Tabby

Hello Marzie, all Members and Viewers,


With a heavy heart I am introducing Tabby on my Fluffy Friday post this week. I'll tell you why, in fact, Tabby was my very first kitten his mummy, Kitty Litty brought to me with another kitten, all white with a pair of gorgeous blue eyes. A week later she brought me Stevie and Chippy, then another day Micky appeared at my front porch and I am sure it is Kitty Litty's kitten too. Finally, Baby Doll was brought to me late one night. This is the history of how I have Kitty Litty's children in the initial stage and then started adopting many more rescued cats and kittens.

I do not know for whatever reason(s) their mummy visited my house daily for food. She was a beautiful fluffy female cat and I wondered why she came to me with her kitties one after another. Did she has a home? Who was her owner? Or perhaps her owner neglected her and shifted somewhere else or she got lost, a number of questions popped out my mind. It was strange though as I used to see her boy friend, another male cat that looks very much similar to my BlueBerry and I am sure he is the father of BlueBerry and some other kittens brought to me by Kitty Litty. He used to passed by my front gate trying to get to Kitty Litty I supposed and then disappeared and vanished into thin air when he saw me. He looked as though he was being well fed & well taken care off and from a good home. I strongly believe that Kitty Litty came from the same home where her boy friend was living. Perhaps the owner couldn't care less with Kitty Litty because she has been giving birth too many times and I think not all her kittens were born fluffy, some would appear very much like local kittens and not fluffy I bet, because during her early stage living with me and before I spay her, she gave birth to some kittens which were not fluffy. One good example is Rusty @ Garfield and another example is Teddy, they both are not fluffy at all but they are big in size as they grow bigger! By right people should not discriminate cats or kittens which are not fluffy, right? Why can't the owner just spay and neuter Kitty Litty in the first place instead of letting her giving birth too many times and then neglected her? What a mean thing to do beside not being responsible for their own pets!!

This is how it started, one morning when I opened my front door and to my surprise, I saw two cute kittens, one is Tabby and the other is his brother I named Snowie. Unfortunately at the moment, my late mum did not want me to take in any more cats or kittens, that was the early stage when I have only five (5) cats namely: Nina Coco, her brothers Spicy, Ginger Boy and Panda and their mummy. Without thinking further I gave away Snowie to a vet since according to him someone would like to have a male kitten, and at that time Tabby was too weak to be given away and I had to take him to the vet for check up and treatment. I regretted very much giving Snowie away till today because when I checked back with the vet, Dr. Yuan, he told me that the person who took this kitten never came back for an injection or treatment at all. So that is why these days I will choose very carefully to whom I give away the rescued or abandoned cats/kittens to be on the safe side.

After this incident, I do not know why I just start taking in more cats and kittens that were left at my front gate. It could be perhaps I was feeling kind of guilty after giving away Snowie to a stranger. Anyway, it is no point crying over the spilt milk, I've learned my lesson and am trying to be more carefully before I do anything drastic these days and hopefully I would not repeat the same mistake again. Then some nasty peoples who knew that I have more than ten (10) cats started abandoning their unwanted cats and kittens at my front gate. My late mum was speechless that time and she could not do anything as I was deadly serious and wanting to help all these abandoned cats/kittens. My brothers and sisters were not happy when they visited my mum. But you know, they were not living with us, it did not bother me. I then built a Shelter for all these rescued cats and kittens. From the very beginning my plan was not to keep all of them, I wanted to give some away to good homes.

A few weeks later, Kitty Litty brought me another two more beautiful kittens, both are rare and unique brown, they were Stevie and Chippy. A few days later she brought me the last kitten Micky. Unfortunately, I do not have photos of them to display here, which I do regretted very much. When my late mum saw Chippy and Stevie straight away she agreed to have them and gave me the green light to keep them. I have to abide by her rule because at that time I was staying with her and helped paid the instalments for the house. So, now beside my five original cats, I have Tabby, Stevie, Chippy, Micky plus their mummy Kitty Litty and altogether in total I was having ten (10) cats then. I was still so upset about the fate of Snowie, I should not have given him away to a complete stranger without even giving him a chance to know me and me knowing him! I still regret it to this very day, if only I could change back time, I would not have done so. I realized sometimes I do made very drastic decision without thinking further.

One late night before she came and live with me, I saw her with another two growing up kittens, one with fluffy black fur and another one with fluffy cream fur, both were so adorable. The fluffy black kitten ran away and never returned leaving the fluffy cream fur kitten at my compound. I took her in and named her Baby Doll and a few months later Baby Doll gave birth to four (4) white fluffy kittens, three died when they were still little leaving Milky behind and that is how I got Milky and he is still around with me till today. Baby Doll went missing and disappeared never to return. I believe someone might have stolen her, or perhaps the owner knew that Kitty Litty brought all her good looking kittens to me, managed to come quietly and took back all those beautiful kittens which Kitty Litty has brought me. While writing this articles only did I realized that it could have been the irresponsible owner who did not want Kitty Litty but prefers to take back all the kittens and Baby Doll from me. Let's see first Baby Doll went missing, then Chippy and then Micky. If only you could see picture of Baby Doll, she was the most beautiful female cat I even had before, no other female cats with me can challenge her grace and beauty till today! She looks slightly similar to a picture of a gorgeous cat, Snow White, if you care to scroll down towards the end of this page, there you will find a picture of a white fluffy cat on display. Unfortunately, when I was living in Kuala Lumpur, I did not have a camera or a mobile with a special feature enabling me to snap some of their gorgeous photographs.

When Chippy and Micky disappeared, I knew for certain they were stolen. Or it could be the owner who came around just to collect those beautiful kitties back. If you like to know, Chippy looks very similar to Stevie with very unique brown fur but more handsome than Stevie, bigger in size and his chest with full of sheep-liked fur, I think you can figure out my descriptions of Chippy. Micky on the other hand, was so cute with a kind of funny looking face, I bet you even those who do not fancy or like cat would like Micky's look. His fur similar to Tabby, they both look a bit like wild cats, very rare and unique. (see pic. of Tabby being displayed above, he sure looks like wild cat, but very loving as I have shown him love since he was a kitten!).

Cut long story short, after my late mum passed away, my second eldest brother sold the house where I was staying. Without thinking wisely since I was so upset, I've chosen to shift to Marang, Terengganu near my brother-in-law's resort just opposite the road thinking that I could be saved here and perhaps I could even start a little business down here and was planning to rent my guest room for holiday makers during peak seasons and hoping that Beach House would send me their guests if their rooms are fully booked because many a time I heard when Beach House were fully since some holiday makers got no where to go for overnight to the extent they do not mind staying overnight at some local people's homes just for the night before they could plan where to stay the next day. But this never happened, only a couple of friends who visited me stayed here and I was quite reluctant to take their money for their stay at my guest room but they insisted that I take it because they knew my situation, without a job and trying to earn a living here. At the same time I started teaching some local students English Language during the weekend. Beside this, I sometime make and supply "Roti Canai Instant" to the Beach House Resort upon request.

Sad to inform here that Tabby was given away about three months ago to an owner who wanted him so much and had promise me to take good care of him. Since Tabby can get along with any one and need a lot of love and attentions that I could not fulfil, I gave him away out of love. This new owner also took another female rescued cat which I named Mother Teresa because she is so loving towards all the abandoned kittens. Her friend took two small rescued kittens. I often think of Tabby and once in a while I would call the owner to find out about him, and even suggesting if I could have Tabby back for an exchange of another rescued cat. My! My! I do miss Tabby very much, do I? I've just spoken to the new owner a few minutes ago while typing this post to check on Tabby again. He is doing fine and according to the new owner he gets along well with their fluffy male cat beside my rescued female cat, Mother Teresa.

Just recently,all my sixteen (16) cats and my sixteen (16) rescued abandoned cats and kittens received their second injections. I am planning to send most of the rescued cats to the Shelter Home Kuala Lumpur in order to be able to shift back to the capital city to start my life again. While in the planning process, I am still voicing around trying to give away if possible all the rescued cats/kittens to good owners here in Marang rather than sending them to the Shelter Home, Kuala Lumpur and not knowing what is going to happen to them. I am also trying to give away some of my own cats to only good owners provided I have their contact numbers and addresses so that I could contact these new owners to call once in a while checking up how they are fairing. But if no one will come forward to take these abandoned rescued cats and kittens during this month and early March, then I will have no alternative but to carry on with my plan to send them to the Shelter in Kuala Lumpur as I am no longer able to continue taking care of too many cats and kittens. It involve time, energy, money with hard work & patient.

I pray and leave them in the hands of Allah, the All Mighty for their fate and safety as I have no other choice but to trust only him what is to become of all the rescued cats and kittens that I am about to send to the Shelter Home in Kuala Lumpur very soon, for he knows what is best for me and for these unfortunate innocent animals since I got to start living a normal life and start going all out to earn my living again, as I cannot just depend on my limited saving anymore!.

Phew! what a lengthy tale? ..............

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Laane said...

Do you know that your right sidebar won't load and when I wait the site disappears and is taken over by advertisements?

Lil said...

Thanks for telling me, strange, when I click to open my blog there is no problem at all, somtimes due to poor connection, it takes just a slightly longer period on reload it, but when I experienced this I would just reclick again and then it's ok.

You can try to just click again, I have encountered similar problem to some other blog, in fact, there are some even took very long time to reload, and if I need just to drop EC I won't wait for it to reload the whole page, I just dropped EC and put it to the minimum status for me to click back to maximum status to read or to go thru' the whole page.

Please try this and let me know and if you have better sincere idea, just let me know.

Thanks, :) ;) ;) ;)

Lil said...

Hi Laane,
In fact, I just got back from my round again doing my EC drops, even tried to drop on yours but I could not do that since instead of the word "drop" appears, the word "Thanks" appears. So I clicked to the rest of those badges displayed at the Dashboard to visit their blogs to continuing dropping ECs, and you know what? I still got to wait for a while for each blog to reload their right side bars, but the best thing I could do was just as I mentioned earlier, put each blog to minimize status and visit the earlier minimized blogs to maximum status, then only I see their right side bars where I can do my EC drops.

It is same same to some blogs, some even worst than mine, I waited really long to get to their Entrecard box to appear, but I was patient, sometimes it really takes a while, but as I said it is best to put it to minimized status keep down to below bar, click the rest and come back to the slighly slow reload blogs.

I just want to fair to all since they visited me, therefore it is polite to return their EC drops, only sometimes I did not due to some emergencies or my pc or Laptop not working.

Hope you understand what I was trying to explain.

Happy blogging and in fact, you are one of my favourite blogs. See you around .... :) :) ;) ;) ;) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) :* :* :* :* :* :*

Mariuca said...

:* :* :* :*

Mariuca said...

Hi Lil, I can see ur sidebar fine. Maybe takes a little time to load but can see sidebar. I am viewing ur blog in FF btw. :* :* :* :*

Mariuca said...

Wahhhhhhh I just finished reading ur story, takpe takpe luahkan perasaan.... hugsy!

Mariuca said...

I tergelak baca ur mom speechless cause so many cats...that was the time u started taking in the cats is it? So now tinggal 10 je yes? Ok ok thanks for telling us the story, now I understand a little bit more abt ur cat caring ways and history....

Mariuca said...

So no more Tabby? At least u have pics unlike Baby Doll's case kan? And don worry too much abt Snowie... now u know better and it's not ur fault the owner irresponsible tak bawak injeksi. You did all u could and the owner needs to know her own responsibility towards her cat. ANd from now on, u know better than to give cats to wrong ppl. so don feel was an honest mistake, mana nak tahu kan? :* :* :*

Mariuca said...

Happy FLuffy Friday Lil... just take one day at a time and since ur near a resort, maybe can take a weekend off to just chill and day pun takpe... hugs! :* :* :* :* :*

Lil said...

Oh! my lovely Marzie is now here...
It make me smile when I clicked opened this page seeing your smiling face holding one of your kitties lovingly. Love you lah ......

Ya Marzie, Tabby has a diffent mummy now, soooo sad, this is the first time I part with my KL cat, I normally prefer to give away most of the Terengganu cats/kittens because the KL cats even though some are rescued cats, there were with me longer and I've grown to love them more, see what I mean.

Just pray and hope this owner really take good care of him and love him as much as I do or even more than I do! :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Lil said...

Ya lah, masa only two additional kitties Tabby & Snowie, bukan maing lagi tak dak accept both kitties, sebab tu lah I terpaksa bagi Snowie, kesian Snowie, he cried bila I tinggal dia kat Dr. Yua. Tak suka sangat, suddenly bila nampak Stevie and Chippy nak pulak sebab sangat rare and cantik. So at the early stages I had 10 cats.

Lepas tu lah I tak tau apa jadi, suddenly some idiots started abandoning their unwanted growing up cats and kittens at my front gate sampai I kena buat Shelter for them. I rasa kalau I still leaving in that house, I pun tak susah, kucing pun tak susah sebab kalau more idiots keep throwing their unwanted cats and kittens at my front gate, I can just send them to the Ampang Jaya Shelter Home and won't be entertaining keeping many cats and kittens.

Allah will punished these people and and so called "harapn pagar, pagar makan padi brothers" for selling this house, yang hasil nya dapat banyak hanya tahid mata aje buat savour grapes and menyusakan me and all the cats, lagi pun what he did was just like penyamum since it was already planned and suggested by my late mum that the house should be under my name and another unmarried brother, bukan rumah pusaka!!!! Mereka ni makan duit haram umpama nya even if they ada bagi some contributions, apa buruk siku ke, dah bagi, tuntuk balek.

Yang berada dan kaya raya pun ambil the share, malu lah, so greedy, nanti kat Akhirat mereka yg buat seyrong ni akan di soal oleh Allah Taala, sebab tu lah I ni tak teurus hidup I, kalau I kerja tak pe lah, ini jobless dok hidup dengan duit saving aje. Tergamak mereka jual rumah yg sekakang kera tu!

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Lil said...

Memang, when I am readh, I will create another blog to tell the world of how I have been abused!

Lil said...

Memang, when I'm ready, I ought to create another blog to tell the whole wide world how I was abused by some family members and their spouses. >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o

Lil said...

Happy Fluffy Friday to my dearest loving Marzia too! :* :* :* :* :* :*

Lil said...

Now I still have 16 cats from KL (including my 2 original cats, Spicy, Nina Bobo0 and another 16 rescued cats and kittens from Marang, Terengganu yg nak kena hantar kat Shelter Home KL very soon, so altog. 32 cats and kittens now. 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Lil said...

You do not know what I've gone through and what I'm going through Marzie, life have to go on and on the top of that I kesian all these innocent animals.

In fact, tomorrow I got to draw another RM1,575.00 to purchase 10 bags of 15kg bags of IAMs with retail price - I get 25% off, so I get one free bag, I wanted to purchase Royal Canin but it seems they can only deliver to East Coast after March 3rd, so I got no choice but to still purchase EAMs. I did make a complaint regarding the previous incident that caused Ocar, Tiny and Squirrel dealth due to allergy in the cat food. The was caused by their old transporter since they stocked the goods at a damp place I believe which could have caused some bateria in the food!
Now they have change to different transporter and my goods will be delivered straight from KL to my door steps rather than keeping them somewhere else first, this I was told. *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW*

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