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Monday, January 26, 2009

Interesting facts about the pool of famous Hollywood actors

Swimming pools are like necessity for today. Everyone wants to have one; the reason for this can be anything. But lately swimming pools have earned a lot of demand. A beautiful swimming pool can give a finishing touch to your house and your needs. Hollywood celebrities are known to have the best of swimming pools that are beautiful. Madonna has recently applied for permission to build an underground pool in her London mansion. The approval has been finalized; surely the pool seems to be a great idea. It is said to be an underground pool that will be underneath the house’s garage. Reports suggest that she wants to add the beauty of a swimming pool to her 10 million mansion.

Planet Hollywood Towers Pool

It looks like she is all set to get her desired underground pool. Angelina Julie and brad have recently bought a huge property in France. They have spent 60 million on the 1000-acre land. The best part about their new home is that they have equipped two pools. One is said to be a fulsome outdoor pool another is an indoor pool that comes with many other work out facilities. It seems that they have considered the importance of both swimming pools. Earlier brad had made an awesome fountain in his swimming pool. To make it look more gorgeous and unique than others. But this time around they have two great pools for their new home; surely the children are going to have fun.

Victoria and David Beckham have a grand swimming pool, in their Los Angeles’s mansion. The couple bought the mansion after David had to shift to the new soccer team. The pool is said to be well equipped with modern facilities along with a great landscape. Earlier the Beckham’s were charged for building a swimming pool costing 3 million, this was done before taking prior permission in their French house. However this time around it looks like they have carefully bought a dream house in their new city. Hollywood stars have always been spending a lot behind their swimming pools. They are pretty concerned on building one for their perfect house, as they are well aware of the importance of wonderful pools. They know that they can burn calories or simply unwind after a hard day’s work, that’s why they bother investing in something that will ultimately result in their favor. They also like hotel pools (Hotel M√ľnchen)

A perfect pool will consider some basic points, such as installation of temperature control, use of chemicals, pool cleaners, lastly but most importantly the cost and design of it. Today you will find a lot of information on building and maintaining pools on the net. You can build a replica of one of the Hollywood stars. Swimming pools give anyone a great pleasure of a dip to revitalize you. Or you can look upon it as a way of keep fit. Everyone knows that swimming is an effective exercise. So if you are looking to build a swimming pool in your house go ahead with it. Surely you will love it and enjoy a dip in it every time you want one.

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