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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Snowie sings


emzpie said...

hi there,was here today..
tgif...have a nice weekend

SlogBite said...

As requested, you have been added to the "Big Bang" master list, officially, at #1107. You should keep your list current with mine.

Keeping current assures maximum link benefit for everyone who joins. And by keeping your list current with mine you won't have to respond to individual participant requests to add them to your list.

Thanks for playing. If possible, try to get others to play also. It will benefit everyone.

In addition, I would like to introduce you to a new concept in Site Directories. I just opened it, and it is still under construction, however, I am accepting participants in preparation for its official launch. One of the unique aspects of this directory is that my categories are very granular. Also, if you do not see your category, just ask and it can be created. In addition, you can be listed in multiple categories. Come on over, take a look and, hopefully, join in. As you will see, once launched there will be link-love involved. http://www.SlogBite.Com

Lily Arbee said...

Hi there,
Thanks for your prompt reply and acknowledgment. I will keep this in mind and try to follow up closely. Also I am very much looking forward to join your Site Directories when it is ready!

From Malaysia with Love,

SlogBite said...

In actually, it is ready for participation. You should come by and join the "Malaysia Blogs" directory.


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