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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Back to Memory Lane

Back to memory lane when I was daring enough to colour my hair in fierce red. This photo was taken when I was on holiday in Marang, Terengganu and in the picture with me were Mariam and Mamat Angullia. We were sailing on a fishing boat and it was really quite a memorable experience for us all and we did enjoyed the trip. I've just got most of my photos scanned and later I will post the "Many faces of Lily" just for the fun of it.

This photo was taken during Mariam Angullia's wedding in Singapore. I was in blue & white leopard printed outfit (left), followed by Johan the groom, then Mariam, the bride in red with her youngest sister, Mu'maina Angullia dressed in dark blue (right). It's fun to view my pics with many faces.

This photo was taken in Kuala Lumpur during a friend's wedding. I was forced to be her bridemaid, me in blue "Baju Kebaya Panjang" a traditional Malay dress. Glad I did, made her happy and I still cherish the good memory. By the way her name is Zawiah.

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