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Monday, July 14, 2008

Elvis Presley 1956-1965 Top Ten Hits Collection Vol.2

Just feel like going back to memory lane. How about you?


Mary said...

love going down memory lane, I just love elvis..thanks for sharing..mary

Lily Arbee said...

Hello Mary,

You know, since I was a child I love listening to Elvis' music and songs. I watched most of his movies too. When I was young I dreamt of meeting him, sadly I did not have a chance! Somehow till today I like listening to most of his songs. Sadly his ex-wife do not know how to appreciate him and help him out during his bad days. Most people are just all out for his money! He was so genuine, very handsome and with lots of sense of humour, it is just sad he met up with some wrong people.

Still missing Elvis!

I will be visiting your blog too.

From Malaysia with Love,
Lily Arbee

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