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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fluffy Friday: I miss Nina Coco & Snow White so much!

I still miss some of my favourite cats even though I gave them to good homes. Fourteen cats and kittens were given away before my shift back to Kuala Lumpur and out of the fourteen, there are some of my own namely Stevie, White Tiger, Simba, Ginger Bread Boy, Leo, and Tabby.

The above image is that of my dearest Nina Coco. It was heart breaking to see her dying. Many things happened during the shifting back to Kuala Lumpur. I lost some of my belongings which I strongly believe stolen by the lorry driver from Terengganu. I gave away even some of my own favourite cats including the rescued cats from Terengganu and lost Snow White the first day in KL and one of my own favourite cats Nina Coco died with yellow fever.

The lorry driver arrived very late
that night at about almost 12.00 midnight, I was in a van drove by my brother with 16 cats back to KL. I was so tired since the past few days before shifting I was all worked out with the preparation of shifting, giving away cats, packing my stuff, you can just imagine with all the planning and the preparations. The van arrived first with all the cats. I managed to get an apartment just to rent for a month because according to the owner he has sold it to someone and while waiting for the payment I can just put all my belonging there so that I can search for another apartment. From Terengganu I contacted my cousin to look around since she is staying in one of the apartments there.

that night when I left all my cats in one of the rooms with curtains all covered up, the windows was not closed properly and 9 cats disappeared. Still with not enough rest after the shift, I went around looking for them till late evening and managed to get back 7 of them on the same day. Coco came back only the next day looking very tired, and I believe she might have drank some dirty water somewhere. In fact, I wanted to booster them before the shift but the staff at "Pejabat Haiwan Marang" said they were running out of the solution for the booster. If only Coco had been boostered, then she wouldn't have got this deadly sickness. The symptom only appeared a few days later, I rushed her to the vet. She could have been saved and still be living today if not for me listening to my cousin asking me to stop giving her the vitamin. According to her it seems I should just give Coco the prescribed medicines and not to give her too much of whatever else, I was not thinking straight at the time wanting to save my dearest Coco so much and listened to this Dr. Quack! Earlier when I feed her with the vit. there was sign of improvement because she was trying to eat, but when I stopped giving her the vit completely Coco got worst. I then rushed her back to the vet, the Dr. was so surprised why I did not continue giving Coco the vit and according to the Dr. that vit. will give her the energy to fight back this deadly sickness. See... what a busybody can do to your life! I had it, I rather not say it out here anymore .........................................

This is an image of my dearest "Snow White". She disappeared and never returned until today. I went round searching for her like a mad woman calling out her name for many days before I started working and during weekend when I started working. Even shown her bigger pic to those securities at Gate 1, 2 and 3. Really sad, how can the room windows was not checked in the first place, by right it should be closed when delivered to me, I am not trying to blame anyone but normally if you move in to a new home, all windows are closed and locked! This was opened and covered with curtains, it slip my mind that behind the curtains the windows might not be closed.

I still miss Nina Coco and Snow White very much, I can't help it feeling sorry for them and regretted so much for what had happened. Very sad indeed, this would not have happened, if only the lorry driver arrived on time as scheduled and not having his own agenda to steal some of my stuff, and me trusting somebody100%, tired or not, if I was more alert, this wouldn't had happened. I must not depend on anybody but myself and must be thorough in anything!


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Mariuca said...

:* :* :* :*

Mariuca said...

Lil I am smiling picturing u with 16 cats in a van heading to KL, so cute! Should have taken pics, I would love to see that! :* :* :* :*

Mariuca said...

So u managed to give away 14 cats to good families before u left, that is excellent! :* :* :*

Mariuca said...

And out of the 9 that disappeared, 8 came back? Also more good news but of course it's hard not to think abt the odd one out, hugs! :'( :'( :'(

Mariuca said...

Sounds like 2010 was not so good to you and ur meows so here's wishing you only good things and happy thoughts in 2011, hugs! And Happy Fluffy Friday! :* :* :*

Lily Arbee said...

A big one from me :* :* :* :* :* :*

Lily Arbee said...

Yes I did, but not all given to the rich, some to just normal people, two to Beach Houce workers I gave them RM50.00 each to spay since it cost only RM30.00 each at Pejabat Haiwan in Kuala Terengganu but until today I heard that they did not do it, these two cats are rescued female cats from Marang. I am still pissed off with them!

Stevie, Leo, White Tiger and Simba was given to a boss of CIMB, they are reliable and love cats, even built a nice house for my cats and Stevie was given away on condition that I can take him back whenever I want, since the wife wanted Stevie so badly!

Tabby was taken back from the first owner who neglected him. The girl came to KL to work and left Tabby with her pregnant sister and she just did not care much whether Tabby came back home or not, I check to find out this before my shift. The CIMB boss helped to search the the house, they were not at home. After many tel calls, I managed to ask to bring Tabby back to me. Tabby was then given away to CIMB's good friend who live nearby. At least I feel good now that Tabby is in good hands! :) :) :)

Lily Arbee said...

Thanks for the hugs, but memang sakit hati lah yg perkara ini terjadi oleh sebab human errors and whatever else ................ :'( :'( :'(

Lily Arbee said...

Happy Fluffy Friday to you and all your cute & adorable meow, meow too. Hope this year is good for us and our meow, meow. Thanks so much for supporting me always, coming in to visit me even though I cannot compete with you guys.

You tau I dah buat dough roti canai and keluarkan ayam konon nya nak masak curry ayam and buat roti canai since I did not even have my lunch, tadi just frled French Fried and had salad with it. Later I rasa just simpan balik itu ayam.. hehehe and buat aje 1 or 2 keping roti canai makan dgn bawang besar with cilli and cuka and simpan the dough in the fridge. Dah lewat ni, tonight at midnight kat MM, I already have song, ..... tak bolih tell here lah, surprise as usual!

See you around dear. Hugs always
:* :* :* :*

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