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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Learn to love yourself first

I got up the wrong side of bed this morning after a bad dream and have developed a sad and an unbearable mood today that brought me back thinking of my past ugly life, what I went through before with some nasty people who were supposed to be genuine friends and family but have betrayed me instead. Sometimes it still haunting me and am fighting back so hard to stop and erase it completely from my thought.

I am teaching myself to be hard solid rock after living on my own without those harmful people around me who somehow played the role and were in a way responsible for turning my life upside down. They means nothing to me anymore because I am a much better person right now without them around.

I like to dedicate this song - "Small" by Carrie Underwood to all those who have gone a lot in life and I have a very important message here to them to continue having strong faith within themselves and to start loving themselves more with challenging spirit beside loving God because the greatest love of all is loving yourself!

You got to know how to choose good and genuine friends to be with and to avoid and stay completely far away from those even though if they are your family members but are not saved and harmful to be with.

"Life is full of lessons, so in order to grow stronger and wiser we ought to develop the challenging spirit within ourselves to move forward rather than giving up hope easily by staying in misery and losing our way"

Remember, God helps only those who help themselves!

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