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Friday, August 21, 2009

I miss Kuala Lumpur very much

I miss Kuala Lumpur so much and looking forward to be there soon.

Just for the fun of it, I am attaching below the video of "The world's best skylines and if you care to view it you will find that Kuala Lumpur falls No. 9.

I have been missing for quite a while and did not even post my "Music Monday" this week, been busy trying getting a house in Kuala Lumpur, planning of giving away most of the rescued Terengganu cats to good owners but still difficult to get them, otherwise, I got to send them to the Shelter Home in Kuala Lumpur after "Hari Raya Puasa" festives for all Muslims after the fasting month of Ramadan because it is very difficult for me alone to cope up with this situation till I have no proper life of my own for quite a while already and the selfish local people here keep throwing and abandoning their unwanted cats/kittens to me just because I owned some cats and I promote cat food. These people are really too much, I promote cat food and bought more and stock them to get dealer price and sell some in order to cover for the usual price I pay when buying only 1 package of 15 kg. bag since I have to feed 30 to 35 cats daily on my own and not even on a payroll now. The price of quality cat food like Royal Canin and IAMs has increased 30% of the usual price. Moreover, I do not even have much time for myself anymore these days. Sometimes I would stay until late night to really have a chance to be on my computer and sometimes I learn to steal time to come to my computer while doing some house chores or doing something at the cat shelter and leaving my computer on. This is really not fair and I have to do something about it and pray that God, the Almighty be with me to protect these unfortunate animal when they are sent and left at the Shelter Home in Kuala Lumpur to protect them and to be given away to good owners who will love and take good care of them.

Mind you, there is no Shelter Home here in the whole of Terengganu, they can afford to build expensive crystal mosque and yet do nothing about the lost, hungry and abandoned cats and kittens. If that is the case they should then teach their people here to be more humane and spare some love for the unfortunate animal. It is not enough just to dress up a Muslim way and do their daily prayers, fast in Ramadan, going to the mosque, paying zakat and do whatever else they are supposed to be doing to be good Muslims yet forget about their surroundings and the environment and on the top of this, they should be more aware of not letting their cats breed out of control and then let these poor innocent animal suffer by becoming stray, lost, hungry and with all sorts of diseases roaming around searching for food and water. How can this be? We are the best of all creations and are created with brain to think, yet those who have the power to end up this misery never want to look into this matter and take responsibility but prefer to just ignore it. In Islam doing things for ourselves is not enough, this means "selfish
". We should all be "Khalifah" or "Leaders" in our own way on this planet and not forgetting about the unfortunate, let it be human or animal. These are tests for us with given responsibilities in order to mold us as better individual and will be rewarded in the hereafter with whatever deeds we do on earth. At the same time we learn to become better human beings when we take responsibilities and act like leaders!

I have enough of this nonsense and I am planning to shift back to Kuala Lumpur for good with light and less of my belongings and trying to sell most of the heavy furniture and those less important items.

Terengganu is not suitable for people like me. I am too active to be staying in this place and feel lost in an alien town. I will be cheating myself if I were to end up here for good and not take the challenge to go back to the capital city. Now I find myself bored to death living here, only things that amuse or cheer me up is when I am on the computer and loving my cats. I am a person with lots of fun, a person with full of actions and adventures and now feel so lost like I am left here isolated here with no quality friends and feeling so stagnant. I thought living here could bring me peace of mind because it is a resort area, I was totally wrong.

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Mariuca said...

8-) 8-) 8-)

Mariuca said...


Mariuca said...

yay yay! Selamat berpuasa tomo Lily, I hope u find a place in KL soon. Thanks so much for ur FB mail, LJ is in Singapore right now, coming back on Sunday only! :* :* :*

LadyJava said...

And I am sure KL misses you too Lil!
Poor you.. slaving after the kitties.. and no time for yourself.. takper nanti dah balik kl boleh relaz ye..
Till then.. selamt posa beb!

LadyJava said...

GP!!! lol!

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