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Monday, November 22, 2010

Music Monday: Cat Stevens with "Wild World"

"Do not save your loving speeches for your friends till they are dead. Do not write them on their tombstones, speak to them rather now instead"

Hello my long lost blogger friends,

I know I have a lot to catch up here. As promised, I managed to make an effort today with my first come back and to begin with, I am posting a Music Monday post to cheer up my blog. I've been missing since late June due to my big shift from the East-coast back to the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. Thanks God I made it!Many things happened, the good, the bad and the ugly. Will write about it in the coming post(s).
I do hope I get the hang of it, 'cause really, I feel that I am missing the touch now, spent quite a while refreshing my memory going to the Dashboard to start my post again, but I will do my best to make it works. Hope I will be able to link this to my super LadyJava's linkage without any problem.

I have quite a number of songs on my mind for this week, but I feel that this is the right come back song since I've gone through quite a lot during the past missing months.

It is definitely a "Wild World"!


Yey.... I made it after all, even though I went through some hiccups. I will not take "No" for an answer, very determine and so persistent in order to continue blogging again. Hope to be back active one more time and visiting as many blogger friends as I can. I hope they still remember me.

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LadyJava said...


Mariuca said...

:-D :-D

LadyJava said...

Hallo Lil!! we missed you for sure.. hoping this would be a comeback post? ehhehe..
am loving the song dearie..!

LadyJava said...

Happy MM!

Mariuca said...

It's good to have u back sweetie and I love dis song too! Happy MM and don't work too hard, hugs! 8-) 8-) 8-)

Lily Arbee said...

=-O :) ;) 8-) :* :* :*

Lily Arbee said...

Hi there my dearest LadyJaya, it's been ages since we last communicate. I do miss you guys so much! Glad I am able to come back and the come back post is MM. Glad that you like the song. It's definitely true, we're living in a "wild world" got to be extra careful!

My come back hugs and many more will come... ;) ;) :) :*

Lily Arbee said...

Happy Music Monday to you too dear, hope life have been good to you, your darlin hubby and all your loving meows! Since now I am in KL, one of these days we are bound to meet, so eager and excited. I've missed meeting you guys during the bloggers get together. So nice of Marzie to have shown me the links to views the pics.
And today, I saw some in your blog.

Sorry I did not do the drop and comment on you blog yet, I was fighting for lines. It was so slow. By the way, I am using Celcom Broadband, normally it's good but do not understand why it suddenly pissed me off tonight. In order to get your comments and the whole images of blog appears, I got to log in FB and then continued with the full story, otherwise, it still give me hang-ups, geramlah errrrrrrrrrr... :( :( :( but got to be cool lah! 8-)

Lily Arbee said...

Here my big smile too dear Marzie, missing you like crazy! :)

Lily Arbee said...

Thanks Marzie, glad you love this song. I'm glad I finally make it back on track and making a come back with blogging. I think I've missed a lots of news from you guys and from other connections with regard to blogging. Will try to catch up and get to know what I 've missed.

My first come back hug and many more to come soon .......
8-) 8-) 8-) :*

Anonymous said...

Lovely sharp post. Never thought that it was this easy. Extolment to you!.

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