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Friday, May 1, 2009

I am typing this post with only five fingers, since my left hand is swollen - bitten by my stressed cat Tabby

I managed to stop my cat Tabby from fighting a rescued cat, White Tiger. This happened yesterday morning immediately after I've just finished feeding all my cats and those rescued cats in the shelter. I got hold of Tabby since his left ear was bleeding. At that time, he was not struggling, but when I tried to clean up Tabby's bleeding ear, unexpectedly he charged on me and scratch my left hand and then bite me with no mercy. I think he was under pressure to have done that since I normally keep him in the shelter. I have no other choice because he will always like to start a fight if he see White Tiger, my rescued cat. The rest of his brothers and sisters are all very gentle to me, namely BlueBerry, Stevie, Leo, Rustic @ Garfield, Teddy, Milky and Princess. I did not expect Tabby to behave so badly to me because he usually is very tame and always demand for affection and attention. I know he is quite unpredictable at time but I did not expect him to misbehave this bad. Tabby will always approach anybody, whoever he see, even strangers, for affection and attention, whereas, his other brothers and two sisters are not so extreme like him and they do not like strangers. Another reason why I have to put him back in the shelter everyday is because he like to wander around and sometimes Tabby like to go near the Highway that took two of my cats lives last year. Shasha and scarlet died there, so I am quite concerned not to let any cat near the Highway, which is just a few meters away from my home. I have so much regret for the death of both Shasha and Scarlet. I realized that Tabby is under stressed because I forbid him from wandering around. Each time he is out, I have to look at the Highway and if he goes there, I would carry him back home. I think this made him miserable and stressed. It was just after a fight and he was still very angry and under pressure when I tried to clean up his ear and apply something which make him more furious. I should have let him cool down for a while first, caress him, then deal with his injury.

After this bad incident, immediately I went to a nearby clinic for an injection and I am now on medication. It is still swollen and quite painful. I really cannot imagine Tabby could do this to me. I raised him since the year 2003 when he was still a kitten. It is not easy when you are looking after many cats, you got to be fair to all, I really cannot give all my attention to all because there are so much to be done daily.

Again, the fault are on those who left and abandoned their cats/kittens at my front gate. How could I ignore them, when I find them hungry, frightened and lost? Here in Terengganu, there is no Shelter Home or SPCA. I think high time the government should look into the matters to build a Shelter Home here too. I noticed the people here normally like to throw their unwanted cats or kittens in the market place, I believe this is their favourite spot for leaving their unwanted cats/kittens. Why can't they just go and spay their cats to stop breeding, simple as that! It is ashamed and crazy to find that some people have a heart to even throw their unwanted cats/kittens in the middle of the town areas with high traffic and full of passing-by cars and other vehicles. It is really a dangerous place for cats, many will be hit and killed when they cross the road. And secondly, where can these animals find their food? Recently, when I was in town at Kuala Terengganu, I saw a pregnant cat near Public Bank, hungry and lost. Imagine, pregnant cat in front of a bank! So happened, I was carrying 1 kg of cat food for Joe, who is a banker at RHB nearby. Since I am a dealer selling cat food, each time I go to town I would bring Joe 1 kg. of cat food. Without hesitation, I gave some to the pregnant cat and then bought a bottle of mineral water, poured it in a small plastic container for her to drink. Some people think that I am crazy just because I feed a cat in the middle of a town! I managed to snap few pics. after all the busy-body moved away. At the moment I am having problem to get these pics posted here, will try again and post here.

I am doing all these for the sake of my love to those unfortunate abandoned hungry animals.


D Swain said...

My cat has never bitten me. Although he has dug his nails into me.

Lil said...

I don't blame him, he is always in the Shelter. If I let him out, I got to monitor him 'cause he always like to start a fight with White Tiger, one of my rescued cats. And I cannot put White Tiger in the Shelter 'cause so many cats cannot get along with him. All these blames are to those who like to abandon their cats and kittens to me. In fact, I am now planning to try to give away most of my abandoned cats and just to keep all my previously abandoned cats and mine (all already spayed/neutered) 18 in numbers. They rest will have to go, perhaps to take in 4 to 5 more rescued cats & 1 kitten which are so attached to me, so figure will still rise to 23 cats to keep! At the moment, there are altogether 31 cats and 1 kitten. I shited here from the capital city Kuala Lumpur to a small resort town "Marang" in another state - Terengganu with my 28 cats (mine and rescued) b'cos of many reasons, firstly, the house rented is affordable, secondly the house is so spacious, so I renovated behind for a very spacious shelter for the cats, and let loose some, sometimes turn by turn. Unfortunately, the people here are worst than people in KL, they are fond of throwing their unwanted cats and kittens at my front gate just because I have cats. The government should play the role to do something about it fast, also to fine those who are not responsible, (1) If they do not spay their pets and let their pets breed out of control (2) Should fine those when caught throwing their pets just abt. anywhere they please! But the government in all countries just do not care much about animals I think. In this case, the animal activists and those who really have the power to change the situationdo something and the government should impose these laws I have just mentioned. I am sick of seeing all the stray animals going hungry! What say you? :'( >:o

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