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Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Letter to SPCA

This is a letter that I have just written to SPCA and I like to share it here in my blog.
To Whom It May Concern:

I hope you remember me as quite sometimes ago I seek for SPCA's permission to attach SPCA's web site onto my blog since I blog about me and my rescued cats. The permission was granted and so I have SPCA's links attached on my blog, the URL inserted below:

Just a few months ago, when I spoke to the PR of SPCA, it was recommended that I write something to be published in the SPCA's Newsletter. Now I feel it is the right time for my write-up be published in the Newsletter. Even though I am not a qualified writer, I try my best and perhaps in doing so, I will receive feedback and comments to guide me as to how to handle the situation with all my rescued cats. Secondly, what really matters to me is to pass the message right and with sincerity in order to open up the eyes and hearts of those irresponsible owners who do not spay/neuter their pets and when they have too many kittens and puppies, they just throw these poor little innocent life without mercy. I write what comes across my mind now and upon receiving your reply with approval of publishing my story, then only I will write from the very beginning i.e. when and how I started rescuing these abandoned cats and kittens. You can proof-read first and if you find anything at all that is too sensitive to be mentioned and published, it is all right with me to delete that portions. But in my blog, I like to speak my mind out loud, so I post what I feel is necessary.

Today, I received an e-mail from SPCA on the current newsletter. I just can't help thinking why is it not just added to the original web site. At least when ones click open SPCA's web site to read they can straight away find and able to read SPCA's newsletter.

I think it is also a good idea for SPCA to add in comments column in their Newsletter links to their web site for people not only in Malaysia, but good people around the world to read and comments and perhaps you can also add a "Donations button" to generate donations for SPCA. Also why don't you have a subscribe button just in case any one interested can subscribe to SPCA's web site so that they can get the up-to-date news instead of you sending them e-mail. These are only suggestions, I hope you do not mind me suggesting.

Most importantly, I need to write and tell my story and my feeling of dissatisfaction channelled to the public and especially to our government who should look into this matter seriously with no excuse and they have to do their part too since they have the power and ability to contribute to the welfare of these abandoned animals including all animals that are found being abused. They can impose laws to all pet owners to spay/neuter their pets to help stop over-populated of unwanted kittens and puppies and for those who cannot afford to spay/neuter their pets especially for those good Samaritans who help to adopt these stray or abandoned animals either get free treatments or half price when they bring in these animals to spay/neuter at "Kembiri". The government should help subsidies this, being a Muslim nation, what have they done to all these stray and over-populated hungry and sick animals??? If the authority comes into picture to join hand with SPCA, I am sure gradually we can solve the problem. I am so sick seeing all the ugly sad scenes of sick, hungry abandoned cats/dogs/kittens and puppies just about anywhere I go. I even came across either a few days old kittens or newly born kittens with their eyes not even opened yet being placed in a box and left to die without their mother around to nurse and milk them at a market place and at garbage bins! How can people be so mean, cruel, without conscious and with no compassion at all! It was in a Malay community, meaning those who did that are Muslims. Islam does not teach us to be cruel to helpless animals! We are not taught to be selfish just doing stuffs for ourselves with all the necessary and compulsory obligations but fail and neglect our surroundings by putting on deaf ears and blindfold ourselves towards such situation . On the other hands, some Muslim women, besides doing the same as their male counterpart, they cover their entire bodies leaving only a pair of eyes visible and then by doing so think it is enough I guess! It is not enough my friends, as Muslim we cannot afford to be selfish and only think and does things for ourselves. Islam teaches us to share, to be kind and to love, but sad to say many are doing the opposite wrong doings which portray negative and bad image of the religion to the non Muslims!
As a Muslim we are not even allowed to take life even if the animals are so sick, and yet healthy abandoned and strayed animals are put to sleep since SPCA has got not choice. I do understand this but what I do not understand is why the government overlook all these. They should by now look into this seriously and start doing something if SPCA is over crowded and some unfortunate animals got to be put to sleep just to make way for the other new set of abandoned animals! They are so proud to announce that Malaysian is practicing "Islam Hadhari" and building very expensive crystal mosque in Terengganu, yet there is no Shelter for abandoned animals here. Allah Ta'ala does not favour money spent on wasted and unnecessary projects, while many sick/healthy abandoned animals in the country are hungry and got no where to go and breeding more off springs!

The reasons why I created a blog is firstly to remind pet owners to spay/neuter their pets. Secondly I wanted people to realize the difficulties I am going through handling this problem alone and I wanted to seek for good homes for those many cats/kittens that I've helped. These days I sacrifice my life doing these for the animals, why is it then the government and those people who can do their part just ignore and I think they do not even notice that the stray and abandoned animals are over-populated these days and are becoming a nation problem. If they let this go by, it would be very difficult to control later on. They better wake up and start doing the right things for these unfortunate animals to stop animal cruelty! In other word it is my cry out call hoping that others join hands to contribute their part too, perhaps those who like to own a pet can either get one at SPCA or even contact me to adopt them instead of buying cats/kittens at pet shops and encourage more breeding.

I need and must tell my story of how I go through with life taking too much responsibilities carrying the burden alone trying to safe these abandoned cats and kittens just because I cannot bear to see them, especially little kittens being thrown without their mothers around. They really need to know all these because shame of them, I am not even working now, I shifted from Kuala Lumpur to Terengganu after the death of my mother to get a bigger and cheaper place for the sake of all these animals that I have and rescued to have a big space for a Shelter for them till I find good homes for them. I am living on my saving and getting a small income for teaching English to some local students here in Marang and also making Instant Roti Canai. In fact, Mr. Krishnan from "Kembiri" knows me because before I shifted to Terengganu, I brought to him more than 16 rescued cats to be spayed and neutered.

Just to be fair to myself, I need to tell my story so that maybe my burden will be lighten if some animal lovers who are really serious and keen to adopt my lovely and loving cats and who will give their love and take good care of them approach me. If this happens, at least I do not have to take care of 32 cats! It really sound crazy to some people, it just happened because of those irresponsible people who are very selfish throwing their cats/kittens just about anywhere and when they feel like it! I do not really mind having at least a dozen cats 'cause I know how to handle them, being an expert already I guess! At the moment, I am having 19 of my own with the rescued cats from Kuala Lumpur plus 13 adopted in Terengganu (2 aldults, 4 younger cats and 7 kittens). So now it is 32 in total! I pray and hope sooner or later some of these cats will get new and good homes, especially those cats and kittens from Terengganu, it is not fair to part with mine first.

Please reply for the approval as I need to know whether this is a good idea.

Thanking you so much & my warmest regards,

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