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Monday, May 2, 2011

Fluffy Friday: Got bitten by Silver now belong to my cousin, my neighbour


Silver was such a sweet cat until he was given away to my cousin. I regretted very much giving him to her. Silver has changed tremendously into a very temperamental cat and with split personality these days. As far as I can remember, I rescued him when he was only a tiny helpless adorable kitten. He grew up with the rest of my other cats and was very well-mannered and I had no problem with him at all. He was such a good and well behaved cat. He will always be the last to eat and let others gathered around to have their daily meal first. I always like to watch their activities from my kitchen's windows when I was living in Marang. I have been observing Silver for quite sometimes and frankly speaking, he was one of the best cats I ever raised, a well behaved cat with no fighting history with any of my other cats, male or female. Their shelter was built opposite my kitchen and a spacious one. I do not understand why Silver has changed so much to become so temperamental with such split personality with this new owner, at one moment he would be so loving and tame and suddently out of the blue he would just attack you if he is in bad mood.

I am extremely sad Silver has changed so much. It happened so fast this morning, I went out to my balcony when I heard him crying. He looked relaxed and rolled over before me to show some affections like he used to do and so I stroked him gently. Suddenly, out of the blue, he just jumped and bite me and there are more than a dozen marks left all over my right hand. I think he was furious with his new owner for putting him aside at the balcony regularly. She has been doing this it seems because Silver has been bullying her female cat.
Whatever it is, I should have not given Silver to her in the first place, she has done a lot of harm to Silver instead till he has become such an angy cat these days.

Silver bite me with no mercy and it touched my vein, there are a few more bite marks accompanies by some scratches. Blood were dripping all over when it happened, I was in a stage of shock! So, without hesitation, I rushed to the nearby clinic for an injection. I was also given anti-biotic tablets and was advised to take 2 tablets each time for 3x daily. I've started taking 2 tablets after my visit to the clinic and yet my right hand now is swollen.
This is the 3rd time I experienced a cat bite. I am also developing a slight fever.

The worst cat bite I have ever experienced was way back in 2006 also at Casa Ria. It was a bite from a male stray cat and it could have been fatal. Actually, I have been feeding this cat daily downstairs. Sadly, one day he was in a stage of shocked when I was behind him most probably to his instinct I was going to harm him and so he It so happened he did not realized it was me behind him at that moment and so he attacked. I was in a very bad shape, even after receiving an injection from the same clinic, it was swollen and did not heal till I went to HUKM and was taken in as emergency patient. I had to re-visit HUKM several times. My blood was taken for tests and I remember one doctor told me I was lucky to be there on time, otherwise, I would even end up dead if I did not get proper treatments since I was bitten by a stray cat. At first I thought he was just joking, but he told me that he was really serious about what he said.

My second experience with with Tabby. He just had a fight with White Tiger and I went on to check on Tabby's injury. At the time he was still in a stage of anger. I should have not done that, I should have waited for him to calm down first. I noticed one of his ears was injured and I tried to apply some oilments. To my surprise he just attacked and bite me. I have learned so much about cat behaviours already and will try to be careful when handling with angry cats. As for Silver, I really honestly do not know what to now, I felt so bad because I know it was not his fault he changed. I am now with mixed feeling, angery and sad and I am very disappointed with the new owner. She has turned my well-behaved and good cat into such angry, temperamental cat and with split personality! These is one of the reasons why I am always am so careful to give my cats away, I want to make sure that they are given away to good hands, their new mummies/owners who know how to handle them with lots of love and attentions.

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