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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fluffy Friday #20 - One of my favourite cats

Hello Marzie, all Members and viewers,


This is one of my favourite cats, BlueBerry @ Blue Boy. Some of you may have seen pic. of BlueBerry Aka Blue Boy in Fluffy Friday # 4, but I like to post here again another of his handsome pic. Just look at his big blue eyes, they are like doll eyes. By the way, I forgot to mention about his lip in the previous post. I smile when I look at his lip, even though he is a male cat, it is surprisingly to see his lip is pink in colour. BlueBerry is a handsome male cat, his looks are the combinations of his late mum and dad. Even though his dad belong to another owner, I used to see him passing by my gate checking on BlueBerry's mum, Kitty Litty during my stay in the capital city Kuala Lumpur. I hope looking at his pic will make my day and yours too. I am still struggling to help Teddy to recover from her illness and I myself have sprained my left arm and not feeling good. Hope I will recover fully soon too!

I sprained my left arm after stacking 11 bags of cat food in order to stock them in a proper place recently. Imagine, each bag weigh about 15 kg, I have no choice but to carry one bag after another myself to put them in a big cage and covered them with cut boxes so that they will not be spoilt or damaged. Normally the delivery men did this, but this time they gave me the excuse, it seems that they were in a hurry then and have to rush for other deliveries as it was already late. So my left arm is still in pain and I am applying soothing goat milk cream for remedy.

All my cats and the rescued cats are doing fine, except that one of my female cats, Teddy is sick. I took her to Pejabat Haiwan last week but till today she is still not getting better. Everyday I have to give her anti-biotic and have to feed her with cat food and water. First, I have to soak the cat food in water to make them soft and this will be easier for her to digest. I added Glucolin in her drinking water to give her strength and energy because she is quite weak.

I am taking her to "Pejabat Haiwan" again this afternoon to check for another round as to why she is still not getting better. But sad indeed the truth is the Doctors in Kuala Lumpur are more qualified than the Doctors here in "Pejabat Haiwan" I think. Pray that Teddy will recover soon because I hate to see her suffers. Got to rush now, perhaps, will come back later to edit or include pic/photo of one of my fluffy cats.

I came across a very interesting link about a cat named Charles. Imagine, he travelled from New Mexico and turned up in Chicago after wandering 1,300 miles from his Albuquerque home which is amazingly true... So if you like to see a video regarding this cat, please click the URL below:

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Mariuca said...

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Mariuca said...

Morning Lil I am finally here! Busy la yesterday then banyak kerja, ni pun tak habis lagi ha ha... :-[ :-[ :-[

Mariuca said...

Happy Fluffy Friday sweetie, I do love his blue blue eyes! Last time Benji and Phoebe masa kecik both blue eyes then slowly tukar kaler... 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Mariuca said...

I hope ur Teddy feels better soon and rest assured that you are doing everythng within ur means to get him well, so big hugs for u and try and get some rest too okay? :* :* :*

Lil said...

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Lil said...

Good Morning Marzie,
I am so sorry for posting FF late again, itu pun I squeezed my time yesterday before taking Teddy to Pejabat Haiwan again. Now the other Dr. requested I stop giving Teddy Anit-Biotic, he gave her vit. jap and it seems it is also to lessen her from stress. She is too weak to eat, but she tried to drink on her own. Imagine, they did even tell me what sickness is she suffering from, and I believe they are not really sure. The 1st time I went Teddy was given a jap to boost up her appetite since I told the earlier Dr. that Teddy wasn't eating and was having a slight fever. But now she has no more fever, I can see that her once wet nose is dried up after taking anti-biotic. But what then? how can they not detect what sickness is she suffering from?!
:( :( :( :( :(

Lil said...

... didn't ever tell me what sickness she is suffering from ..

Lil said...

Happy Fluffy Friday dear though it is already Monday today! Yes! that's what I heard, normally most kittens have blue eyes but when they grow bigger the colour will change. 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Lil said...

I feel so quilty for not able to do more for her. Thanks for the hugs, really need them badly.

I was at my pc desk and on my left my laptop trying to clear what was left unfinished. At the same time dropping ECs and Adgi. I went to check on the Shelter again to pull down the wooden blinds since it started to rain, and you know when I was there, they all cried meow, meow again, so got no choice I added some cat food again and empty the previous 2 bowls of drinking water to new drinking water, replaced their sands and believe it or not started cleaning the shelter, earlier in the day was thinking it's ok not to clean for one day. It was an eyes sore to me since some rescued cats like to pee at certain corners. When all was done, I had another shower then surpringly it was already 5 minutes to midnight!

So I stayed on trying to continue and you know what? There were problems with the line, imagine just 5 more minutes to 12.00 am., both my pc and the laptop cannot display anything, cannot get through even my home page. I was about to give up, then my last try was clicked the document to go offline trying to get my blog, surpringly it works and managed to comment on LadyJava Lounge on MM.
I was surprise that you were not there and some regular commenters, was thinking that you too have problems with the lines.

So finally, I did not sleep the whole night through, sembahyang subur and here I am still on my pc and laptop to do what I can before I started out wiith my daily chores around the house and the cats at the shelter including checking on Teddy.

Perhaps, I might just take a short sleep for a while with the alarm on to wake me up.

Happy Music Monday and have a great& fruitful week ahead.

Hugzzz to you too.

;) 8-) :* :* :* :* 8-) 8-)

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