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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cats singing Joy, Joy, Joy

Just to amuse everybody, below is the cats singing video since I am so fed up of listening to the news on violence most of the time. I would like to greet the New Year which is only a day away with joys and not tears, happiness and not sadness, good and not evil, peace and not war! Hope all the violence and killings in Gaza will end soon.


My comments:
I am really sick watching TV news these days with all the killings, it is ashamed some people prefer to be violence than sitting down like civilized humanbeings to discuss the differences.

By now the whole world should know that the Israelis are not the victims here, they like to be the victims here and portrayed to the world that they are the victims. They are using bloodbath of the Palestinians and their own civilians to win majority in their coming election campaign. They use aggression and still are occupying Palestine and what they are saying are all lies. In truth, action invites reaction, simple as that! I am sick and tired of hearing that they are being bombarded by "rockets" repeatedly by Palestinian fighters, yet in the actual fact they started everything. Stop occupying and oppressing the Palestinians! That's all, then only there will be peace! So please do not beat around the "Bush" repeatedly using the same alibi.

More than 390 Palestinians have been killed, according to Palestinian medical sources, and some 1,900 people have been wounded, including 400 women and children. They are now becoming sitting ducks to the Israelis. The Israelis are so arrogant refusing to stop their massacre even after receiving orders from United Nation.

I am a propagator of animal cruelty, what more if it is cruelty towards our own mankind!

Latest: 1st January 2009

Another words and alibi which I'm sick and tired of hearing from the Israelis is "self-defence". They keep on saying "self-defence" when in the actual fact they are on a killing spree all out killing the Palestinians. Please for goodness sake, hear me out here and ask your conscience what self-defence are the Israelis referring to when they have the heart slaughtering endlessly without mercy the helpless trapped Palestinian civilians, mostly women and children in Gaza and these people have no safe place to take shelter! The Palestinian civilians are just like sitting ducks waiting to be slaughtered, understand! Ask yourself sincerely, why in the first place the Palestinian fighters attacked the Israelis in the past and retaliate now?! They got so fed up with Israelis' aggression and the occupation of their land. Palestine is their land, in fact, it is logic if they retaliate and defend their land. In this case, Israelis are not fit to even say that they are on self defend. Now the latest words I heard from the Israelis spokeswoman is they are like "sitting ducks". Hello my friend! Who are the "sitting ducks" here. Israelis or Palestinians? Now I realize that the Israelis always like to say things in reverse and still trying hard to convince the world that they are the victims here. Please excuse me, the Palestinians are the one who are trapped in a place where they cannot move and with not enough daily basic needs and do not know where to go, because it is not safe everywhere in Gaza!. If they are at a wrong place at a wrong time then they will be hit, either severely injured or killed! So now I repeat, who are actually the sitting ducks here? It can be seen clearly that the sitting ducks are the Palestinians not Israelis!

What are the World Leaders doing???

2nd January 2009

For your information, with or without Hamas, the Israelis have been using their aggression towards the people of Palestine. I've just heard one of the Israelis' spokeswomen said, " We have the right to .... the right to .... the right to ..... blah, blah, blah. Why not just say it out aloud that "We have the right to kill other human being!"

In my opinion, Israelis government are so inhuman, butchery of innocent women, young children, elderly and even few days old babies! Looks like "Ethnic Cleansing" to me! America can ask to STOP this fight, but they just let their blue-eye boys playing their war toys and enjoying seeing one by one Palestinian drop dead! Here I see big men playing real war games as they have too many sophisticated weapons and need to be tested, or perhaps they have not enough fun playing war game during their childhood! If only I can use the four letter words here, I will, but I am a decent individual and moreover, I prefer "love" over "hate". My advice here is to please concentrate on other major problems that needed to be solved. The economy problem, global warning, pollution, animal cruelty, hunger and aid in Africa, poverty & diseases, climate changes, wild life animal extinction, killing of sharks and seals, cruel killing bears for fur and many other cruelties to name a few. They should have known by now why "terrorists" came into being in the first place, and for goodness sake, please don't just keep pointing fingers to Muslims who retaliate and called them "terrorists". Israeli are making matters worst, they are creating and building "anger & hatred" to certain group of people. Using force and violent does not help or change anything, in fact, it is making matters worst. We are civilized human beings, can't we just sit and talk like real human beings, but of course both parties must be fair and sincere. Don't be big bullies, show arrogate and always blaming the weak party. We are now living in the 21st Century, we are not cave men, so we should act like real civilized human and stop invading others and take their lands and try to rule them! Learn to respect others, and others will respect YOU! Simple as that!

And if the Israelis still do not understand the words "aggression" and "occupation or occupying" kindly please refer to the dictionary.

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