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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fluffy Friday: Latest development re. my rescued cats and mine

Black Jack
Sadly, the above two cats are mine out of the 14 cats which were forced to send away within a very limited time!

Even here at the place where I am living, some "Jinjang Joe" threw away the cat food and water if they find me feeding the hungry homeless abandoned cats. To the extent these majority living here who claimed that they are Malaysian but are very racist and they tend to group together to demand the management to impose a fine to some animal lovers if found feeding the abandoned cats in this area. So now a fine of RM 50.00 is being imposed. The hell with their selfish man-made law, I am not bothered at all! I still continue doing what I strongly feel is right and if I see any moving abandoned cat around I will feed them, but now I got to do it discreetly only in the late evening.

Not enough with their lies accusing me of having 50 cats in my apartment which lead me to hand over my cats to Pusat Jagaan Kucing since I was given a limited time to do so, otherwise, the management will confiscate all my cats, and I believe PJK is a safe place to send for temporary shelter rather than sending them to SPCA, Here at SPCA, it will not be a 100% safe because they have a certain policy such as if no one comes to adopt these abandoned animals for a certain period of time, they will be put to sleep (be killed by an injection) in order to make way for more abandoned/stray animals.

After the damaged done (sending most of my cats away), they are still not satisfied, they thought that now I cannot even feed the abandoned cats. In the first place. They can have dogs in their apartments and we cannot have cats?! Not that I have anything against dogs, in fact, I always help put up some posts on dogs too to supports the movement on a cry to stop abusing these animals.

Just to spread the good news, when the building manager, a security guard and one more of their staff visited my apartment on the 8th Oct '12, they were so astonished and surprised to find that my apartment was so clean and more to it with the smell of some good fragrance! At first, the building manager was a bit shy to enter, he ordered only those two staff to enter to check my apartment to see whether I really have 50 cats. I forced him to come in instead together with those two staff. I showed him around and took them to my Master Bedroom where I put my remaining 4 beautiful/clean/tame loving cats. They witnessed another surprise, they found out that I am equipped with much good stuff for the cats namely, Dettol, Cat Shampoo, and perfume, sprayed fragrance, soap for washing the litters, floor wash with apple fragrance, spray for fleas etc.

The building manager smiled and do not want to look further and so I said to him. "Mr ..., you are welcome to my apartment anytime for a cup of coffee". The three left but in front of my door, Mr.... shoot his head and said "Aya!, how can they said 200 cats???" My, my after their first accusation of me having 50 cats and now I found out that they accused me of breeding 200 cats!!!! What? they must be joking or what? Please do not underestimate those who helped/rescued some abandoned animals. Firstly, we are not crazy people and secondly, their dwelling place may be cleaner and can even put to shame those who do not own pet(s) around the house. So now I rest my case!!!!!

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