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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May 2010 Top Commenters

Again, I would like to thank very much to the first two beautiful ladies who come to my comment box regularly like little elves and fairies always supporting me with their comments. Besides these there are one more lovely lady, Monica and three new comers Haaziq Zahar, Elaiski and Liza joining to post their comments.

As indicated in my post below I will be busy organizing my shift back to the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. Hopefully when everything is settled I will then try to
publish my post(s) regularly, otherwise, I'm very sure the figures of the top commenters would be more. My apologies especially to Marzie and LadyJava for not getting any of my EC credits so far as my top commenters. When I am ready with lots of EC credits, don't you worry, I will remember your supports and will try to forward to you both whatever EC credits you both deserved for being my top commenters always. But first, I must find time to drop more ECs.

Thanks again for your kind supports with your presence at my blog. Congratulations!

Meow Diaries
Blogger Cats

Mariuca 9

LadyJava 3

elaiski 2

Monica 2

Haaziq Zahar 3

Liza 1

First two commenters get my Linky love


zuls said...

congrats to the top commenters! :D

Lily Arbee said...

Hi Zuls,
Thanks for dropping by with your comments. I hope you have a badge, and if you do I will display it below this post as the first commenter.

Have a great day, cheers! ;) :) :) :) :)

Apartments Kiev said...

I'm not new at this site, though I never used comments. However I also would like to thank the top commenters.

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Snow White

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