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Sunday, February 1, 2009

How to make sure your cat is always safe with you

I have not been posting topic on cat for quite some times, so I thought it's time to do so. Tomorrow morning at 8.30 a.m. a crew from 'Pejabat Haiwan' will be at my house to vaccinate all my 30 cats (mostly rescued cats and kittens) for the second time. Hopefully, I'll get some good photo snaps and will follow up posting some photos on this event soon.

In the meantime, I like to give some tips of how to make sure that your cat is always safe with you. As a cat owner, you should do your best to ensure you never put your cat at risk, and this includes making sure that she is not in contact with other animals where she could pick up infections. I have learned this in a very hard way with the death of some beloved cats of mine, a costly price I have to pay, which finally made me to a realization for us as pet owner to note the importance of their safety.

Always follow grooming, worming and de-fleaing routines and you should take your cat to your veterinarian when it is time for vaccinations, as well as for regular check-ups.

To prevent loss by theft, it's a good idea to microchip your cat or give it an identification tag. In my case, I have 30 cats, all are mostly rescued cats which are placed in a spacious shelter behind. As mentioned in my earlier post, all mine are spayed and neutered, so male and female cats are safe to mix them. Six of my cats sleep in my living at night and play at my front porch during the day. Two prefer to sleep at the front porch at night. Since they are always there at night and rarely wander elsewhere I let them outside, the rest are all in the shelter. All my own cats that have been spayed and neutered in the shelter are allowed to come out during the day for some times and later put back in the shelter, otherwise, my house will look like a war zone with too many cats around. You will be surprised to see how organized I am with the monitoring of all these cats and one often wonder how I did it, because you can't even smell anything unpleasant in my house, particularly my living, instead you can smell nice aroma around, you have to be here to believe it!

After shifting here in Marang, Terengganu, some irresponsible people here abandoned their weak kittens and small cats at my front gates. So, at the moment, I have taken in and helped rescued these unfortunate animals and till today twelve are alive, 10 female and 2 male.

Keep your cat indoors during thunderstorms and firework displays. If missing, check with your neighbours, your local veterinary clinics, animal welfare organizations and animal shelters. Contact these organizations in neighbouring areas too as lost animals may travel some distance.

If you are planning a vacation, you can still take care of your cat. Your veterinarian or a friend may be able to recommend a cattery where she can be boarded. Visit the cattery before you book her in to check its facilities and hygiene. If you are only away for a few days, you might ask a neighbour or a home feeding service - to visit and feed your cat at home.

Never leave your cat without care, food or water if your are away for any length of time. Cats are usually uneasy away from their own environment, so if you are transporting your cat away from her home, she may panic and try to escape. Be sure to keep her in a secure cat carrier.

Never leave your cat in the car - cars can become very hot, even on moderately warm days, and she can suffer or die from heat exhaustion.

Cats know the difference

A cat is not a demanding pet to keep. They are very clean and make good companions. What makes a cat truly happy? Time, love and attention, which means you need to really take good care of your cat. In addition to regular grooming and proper vet care, the key to making a cat happy is, good health. And this means the right nutrition. Be a responsible and great cat owner. After all, we are cat lovers too!

Let's start with the basics.

A cat's needs are simple. All they require are:

A litter tray
Food for Cats
Separate food and water bowls
A comfortable basket or bed, a carrier
A comb or brush for grooming
Some toys for play and exercise
A scratching post is also advisable
A reputable vet for regular check-ups, vaccinations and boosters

Remember never try to treat the cat yourself at home.
Seek veterinary advice early to avoid your cat's condition worsening.

Below is a very interesting video on Cats as Pets
with Martha Stewart

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