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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hi! This is "White Tiger", another one of my rescued cats. Also rescued him at CasaRia, Cheras. Kuala Lumpur. I was searching for Tabby, one of my own cats that was missing when I bumped into an injured cat. His tail was almost chopped off due to a bad fight with some stray cats in that area. I believe he was owned by someone before and then abandoned there. He was so timid and do not know how to fight. He is still timid and quite a reserved cat. Immediately I took him to my vet for treatment. In fact, he was already an adult cat when I found him, yet he was very tame to me. After giving him all the love and care and I spayed/neutered him, he has turned out to be a very good looking cat! He is not like some of my other cats who do not like the presence of other human beings, he like people around him and is very loving.

So much about "White Tiger", I just like to tell you guys of my bad experience which I encountered yesterday. I saw a group of my cats surrounded something and all were so absorbed and focused at my porch near my gate wall. When I approached nearer, to my surprise I saw them trying to play with a medium sized snake!!! Oh God! what to do? I was alone..... I could not think of a better idea than to just drive away this snake out of sight.

With quick thinking, I went back into the house and reached out for a Shieldtox insertiside spray and rushed out trying to chase away this miserable snake by spraying it. Once I applied this spray, all my cats ran off leaving me and the snake. I was not trying to kill it even though I know snake is dangerous, I just need to chase it away from causing harm to my cats and me. It was quite a commotion and it took me about 5 to 10 minutes or so to get rid of this snake and finally after it could not take too much of the poisonous spray, it surrendered and fled away! I just cannot imagine that I became so brave during that crucial moment, me against a snake, imagine! Wow ... I pray to God to please safe us - me and all my cats from danger.

I heard there are tips to avoid snakes from appearing at our compound, either you plant some bamboo plants or sprinkle 'sulphur powder' all around your gate but beware it is poisonous, so be very careful not to let your pets near it.

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