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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Leo - My own cat

Let me introduce to all viewers this handsome looking cat of mine pics. inserted on the top. This is not a rescued cat, he is Leo, another Kitty Litty's son. He is so fluffy and has a squirrel liked bushy tail.

Way back in 2005 I gave my precious Leo to one of my aunts since I was planning to go to US to live and work in San Jose with one of my nieces. She need someone whom she can trust to look after her young kid, Princess Fara, a first born child and in other word I will have to babysit Princess Fara. So I thought why not, at least I can see and visit US and was excited and looking forward to it. I thought perhaps later on I could even visit places that I long to visit in US, places like Hollywood, Las Vegas, San Francisco and perhaps Memphis, late Elvis Presley's home. In fact, I did not mind to give Leo away as long as he has a good owner who will love, cherish and take good care of him. I delayed the trip because I was trying to find good homes for all my cats including some rescued cats. A few days later I became very annoyed when I found out that my aunt's daughter gave away Leo to her friend instead. And when I asked for the details of the new owner, she just refused to give it to me and did not want to entertain me till we had an argument. After that I became worried and kept calling her many times until she got fed up and requested her friend to return Leo to me.

The next day her friend and her friend's mother appeared at my doorstep with Leo in a very small container/cage. Looking at that condition made me realized I did the right thing, calling my niece earlier and checking on Leo. See... these people don't really even care if they carry the cat in a small and uncomfortable cage! They do not know even how to appreciate my handsome Leo and therefore they do not deserved to own him. After having Leo back I realized he was in a stage of shocked and disorientated behaviour for a few days. Leo was with these people only less than a week.

They should realize that I did not give them a rescued cat but a cat of my own, therefore they should know how to treasure him more but instead passing him around to another family unknown to me without my knowledge. I found out and got the information from my aunt's Indonesian maid.

You must have read about Skyler in this blog in my earlier post, he was one of my rescued cats and you will realize that I made no fuzz about giving him away even though Skyler was quite attached to me. Beside Skyler, I also gave away Houdini, Baby face and the two little kittens to other three different owners. Some of my relatives said that I cannot part and become too protective with all my cats including the rescued cats. If these people are really serious and really wanting to own these cats of mine, it would be good for me so that I will not be taking care of too many cats. Take for example another friend of mine, Mira. She really takes good care of Skyler and still in contact with me even though she is living in Kuala Lumpur. She even posted me photo snaps of Skyler and I have published a short note about Skyler accompanied with his photo snap in this blog.

So after a long delay as I still could not find good owners for the rest of my cats, I cancelled my trip to US. I rather not leave them at SPCA because I would not know their luck, whether they will be getting good owners or sentenced to death for no crime committed! Unfortunately for me I do not have the heart to do so and that was one of reasons as to why I shifted here in Terengganu. One of my brothers, Talal, who is quite close to me hired a van and I brought with me here 28 cats (mine and the rescued cats) in big and comfortable cages behind. The journey took us about 6 hours.

History of Leo and his only sister, he was born with a sister and I named her Cleo, same colour and fur texture, very beautiful and exotic. She looked so grand and majestic and when she walked her beautiful tail would move and dance beautifully. Unfortunately, at the time I did not snap any pic. of Cleo.

Just for everyone to know, she looked very similar to Leo. Unfortunate for her, she did not live long enough to follow me to Terengganu.

Chow .... I will be back with more interesting stories of me and my cats soon.

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