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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hello again, I would like to introduce Stevie (middle pic.) to the world since I've just taken his photos and downloaded to my PC today. It it quite difficult to snap his photos as he always like to move around and like to play all the time. He is also Kitty Litty's son and turned out to be all brown and quite unique and exotic too. He is very playful and loving but does not like the presence of strangers. I still regret very much on the death of Kitty Litty since I could not do much to really cure her here in Terengganu as most professional vets are found only in the capital city.
The second photo displayed here is of my cat Nina Bobo, a female cat and a daughter of Scarlet who died recently in an accident too. That is why all my cats are kept in their Shelter at night these days. After the death of one of my favourite cats, Shasha, a few months later Scarlet died at the main road too. It is really heartbreaking!

Nina Bobo is so unique. She has two different colours set of eyes, blue left eye and yellowish green right eye. I hope this pic. is clear enough to see the diffference, otherwise, I will try to snap a bigger picture focusing just her face again with her beautiful set of eyes. Scarlet, her mother was a stray cat. She delivered five kittens in 2005, the rest died leaving Nina Bobo alive but with lots of complications. When I took her for treatments to my first vet, he immediately advised me to put her to sleep. Luckily, I did not listen to him and searched for other alternative. Finally I found another professional and qualified doctor and a very good one, Dr. Vanaja in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. After several months of treatment and through lots of patience taking her to the vet regularly, she was then cured. I have some details of her rare sickness and I have written it down in my Cat's Note Book. I will try to get it and share with you guys and for those who love cats and if they encounter the same problems with their cats, perhaps it help instead of giving up hope and let their cats died.
First and third pic. is of Nina Bobo and the second and middle pic. is Stevie named after my pen friend in Hull who passed away at age of 42 in 2003 of heart failure. I named one of my cats Stevie for the sweet remembrance of our friendship.

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