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Friday, January 1, 2010


Goodbye 2009, Welcome 2010

"Poised at the brink of new beginnings, I've discovered that I either find a ladder to climb, or learn to fly"

Wishing all my blogger friends and viewers

May we are all blessed with good health,
good wealth, calmness, peace and joy together with the strength to challenge our life
journey in this new year

God bless you.

I like to convey the good quotes displayed in this video to all for this new year.
Just take it as the year 2010

Below is a beautiful poem by Katharine L. Sparrow which I like to share with all here:

Recipe for the New Year

Preheat the season
With warmth from hearth fires
Butter the surface
Of life's hopes and desires
Sprinkle some flour
So no sadness will cling
Make room for the chances
The New Year will bring
Measure out two cups
Of patience and grit
Two teaspoons of courage
A dash of sharp wit
Crack two large white eggs
With cheery bright yolks
Mix all together
With determined strokes
Fold in some caring
Blending well until smooth
And sprinkle with love
Any worries to soothe
Bake at 350
For an hour or two
Until New Years wishes
Cook thoroughly through
Then when it's all done
Let it cool on a rack
And slice off a piece
For a sweet New Year's snack!

My Linky love to the 1st & 2nd commenter and thanks for all your comments


Shreyas said...

This article simply ROCKS ! That was a great read for me. keep it up with all the good work..

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Lil said...

Thanks, this is the reason why I posted it here even though it was meant for 2009. :)

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