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Monday, July 2, 2007

Therapy Home - photos of some of my cats & my rescued cats

Hi! Greetings from Marang, Terengganu , (East-Coast) of Malaysia.

Just call me Lily and now I'm now living in a holiday resort known as Marang in Terengganu, East-Coast of Malaysia. It is only 20 minutes walk to the beautiful blue ocean of the South-China-Sea and very close to a famous resort, known as "Angullia Beach House Resort" owned by my brother-in-law, Sulleiman Angullia and is managed by his second son, Esa Angullia @ Chota with some other family members. My sister, Fuziah Hanim is a Chef there and she can cook international dishes. This resort is facing the two beautiful exotic islands, "Pulau Kapas" and "Pulau Raja". It used to be my favourite holiday spot and playground during those days when I was living and working in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city.

For more information regarding this resort, do feel free to surf at:

I love to associate with nature, listening to birds singing when the morning breaks, love the sea very much (I remember in those days when I was here on holidays, I used to say that I would like to take the sea home!). I hate the superficial of hustle & bustle, busy rat-race city life. I am an animal lover and I brought with me here to stay 28 cats, and most of them are rescued cats. I cannot bear to leave them at SPCA, because if nobody take them within certain period of time, they will be put to sleep by mercy death it seems! In Islam we were taught not to take life in our own hands.

It is so sad to learn that most owners who are not responsible do not spay-neuter their pets and when their pets give birth out of control and multiplying, they throw their unwanted kittens or puppies away just about nywhere they please. Can you imagine, I even found unwanted kittens at the commuter stations, in the drains, at the roadsides and even at the garbage bins. Some people are really so cruel towards animals and they just treat these animals not like living beings!

All mine are neutered and I booster them yearly. I feed them with one of the best cat foods "Royal Canin" even though I am not on a payroll now, I strive to find ways and means in order to let them have a good life. They are so innocent and like children to me. I built them a very spacious shelter behind so that I can monitor and watch them closely with their daily activities through my kitchen windows. Sometimes it is so funny and watch seeing them playing. I make sure the dwelling place/shelter is always clean and with pleasant smell. Mind you, it is really hard work! I spend almost 2 to 3 hours daily just for the cats, feeding them, emptying their litters, cleaning and mopping the shelter floors (using Dettol and Ajax fabuloso, the floor wash) to get pleasant smell. The water bowls are always changed and believe it or not, I give them filtered water.

So, to pamper myself and to have a good life, I created myself a "Therapy Home" with all my personal touch decorations and displays accompanied with good fragrances/aroma to feel good. I usually play soft musics to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. At the front porch outside, I created a small garden corner to sit especially at night with candle lights and the display of colour lightings in order to enjoy the natural air and breezes. I called it "Lil's Corner" and intend to entertain guests/friends and relatives. Twice a week I teach English lesson to a few local students. I make good fresh/instant Perata/Roti Canai (my mum's recipe - and I called it "Roti Ibu" for sweet remembrance of her) with delicious "Dal Curry" and surprisingly making a small income! Even though I live in a small town like Marang, far away from all the latest happenings that I used to enjoy in a big city, I have not much to complain, as I am now equipped with my new toy with sufficient high-techs of the modern world. So long as I have my personal computer which enable me to access internationally through the windows of the world, it is enough to make my day! I hope to see most of my friends here soon!

Latest News -A reach-out call:
A few months ago, I have adopted three kittens and they are all now looking strong, healthy and with full of energy and very playful. Recently I have taken in and rescued two female young cats. The recent two kittens died leaving one more behind.

I wish I could educate and make those owners who treat their pets like pests what they are doing are wrong. All they need to do is just to get their pets spayed/neutered and only this will save their problems from getting more unwanted kittens or puppies.

Now I am trying to find good homes for some of my rescued cats because I do have to be fair to myself too, as it is now getting so unbecoming with this situation! I started helping these unfortunate animals since August 2003. All owners should be more responsible taking good care of their pets and not just simply abandoning their unwanted kittens as they please. As I've mentioned earlier to solve the problem they ought to neuter their pets so that they do not have anymore unwanted kittens to throw everywhere!!!

I am still trying to find good homes for some of my rescued cats, I mean, really good homes, owners who really love these animals and will continue taking good care of them in order to ease my burden. At the same time, these poor animals need full attention and love. I really cannot give these to so many at the same time. When I first took in all these unfortunate animals, my intention was to rescue them and keep them safe, neuter them and treat them from dangerous diseases and then find them good homes. They have been treated and free from sickness and in good conditions, except the remaining four kittens and 2 young female cats, since I am now in Terengganu, not Kuala Lumpur. Here there is no vet except that I have to make do with "Pejabat Haiwan". All those cats brought over from Kuala Lumpur have been neutered and are very healthy. They are all tame cats and becoming very loving as I've trained them to be good and loving household pets.

Those interested, please do contact me at my e-mail address: or post me a comment.

Thanking you for taking your time to know and share this issue with me.

Below is a very interesting video showing how to train cats using human toilet,

So please just click it to watch

I have just found a very cool and educational site of a wonderful and noble lady who is very talented and creative with her graphics works. Since she loves cats and dogs so much, she created an amazing and fun website which I love very much and I have just received feedback from her the permission to add her website to share with all viewers. So I have inserted the URL of her website for you guys to visit. You can find her wonderful work of graphics plus lots of cool stuffs, also reaching-out calls to remind people around the world to neuter/spay their pets in order to stop the suffering of animals and many more about abandoned and sheltered homes animals, especially cats and dogs. In fact, many are being put to sleep and many more homeless healthy /unhealthy strayed and sheltered cats and dogs are waiting their turn to be killed by means of mercy death, since the shelter homes cannot cope with the over-populated unfortunate unwanted innocent loving and cute cats/kittens/dogs and puppies.

Please, please stop the animal sufferings!!!! We all can start doing it by spaying our pets.

Feel free to visit this fine lady with her many graphic talent by just clicking below url:

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Lily Arbee

From Terengganu with love,
At the Beach with my big cat, my bodyguard.
Well! Lily if it makes you happy, dream on ... why not??


DorothyL said...

Huggz Lily
As I have told you so many are gifted and the challneges of your life are there for a reason. There will be a day when the reasons will be clear...for now accept the good and keep the faith:)

lina said...

You truly have a golden heart, Lily...

Scoopable Cat Litter said...

I have a beautiful Himalayan named Lily! You are truly amazing! I wish I could do what you do :)

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Snow White

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