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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fluffy Friday # 27 - Simba, a rescued cat from Marang was given away to a good home yesterday

Hello Marzie, all members and viewers,


It was not a happy Friday for me yesterday. I had a mixed feeling when my rescued lion cat Simba was given away even to a good home. I still remember when I rescued him, he was just a tiny kitten found crying at the beach of "Angullia Beach House ". I am happy for Simba since his new parents are cat lovers but at the same time feeling sad because I cannot keep him with me. Normally when visitors approach him, he would show his unfriendly and fierce behaviour. I was quite surprised when he changed his reaction towards these new parents when they were here viewing him last week. Their younger son who is about 12 years of age is very fond of him. All of them tried to touch and stroke him and he responded to them very well with acceptance. It was indeed strange and a surprise because normally he doesn't like strangers at all. So they came back yesterday (Friday) around 6.00 pm with a carrier to take away my darling Simba to a new home. It was a very sad and touching moment for both Simba and me.

Yesterday morning I spent more time with Simba as it was the last day for me to be with him. Hopefully, one fine day I will have a chance to meet him again. He always like to grab my hand with both paws to show his love and closeness when I opened his cage daily. Even my own cats did not do that to me. We really have a strong bond and I definitely going to miss him a lot!

I gave the new parents one of his plastic favourite trays for Simba to have the touch of his own thing and not feel lost. It was really a sad last moment when I helped put him in the carrier, and he did not struggle at all. But when his new daddy carried him in the carrier, then only he started crying and tried to struggle. I called his name many times to cool him down and at first I thought of joining them in the car to follow Simba to his new home for a while so that he will feel saved. Unfortunately, I could not make it because the car was full since there were 3 of them including another couple who were also here viewing my other rescued cats. Actually Simba is in saved hands I am so sure of it. The new parents are cat lovers and the daddy is one of the bosses in CIMB, I've been to their house before on "Hari Raya" celebrations. His new mommy is related to my nephew's wife from Beach House Resort through marriage. Perhaps one day I might be able to visit Simba again. I am more worried about Tabby (one of my own cat) which was given away to someone I do not know quite well. Sometimes I phoned up Tabby's new mommy and asked about him. Before I shift back to Kuala Lumpur for good, I will try to visit Tabby and perhaps take him back in exchange with another rescued cat from Marang which is not that closed to me.

I am still pissed off with some selfish people from Marang again. Here I am trying to give away as many rescued cats and kittens as possible even though I have already grown to love them and quite attached to them as this would be easier for me to start a normal life again when I move back to KL. Yet some people here never stop their bad habits, they still keep on abandoning their unwanted cats and kittens to me. Recently, when I was at the market place, I saw a tiny kitten crying non-stop without her mommy around and I took her back out of pity. she is now looking good, very energetic and becoming a happy and playful kitten. Then about two weeks ago, another kitten was left just a few kilometer from my house and I took her also out of pity because I know this little kitty will definitely be in danger and cannot survive on her own. Last Thursday all my rescued cats were given the 2nd injections from "Pejabat Haiwan's staff" so that they will be free from sickness before given away.

I felt good after I had all these cats their injection and so wanted to continue doing my errands with phone calls etc preparing for my first shift to KL. Before I could even walked in to enter my front gate after thanking those staff from "Pejabat Haiwan", I saw a mother cat with two little kittens abandoned outside! These selfish people will never change, they are back again with their dirty selfish tricks throwing their unwanted cats and kittens to me. This is really too much! It's good that I now have a chance to move to Kuala Lumpur. How can they just throw their unwanted pets without having any mercy towards these little helpless pets who be lost because hey were once a household pets. And on the top of them they even have the heart to leave little kittens and sometimes without their mommies. To me, these bunch of people are mean, cruel, selfish and irresponsible and need to be fined and punished accordingly. To avoid breeding the unwanted kittens, they only have to spay their pets, simple as that, but as usually they choose not to and prefer to abuse their innocent pets whenever they feel like it period! If only I have the power or the authority to take action against these bunch of abusers, you know what I'm gonna do? I would make sure that these culprits pay a very high price for their actions. I will put all of them behind bars, a place where they really deserved to dwell for treating these innocent animal so badly. myspace graphic comments

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Mariuca said...

:* :* :* :*

Mariuca said...

Good morning Lil! I am glad to hear Simba got a nice new home, u did well with Simba and he won't forget that. Happy Fluffy Friday sweetie! 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Mariuca said...

I like Simba's face, mmg nampak friendly and fur also clean, I like! :* :* :*

Lily Arbee said...

:* :* :* :* :*

Lily Arbee said...

Good Afternoon Marzie,
You tau I dok teringat2 Simba and Tabby, tak sampai hati lah. Even though Simba is a rescued cat but the bond with me is so strong. In fact, I called up the new parents just to find out how he is doing. I told them not to spay him first, bagi time, lepas dah jinak dgn mereka baru spay him dan lepas sikit2 but have to observe him. I kecian Leo pun because the new parents willing to exchange Simba with Leo before I move for good to KL if I dok teringat2 Simba.

Do you think it's fair to give Leo in exchange, in fact good for Leo because Leo is the type who like to go out to the grass and then within 20 minutes or so come back to the shelter, whereas Simba do not mind to be keep in door. I just takut nanti kalau I sewa apartment kat CasaRia kalau lah ada kucing terjun dari tingkat satu ke, (I wont choose the higher tingkat, dangerous for them) the security there quite strict, they will collect all cats found on the ground and dok pi buang pula, ayoh teruk lah! >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o =-O =-O =-O =-O

Lily Arbee said...

... to be kept in door.

Lily Arbee said...

Simba can be very garang tau kalau dia tak suka orang, but hairan lah dengan the new parents ok pula, but semasa his new daddy angkat the carrier dia dah start bising and struggle. He is quite powerful unless Leo who is very petite. Leo is also very special to me. Dulu in KL my aunty took him and then the daughter passed it to her friend sebab cannot get along with their two Siamese cats. When I asked for the phone no. of the new owners, (I need to know takut dapat salah orang) she was so rude and finally her friend brought Leo back in such a small and dirty carrier. Memany they don't deserved Leo. So after that Leo jadi takut2 for a while, but kalau nak tukar dgn Simba I rasa tak ada masaalah, even though I love Leo just the same as I love Simba, Leo tak suka behind closed door always, he sometimes need air and like to go out to the grass. Itu lah yg I dok fikir2 ni dah lah macam2 nak buat. I rasa I want to go to KL to see the room first and meet up with my new boss to seek the letter of offer first before I proceed with the 1st shifting.


Lily Arbee said...

quite powerful unlike Leo, I fear and takiut dia terlepas itu aje. I advised them to put him a a comfortable cage indoor first senang bila nak tukar litter, put his food and water. I think the best place is kat bilik mandi bawah yg mereka tak guna untuk mandi.

Lily Arbee said...

Happy Fluffy Friday Marzie, have a good week ahead. :* :* :* :* :* :*

LadyJava said...

Oh you're slowly giving away your cats eh Lil?

LadyJava said...

So glad you got home for Simba.. you were a great foster mommy to him and now he's found a forever home.. good job Lil!

Happy FF dearie!

Lily Arbee said...

It is a very sad process, itu pun may I might take back Simba in exchange of Leo, cian Leo, but Leo suka keluar pi kat grass from the shelter and then tak sampai 20 minutes balek sendiri, punya lah baik. Leo is spayed and is my own cat, whereas Simba is just a local cat found at the beach near the resort when he was merely a kitten. We have a strong bond even though he is always in the cage when he grow bigger. Dia selalu pegang my hand, I am so sad keep thinking of him since the day I gave him even to go people.

Terserahlah, I told the new owner to please spay him bila dia nak jinak with them, and then when I am abt to move to KL for good, it's up to them whether they want to take Leo sebab I pun kecian Leo, he do not like to be behind closed door without going out for the grass.

Kesian mereka. :'( :'( :'( 8-) 8-) 8-)

Lily Arbee said...

Ya, in fact these new parents are quality people, very polished tak macam many yang I met here, really susah nak trust with my cats. That is why I took so long to give away, I selected only the good one.

Most of them came here yg nampak tak reliable ashek2 nak my own cats, definitely lah I tak bagi, kalau macam these new parents yg I mentioned I really do not mind giving some of my own cats yg I sayang because I know they are in save hands.
:) :) :) :* :* :*

Lily Arbee said...

Happy Fluffy Friday to you too my dearest LadyJava and hope you have a beautiful weekend and a good and fruitful week ahead. :) ;) 8-) :-D :* :* :* :*

Annas Adornments said...

Happy Fluffy Friday - one day late! I read about your Simba. You are doing fine work to help animals in need. But I also can relate to your sadness when it is time to leave your rescued cats to their new owners. I still think about the cats that I could not keep and hope they got to live a full and good life. Good for you that you set an example by your love of these dear creatures.
Best wishes,
Sara Cat sends purrs

Anna's Adornments said...

This is my avatar

Lily Arbee said...

Hi Sara, welcome to my humble blog.

Glad you are here visiting me too. I will try to visit you blog in a matter of time dear.

All these animal need human love, support and care, but very sad indeed to mention that most of the time even their own owners are abusing them. I am not saying all owners, some! And some of these owners are not responsible at all, instead of spaying their pets, they just let them breed out of control and then when they realize that they cannot handle or perhaps they do not need to have more kittens and cats or puppies and dogs around, they just start abandoning these poor little kites, puppies, cats and dogs, mind you sometimes even without their mommies around! Shame of them,such a cruel and cold blooded behaviour. They should realize that "humanbeings" are created to be the best of all creastions, but if they do not use their precious gifts "the brains" then, they are the worst of the creations!

All animals whether they are wild or tame are innocent since they do not have brain like humans do, it's up to human to train, mold them and love and support them. WE ARE ALL BORN AS LEADERS! We should utilize our precious gifts from God the Almighty to do good instead of evil.
:) ;) :-D 8-) :* :* :* :*

Lily Arbee said...

"HAPPY FLUFFY FRIDAY' to you too my dear new friend. ;) ;) ;) ;)

elaiski said...

hello, Lil! I'm so sorry if Simba was taken away from you. but don't worry, as you said, he fancies his new parents so rest assured he is in good hands. I hope you're okay and cool now 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)
Btw, Simba is so handsome for a cat :-D :-D :-D

Lil said...

Hi Elai,
Sorry for the late response. I just got back from town, were out to settle all my bills. I was with my nephew's wife with her three children. Then we went for a bit at Mc Donald, did some shopping and then she drove us to fetch her eldest son now training to be a pilot station near the airport. We celebrated with a beautiful dinner at a seafood restaurant with sweet sour fish, tom yam soup, nice hot rice and veg. with nice cold drinks for refreshment.

I will be very busy tomorrow onwards, got to go to the capital city Kuala Lumpur to meet up with my new boss coming Sunday. Luckily I've found a suitable and reliable lady hired to look after my cats and rescued cats and kitten when I am not around. When I'm I got to start packing some of the necessary stuff to shift back to KL only taking a room at my cousin's place first to start work. I will still rent a house in Terengganu to keep all the cats/4 kittens and all my belongings.

While I am there I will start looking for a suitable apartment and when I find a suitable one, I will have to take off for at least 2 weeks or so I come back to start packing all my stuff to move for good back to KL. So you can imagine I have to do 101 things. I am stealing time to blog etc.

Please wish me a smooth shift and that I will be happy with my new job.

:) ;) 8-) :* :-D :* :* :*

Lil said...

went for a bite.....
... stationed near the airport

8-) 8-) 8-)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Lily,

Sad. Just sad. I saw a video yesterday about a kitten who's front legs were cut off because the cat stole fish from a restaurant. One young fella took it home and put "minyak gamat" and now, the cat seems happy again. tsk tsk. That is a plain cruelty happening in our backyard. I hope they will be punished.

You are very kind by helping those animals. I hope more people will become like you. Sorry for the late reply here. I was caught up with my works for awhile.

Have a nice day Lily. Hugs,

Haaziq Zahar

Lil said...

Hi Haaziq,

Nice of you to keep coming visiting my blog. I am really pissed off with the "orang kampong" here, most of them bertudung and the male species dok pi masjid konon, but yet mereka ni tak langsung perihatin with animal. They have the heart to abuse even their own pets just because the female cats give birth to more kitties. It not the female cats fault, they as human being with the best gift from Allah "the precious brains" should know how to handle the situation well. Just go and spay these animal aje lah, so that no more breeding of unwanted kittens, ini tak, bila aje ada anak kucing lebeh, they starting throwing them just about anywhere they feel like it! Eh! tak cukup iman lah mereka ni dah kalau dok inayai those innocent animal tak kan harus just because they pray and pakai tudung, tolong sikit, ini bukan ajaran Islam, please lah, I thinki mereka semua ni patut pi berlajar what Islam is all about lah, lagi satu Nabi kan sayang kucing! Alah tulong sikit tak payah lah nak cover up themselves with tutup sampai nampak dua biji mata, tapi "kosong". We are here in this world to be khalifah, so if they think that they are so "alim" just dgn pakai, mereka ni memanglah permikiran cetek, then they know nothing about Islam and hanya dok tunjuk kat luar yang mereka ni sangat lah baik sebab bertudung, kalau dah berpakain Islam, perangai tu tulong lah tukar ke arah cara Islam yg sebernar nya! Bepakaian cara Islam aje tak cukup, Islam is peace, love, good character, good moral vaues, good attitude and all the example of our Rasullullah, tapi pandai sangat nak tunjuk alim, but character masih macam orang jahiliah or stone age! Pi join Mr Flintstone aje le, hehehehe

>:o :'( :(

These for you :) ;) 8-) :-D :*

Lil said...

fed up sangat tulis sampai panjang lebar and with some errors. Hope you can figure out the message put across.

謝雅柏 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Snow White

Snow White

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