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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kseniya Simonova's Amazing Sand Drawing

Hi Guys,

I like to share with you this amazing video of an unbelievable and unique talent of a fine young lady named Kseniya Simonova who I believe is from Ukraine demonstrating to us the unique display of her fine Artwork with sand drawing. The first display is about "The ugly and misery of war". We should by now realize that war only bring more pains, miseries and destruction. Let's all join hands to support peace on earth and spread love around.

Watch this closely when you have ten minutes of free time. It's incredible because this is probably the most beautiful thing you have ever seen on YouTube.

There are several different performances of Kseniya's available on YouTube. I selected my favourite for the link below. What Kseniya does is haunting and beautiful, especially when you understand the context. Look at the reaction the crowd has. They are deeply moved. What she depicts is love and war, set amidst the turmoil of The Great Patriotic War, or as they call it in America, WWII. Ukraine was probably the area most devastated in the war, even more than Germany. It was conflict that saw nearly one in four Ukrainians killed. A population of almost 42 million lost between 8 and 11 million people, depending on which estimate one references. Ukraine represented almost 20 percent of all the casualties suffered during WWII. And that was after Stalin had killed millions during the manufactured famines before the war. It to this day touches every Ukrainian. That's the context of war memory that Kseniya reaches out to.

The sand art of Kseniya is set to music that reflects the tone of what she is trying to project, and the combined effect works very well. Sand animators use simple grains of sand to tell a story, in a way many people haven't see before. What Kseniya Seminova does in a few short minutes is all the more memorable because it is so fleeting. Once she is finished, the grains of sand go back into containers and the art is swept away. Sort of reminds us how fleeting our lives can be.

You will continue to enjoy more of her unique artwork demostration in all the following video clips attached to this main video.

These two videos below show the reality of complete destruction and maximum misery of war

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