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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Currently I have more and more cleaning up to do and more and more time to spend at my cats' Shelter. I need to thoroughly clean up the cages and to mop extra floor areas, changing newspapers in four cages for the latest abandoned cats and kittens since these newcomers from the previous owners were not trained to use the litter trays provided instead making a real mess which need thorough cleaning. So their cages will always be in a mess when left for several hours. Therefore, I am having extra unnecessary works more than the usual routine! Believe it or not, yesterday itself it took me about 5 hours spending my precious time at the Shelter behind, normally it took me 3 hours. There are 4 cages placed outside along the corridor near the Shelter behind. I will only take them in when it rains.

I am also having another problem now with the 3 abandoned male cats thrown previously and now they are growing bigger day by day, so I dare not mix them in the Shelter with all the other abandoned female cats from Marang because I do not intend to have more kittens being born by accident. All the abandoned cats here in Terengganu are not spayed yet since I do not have transport to take them to Kuala Terengganu to spay and neuter. Once I wanted to hire and book a cab to go to KT for this purpose but all the cab drivers here just refused to accommodate cats even if they are placed in secured carriers with newspapers put below the carriers and leave below the seats including spraying inside the cab with "Glade Air Sanitise Clean Air" for good air with good aroma and the window screens opened. I did plan to take them say 4 to 5 cats in each trip each day and follow up with the rest the same method accordingly the next day and the next day until all are spayed and neutered.

Imagine none of the taxi drivers in Terengganu are willing to take me to KT even with extra money! To them all cats are dirty and smelly. All we need to do is just use some common sense like I mentioned earlier, I won't dirty their cabs by putting these carriers on the seats. Sometimes I question myself, and really puzzled 'cause they considered themselves Muslims, yet they don't even know how to show love towards animals. These people are from the role model Islamic state in Malaysia, I am so puzzled! So don't get it wrong here, actually these bunch of selfish people do not really practise the true teachings of Islam.

As far as I know as it was narrated about our great Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and may peace & blessings be upon him, that he loved and treated cats well. It was told that when a cat was found sleeping on his praying mat he did not even wake or pick this animal up from the mat. It was told on another incident that he was very concerned of a sick camel and requested the owner to make sure the animal is healed from the sickness. We were all taught to be kind towards all animals. It is just too bad, most Muslims these days are not following the right teachings of Islam, instead they are showing the non-Muslims and the world the wrong examples which were not taught in Islam! I do not like to prolong writing about religion here, maybe some people might not like it. It is sad that most Muslims these days do not show good examples of the true teachings, thus the non-Muslim are having the wrong ideas of Islam, and many do not treat animal well, instead I see many animals are being abused everywhere in Malaysia and these poor helpless animals are suffering in silent and are being ignored and left to die in the streets, that much I know for sure!

In Kuala Lumpur, when I took my cats to the vet, I have a special taxi driver hired. And if I ever need to go to the vet, I will let the driver know before hand and he always agreed. I have no problem at all and as and when my cat is sick I will hire his cab to the clinic. Only when all the cats need to have their yearly boosters or other injections, then the Dr. will come to my house to do the treatment.

By the way, I even missed count the total numbers of cats I am having to-date. I just realized that altogether there are 34 adults cats and 5 kittens to-date. Three adult cats and four kittens were thrown just a few days ago. To-date, my rescued cats from Kuala Lumpur including my own are 18 in number and the balance are all from Terengganu. Can you imagine? I am having more Terengganu cats with me now. I am not discriminating any cat from any states, I am trying to point it out here that some of the people here are really taking advantage of me and abusing my love for these animals by throwing more and more cats to me. If I just keep quiet and do nothing, sooner or later there will be more and more cats and kittens thrown to me and it might even reaches to 100 cats!!!

Now I am so fed up of all these because it will never end and here there are no Shelter Home for me to deliver all these recent abandoned cats. I am not in their category to simply throw and abandon these poor helpless in need animals just about anywhere or just ignoring and letting these hungry animals roaming around without clean food and clean water near my compound.

I have to be wise to find a real good solution. After a long hard thinking while still in dilemma, I am now seriously considering of moving back to Kuala Lumpur and then later to send those recent abandoned cats and kitten to SPCA (Animal Shelter in Kuala Lumpur). Deep in me, I would prefer somebody caring take them especially the mother cat and the 4 kittens so that they will be together in one family. At the same time I am also worried if sent to SPCA and the due date is over still nobody take them, they will be put to sleep. This is a cruel world we are living in, no doubt about it. Those who have more than enough and those who have the power to impose law, especially the rich and the authority should do something to avoid the killing of innocent animals by mercy death at all Shelter Homes. Shame on those who can make the difference! It is still not too late to start a good deed. All Malaysian, adults and even children in schools should be taught to be aware of what is going on with abandoned cats and dogs and the Shelter Homes. The news should be spread in mass media advertised on television, radios, schools, newspapers, magazines, and even there should be signboards reminding people of this sad situation to educate and remind us all and most importantly to the ignorant and the "uncivilized owners"!!!

Again, I have to mention here, being an Islamic country, the authority should be involved to do something about it, because in the teaching of Islam, we are not allowed to take life into our own hands! Laws should be imposed and the uncivilized owners should to taught to spay/neuter all their pets to avoid breeding out of control, if they are really "Jakun or katak bawah tempurung" and know nothing about what's going on! This should be made compulsory!

And if I still cannot cope with the situation with the many rescued cats from Terengganu, I will try my best to pass words around to those who like to adopt some healthy, loving and tame cats to give some to good homes so that I can have more space and time for myself to earn a living and live like other normal human being!

I know shifting won't be easy, especially with long distant travelling, say about 6 to 7 hours drive, but I still got to be prepared to do it in order to stop taking in more and more unnecessary burdens on my shoulders as I am afraid that one of these days I might even get very sick if I am still going to continue working this hard with not enough rest and less quality time for myself, only toil around with more cleaning up job daily like a fool taking the shits of other irresponsible people here just because they do not bother to spay/neuter their pets and I can't bear to see the sight of innocent hungry homeless cats at my front gate. This is too much for me to handle!

In the meantime, I have to be ready for another headaces and tiring process which will involve dismantling of some of my belongings, lots of packing to do and also to be prepared to spend a good sum of money in this process. I have to book a trailer (a long lorry) for my household belongings and a van to accommodate all the cages with 34 cats and 5 kittens back to Kuala Lumpur. But first, I have to make sure I find a suitable corner lot terrace house with some space behind to build another shelter in the capital city. Some friends in Kuala Lumpur are helping to check on this. I have to go through all these hardships just because of the unreliable owners who prefer to throw and abandon their cats to me. This make me feel that there is no justice! I have to bear with this on my own alone and at the moment taking all their shits and unnecessary burdens. I hope God the Almighty will punish these people severely. Still very angry and furious.

Congrats. LadyJava

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LadyJava said...

:) :) :) :)

LadyJava said...

Terrible taxi drivers lah.. and they call themselves Muslim?.. hm...knock their head I tell you! I'm so angry for you.. here you are trying to do a good deed and these pple are stopping you... Arghh!

LadyJava said...

Hi Lil
Sounds like you have a lot of work coming up.. all the best to you ya....

Lil said...

Hi! Really shameful, worst than taxi drivers in KL, they only prefer to accommodate especially tourists. At least in KL I have many choices, here so limited.
Kalaulah most of them bagus sangat tak apalah! Ini most of them have the habit of buang sampah merata2 just about anywhere they like. Eee.. I really can't stand most of them!

Hi my friend, congrats. you are now the 1st commenter of this post my dear! As before, I will follow up with your badge inserted here and to include another score for you at the Score Board right away before doing my heavy chores. Pray that I'll get a good house in KL soon, and I will be back to civilization, he... he ... he.. :) ;) ;) :* :*

Lil said...

Hi LJ, just curious and puzzled, why I see everywhere including mine, the linky box followed by all name of members at MM disappeared? Even at your latest MM, no names/sites of us there? Is there anything wrong??? 8-) ;) :)

Ailurophile said...

I'm so sorry to learn about these irresponsible cat owners and taxi drivers. All religions teach love towards love and I'm sorry to learn that the cab drivers showed little empathy towards your noble cause.

Thank you so much for your love and compassion towards cats. So great to meet another cat lover like you :)

LadyJava said...

It's Mr Linky Lil
They are doing some form of maintenance of something

Lil said...

Sorry for late comments. As usual always been busy. Only can concentrate with my blog at night. Sometimes I steal the time to come and switch on my laptop to check my comments, etc.

Thanks for your comments. I am not living my life like this forever, even though I love cats I cannot be staying here and let them keep throwing all their cats and kittens to me, I have a life to live too!

I am planning to move back to Kuala Lumpur and now my friends and agent searching for a corner terrance house for me. And when I am in KL I try to spay/neuter all the the abandoned cats from Marang before I send some to the Shelter Home so that if their due time is over they wont kill these animals because they are already spayed, and to keep trying to give to good owners. At least I will be taking care of my now 17 cats plus a few more abandoned cats from Marang that are really attached to me already. But if I find good homes, then only I will part with some that I have.

Take care, cheers! >:o >:o :'(

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