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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Mind my language. Firstly, I would like to apologies to all the intellectual readers on a few harsh words written in between the lines. What I wrote here just came pouring out of my thoughts and they are words from real emotions and feelings I am going through right now. They are all real and is taking a toll of my life.

Some pet owners here are still with their selfish bad habits of throwing and abandoning their unwanted cats & kittens and they are now so unbecoming. Off and on either these bunch of uncivilized "foxes dressed in sheep clothes" people would throw their unwanted cats and kittens at the market place or at the Malls, or even in the street, or just about anywhere they find it convenient as they please and the worst part is off and on they are now becoming more daring as to abandon and leave their unwanted cats and kittens at my front gate just because I have cats and just because I promote and sell cat food. I only let loose eight cats playing in my front porch in order to be very discreet and private. If viewed from outside through my front gate, nobody will ever noticed these eight cats since each of them has their own special hidden spots and thus difficult to be seen or noticeable.

Only recently, I became an agent started selling cat food in order to get retail price to feed all my 31 cats and 1 kitten (rescued - KL & Terengganu cats and my cats). At first it was "Royal Canin" and now I switched on to "IAMs" because I really cannot afford to purchase "Royal Canin" at the moment since the price has gone up tremendously high and I still need to feed these 31 cats and 1 kitten even though I am not even on a monthly payroll. I shifted here in Marang, from Kuala Lumpur due to many reasons. One of the reasons is the house rental here is affordable, secondly, the house that I am staying now is very spacious, and behind my kitchen there is a very big space suitable to build cat home/shelter and they all will have a comfortable home.

I am now so drained out and stressed due to the selfish actions of these irresponsible uncivilized cats owners in Marang. In fact, so far I have taken in more than a dozen of their unwanted cats and kittens and some died because these animals were left to me in very bad shape with all sort of illness and diseases. AS far as I can analyse some of these unreliable cruel people have no mercy towards animal and they treat animal like an object instead of living being alive with feeling that move, eat, drink, feel pain and get hungry and thirsty when there is no food and clean water!

What make me very furious now is they took me for granted just because I love cats, just because I am selling cat food, my house become one of their main targets! I felt very bad when I see these abandoned, lost, sick, frightened and hungry cats or kittens. And so due to this, I become their victim and they just washed their hands clean leaving all the dirty jobs and huge burden on me! Shame on them, I don't even have a job, I am now living only on my saving and trying to do something for a living.

Five night ago, there was a young female cat abandoned in my front gate. So they prefer to behave like thieves to leave their abandoned cat(s) at my front gate during the night, therefore I won't be able to know who the culprit is?!!! Mind you, I did not even noticed that this cat has ringworm because it is in early stages and secondly because of the dark spotted colour tone of the fur. Due to this, I have got no choice now but to have all my cats get the injections. And you know what? The worst thing is, in the case of ringworm, each cat need to be injected twice, meaning it has to follow with a second injection after 14 days lapse. See... what problem these selfish idiots have caused me with the rest of my cats!

On the top of that, there are more problems coming. Yesterday morning I was so astonished and shocked to find a female cat with four little kittens thrown near my gate. Good God! these idiots really have no mercy on me! To all animal lovers, tell me frankly here, would you just ignore and let this female cat with the four little kittens outside facing all dangers including rains and storms without shelter and food, or would you just take them in and protect them first, then decide to find them good homes?! I bet I can't hardly get one good home here in Marang. I now rely only on one good person who is a banker at RHB who promised to visit me this Saturday to have a look. He loves cats and kittens and so far he has two cats of his own. One of them was taken from me a few months ago, the female cat I rescued from Marang. I pray to God the Almighty that he takes these new female cat with the four kittens home soon.

Please read on my dear friends, this is not yet the end of trouble they have caused me for one day. And you know what to expect next? Already being cooked up with so many unnecessary problems created by all these selfish uncivilized bastard son of a bitch, furious and frustrated, at about 2.30 p.m. yesterday while I was having my late lunch and skipping my bread fast due to too many things to handle, someone called me at my front gate and you know what? Now there was this 15 years old boy holding a young frightened female cat, imagine .... in a plastic bag and I can see it was quite a commotion as this poor innocent soul was screaming and struggling from inside the plastic to get out. He was holding the top so tight and I could see that the poor cat was about to suffocate and could even be killed in no time since it might have been quite sometimes this poor ill treated cat went through journeyed from this boy's home to my house. Can you imagine?! At this crucial moment I could think of nothing else but to demand this stupid son of a gun to release the poor victimized cat. When that was done, I immediately took down all the details, his name, his parents names, his house address and telephone number planning to follow up with them in a matter of time.

Then, I started giving him a piece of my mind and asked him many questions and why he came to me to throw his cat. It seems everybody there are talking about me, even some teachers in his school, so if anybody cannot cope up with their many cats, the right place to abandon their cats in my house! Can you imagine that! What group of intellectual teachers and community are these bunch of people? Their mentality is surely nowhere compared with mine! Perhaps, below freezing points. I dare any of them who want to face me, come ....... I will have a lot to say to put them to shame. Firstly, they considered themselves good Muslim from one of Islamic role model states, and most women here covered themselves and dressed like descent Muslim. Surprisingly, most of them have the opposite attitude, they are bunch of flirty people who like to throw rubbish everywhere and like abandoning and ill treating innocent animals. By right when ones dressed in Muslim way, they should be more than careful with their actions and attitude because Islam teaches all the good attitudes. I warned this boy of his doing and I am going to make this an issue as I am now planning to call the Head Master of the school to clarify matter. So far, I have a name of one teacher.

In the end, whether I like it or not, due to my love for the innocent animal is strong, I got no choice and have to take in this frightened cat, feed her and put her in a comfortable quite place to let her cool down after all the stress and commotions she has gone through.

So, common sense will tell that the blame is definitely on two parties, firstly, the owners who take thing very lightly and never bother to spay their pets and let unnecessary breeding taken place. Secondly, I blame the government and those in authorities who have the power to do something to stop the ill treatments and sufferings towards all innocent animals, but most of them just ignore and pretend not to know, as though nothing is going on. It is easy to utter the words like ...... I don't know .... I don't know, by the way, it is not important, they are only animals! Watch out those who are responsible and those who can stop all these nonsense, God is watching you! You all are sent to this world to be leaders, remember? You will definitely be punished one day, if not in this world, you will get it in the hereafter! Remember, it is a promise from the Almighty, those who do good deeds will be repaid with Heaven and gardens with flowing running streams but for those who do bad and destruction on this earth, Hell fire will be upon them!

So my solution No. 1: I will bring down the sign board advertising that I am selling cat food.

Solution No.2: I will make another banner to display it at my front gate informing all these bunch of selfish people in short and sweet words not to abandon and leave their cats at my front gate because my house is not a Shelter Home or Social Home for all the unwanted cats and kittens! (To all readers, even though I love all the cats and kittens in the world, I cannot cope and help every abandoned, strayed and unwanted cats and kittens. Firstly, I am not rich, secondly I need time and space to try to earn a living myself and thirdly my house will be like a war zone with cats and kittens everywhere). Being a very clean conscious individual, I work so hard everyday to make sure that my house and cat's shelter are clean. I have sacrifice enough and a lot towards the helping of abandoned animals that I am now sheltering and taking care. I sacrifice my youth, my beauty, my time, my energy and money for them and really I cannot do beyond my limits. Everybody who is involved having their own animals have to be responsible and not just throwing their shits just about anywhere they please! GET IT!

I will take some snap shots later on and when I'm free again, to include the pictures of the latest abandoned cats and kittens I just took in and care. So now there are altogether 33 cats and 5 kittens in my safe hand! See... the figure are rising, not decreasing .........

I dare to write the details of the 15 years old boy below as proof:

Boy's Name : Mohd Rosli Bin Razak
Address: Kg Jalan Kelulut 22B, Seberang Marang
Mother's Name : Zamilah Binti Jusoh
Father's Name : Razak Bin Mamat
House Tel. No: 00 609 6182-227

As far as the name of one of the teachers is concerned, it is wise not to include here because I have no proof against him yet except believing this boy story. Therefore, it is also not wise to advertise the school's name mainly because it is a very reputable school in Marang, Terengganu. So I have to follow up to check and find out more details and perhaps to call the Head Master, because if this is true, these people need to be taught a lesson!

I like to end up my post with a very beautiful quotation below:

"When we're young we all dream of changing the world, but it resists, so we move on to other things. It takes many years of living to discover that if we first change ourselves, the world will follow."

Lily Arbee

Congrats. Mariuca



Jaya said...

I'm so sorry these cruel and thoughtless people are abusing your kindness and love of cats in this way. That is really awful. But BLESS YOU for the help you are able to give these cats.

Mariuca said...

>:o >:o >:o >:o

Mariuca said...

That is terrible Lily! I'd be pissed off too, ppl taking advantage of u just cause u love cats, I mean come on la! And u edi have 31????? =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O

Mariuca said...

Maybe u can take pics of ur cats one day and show me! 8-) 8-)

Lil said...

Hi, Thanks for your comments. Sorry, earliar I wrote the first para. in a mess, was very angry at that time. Off and on I like to read back what I've written and edit it again.

Congra. do you know my dear that you are the qualified commenter, 'cause the first person who commented was just a passing by private unknown person. So, I will follow up accordingly to add in your score and post your badge or your ID after my post. This time you got it for real, I felt so bad in my earlier days when I did not manage to put up the JS-Kit.widget, you've won before but nothing can be done! :* ;) ;) :)

Lil said...

Hi! If you like to see pics of some of them, just click top header "Therapy Home".

Sweet dreams. Cheers! 8-) :* ;)

Dorothy Lafrinere said...

My goodness Lilly...this is awful. Do you not have a Humane society there which to us is an animal safe zone? These people have the power to fine civilians for animal abuse also.
You are a true Godsend to these animals. I am sorry that you are being overwhelmed with all of these poor uncared for animals. It is however good for them that they ahve you sweet Lily:)
WHat is this world coming to:(

Lil said...

Dear Dorothy, thanks v much for yr comments. In Terengganu, there is no Shelter home for animal. There are 2 or 3 in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia the place where I used to live. I think you've already know why I shifted here but of course, there are many other reasons as well. But I did not expect the people here are so mean. You see, being very responsible to all my pets including the previous rescued cats, I spayed all of them, male & female before I shifted here thinking that I won't have any problem. I brought with me 28 cats when I shifted here, East-coast of Malaysia and did not have the heart to leave some to SPCA in KL. Since Aug 2006 till todate 10 of my cats (mine & rescued) brought from KL died, 2 were killed by hit and run cars, that's why I am more careful now. The other 8 died of sickness because here there are no vets except I have to make do with "Pejabat haiwan" a centre for animal treament sponsored by our government to do treatment to all sorts of animals, and they are specialized with cows, king's horses, sheep, more towards animals these kind of animals! In this case, I am quite disappointed! But at least there are one or two qualified personel helping me when I need them; I still pay for the treatments but not so much compared paying vets in KL. I do not might paying more, if they are sicks. I am having many cats now because of the selfish people here. As I'vd mentioned in my recent post I have to do something to stop this by (1) to put on a banner to make known to all that my house is not a shelter home for cats. Secondly, I will take off my signboard where I advertise that I am selling cat food. I dont might if no one buy it from me, I cannot take any more cats or kittens. The hardest thing for me is to ignore these abandoned animals if I see them in front of my gate, that's the whole trouble b'cos I cannot bear to see their innocent eyes looking at me! So long my friend, sorry for such a lengthy reply to you. :'( :'( :'(

Lil said...

Sorry Dorothy, I realized there are some errors cause I did not check, word like might should read mind, and so on. I hope you can figure out what I meant. Nice weekend, bye ... ;) :) :*

LadyJava said...

wow.. these pple are really something eh? they are really nuisance.. they should be the animals instead.. ish geram i read your story Lil!!

Takper you sabar ok.. pahala tu :)

Lil said...

Hi dearest LadyJava, thanks very much for yr comments. Sure, siapa tak gegam! Ya
1 I agree with you, in fact, they worst than animal!
They are like I mentioned in my post, in Bahasa "Musang berbulu Ayam" Throwing all the shits to me wont solve their problem because God will punish them one day!. Actually it is very simple for them to solve their problem, just go to "Pejabat Haiwan" in KT and spay all their cats, male and female, so no more unnecessary breeding and unwanted cats. Instead they don't care, take thing very lightly, prefer to ill treat and abuse their animals by just throwing anywhere they like. Perhaps they are plain lazy to do plus because it is also involved money! So, they dont care, they prefer these animals to suffer! Shame of them, these poor animals are so innocent and because of all the reasons I mentioned, these abandoned animals will sooner or later get all sort of diseases due to drinking dirty water dirty food and sometimes even go hungry. Even kittens "yang mata belum buka" pun dah jadi victims! Malu lah! Konon, Terengganu and Kelantan are the two role model states for Islam in Malaysia. Dont talk C..K! If they are really the role model, then show to the world all their goodness Islam teaches us to do! Ini, they don't even know how to treat animals well. I wont write to lengthy here, I would like to post/publish another good articles relating to all this and give my piece of my mind. In Islam, just sitting pretty and being selfish and kononya bagus sangat by just doing their prayers, fasting, etc etc only for themselves they thought it is enough and God the Almighty will except them because they dressed in Islam way, cover themself sampai sometimes punyalah tersangat bagus sampai nampak only 2 biji mata sahja tetapi tak ambil tahu hal disekeling!!! I pun boleh buat tu, senang kan, just jaga diri I sajalah, sembahyang, puasa, etc, etc tapi couldn't be bothered of anything else, SENANG KAN? Allah teaches us to be a complete humanbeing by using my brain! to show good examples and be leaders!

I better stop here, I will continue with my piece of mind all in my post soon.

Cheers, have a nice weekend my dearest LadyJave, sorry for such a lenthy comments, I just get carried away. Till now I did not even have my bread fast, I cooked some rice, lepas mandi karang, sembahyang, then I will cook vege and curry to have my lunch and dinner all in one! Tersangatlah penat now! >:o >:o :'( :'( :* :*

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