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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am in "Hari Raya" Mood


I am in a holiday mood because tomorrow all Muslims will be celebrating a grand festival after fasting for one month in Ramadhan. I have prepared "Beef Rendang" my late mother's recipe, a very delicious hot and spicy cuisine to be eaten either with 'Ketupat" glutinous rice wrapped up with "Daun Palas" a special kind of leaf or it can simply be eaten with bread or rice. It is a must for this occasion. I am quite busy spring cleaning the house, putting up clean curtains, cleaning the fans, mopping my kitchen, vacuum my front living etc. I think later I would like to cook beef curry with lots of tomatoes and potatoes as well. One of my brothers from the capital city will come over to celebrate here as he is now staying alone after the death of my mum since he is not married. I think he misses my late mum's "Rendang" very much, poor thing!

I will be back with photo snap of this tasty "Rendang" and will forward this recipe in my next post so that you will know what ingredients used and the method of preparing it for those who are really adventurous and like to try this recipe if they fancy hot and spicy food.

Bear in mind, holiday or not, I still have to check on my cats in the shelter and feeding them. I have to let some out as usual turn by turn for them to smell and consume their favourite grass, empty and change their litters and change their drinking water.

It is not necessary for me to cook anything, because my eldest sister who is a Chef at the Angullia's Beach House Resort will be preparing delicious Dal cha, a kind of vegetable mixed curry with dal with some beef and she also like to prepare chicken rendang as well. Sound Yummy! Yummy! So this year I decided to cook beef rendang and she cooks chicken rendang.

I wish all Muslims a very happy Eid celebrations and for those who have to drive back to their "Kampong" i.e. their home towns to celebrate with their families, please drive carefully and make sure they have enough sleep and check their cars thoroughly before the journey.

I still remember the incident in my early days when I was staying and working in Kuala Lumpur, I travelled by express bus to have my holiday at the Beach House. The bus which I was travelling had some problems with the brake, off and on it jammed when the driver need to slow down during the journey, and surprisingly most of the passengers thought it was funny and could even afford to laugh, especially when the driver could not use the brake smoothly going downhills, the bus jerked. I was furious and turned to those who were laughing and gave them a piece of my mind saying: "If you people want to die, go ahead, this is serious matter, not a joke and not funny, I am not joining you people "mati katak" and immediately turned to the driver. You know what I did, I requested him to stop the bus at once and when the bus stopped I went down to make a phone call to their Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur demanding them to send us a bus in good condition. So all passengers went down to the nearest restaurants till a new bus appeared for all to continue the journey safely. Most lorry and bus drivers here drive like crazy, they do not know how to value other people precious lives! Bad road accidents always occur during the festive seasons in this corner of the world and the rate is really high compared to other countries. Sometimes it happened just based on stupidity, either the drivers have not enough sleep or they drive like crazy so that they could go back to their Headquarters early to make a second trip, only thinking of making more money! Really ridiculous! Fortunately, at the moment our government and those in authority are looking closely into the matter. In fact, some drivers are caught taking drugs while driving in order to keep them fit and awake for the night journey. I hope situation these days are getting better. I must admit here that I dare not travel by bus again during festive holidays, especially during the night.

To those who drive back for the holiday, I wish them a safe journey and don't go beyond the speed limit.


r1ooooo said...

I'm glad you like my posts :)

And Happy Idul Fitri..

admin said...

hello Lily,

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Lily Arbee said...

Hi! As per your instruction, I have placed your blog's home page link "webmatikon"at my side bar in my blog. So now how can I get the "Lifetime Drops" little banner to insert below my Entrecard?

Please reply. Thanks in advance.

Lily Arbee - Malaysia

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