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Monday, January 11, 2010

Music Monday - Mariah Carey "Through the Rain"

"We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems"


I just feel that I ought to to share here this great inspirational and meaningful song from a talented artist, Mariah Carey for this week Music Monday. It teaches us to be strong and not to give up hope easily to the challenges we face in life. Just listen to those meaningful lyrics carefully, then you will know what I mean.

When time are bad, we need to take it as part of our life journey and don't be afraid to move on and stand high. Just trust yourself and remember, God will not forget you too, be closer to him and seek all his guidance but at the same time strive to make things better. Sooner or later, without realizing in a matter of time when the time is right, all the troubles will be gone, all we need in us is to be brave to face it alone if we must, be patient while in trouble and keep trying to solve it by taking a simple step at a time till we get there, believe and trust ourselves and most of all learn to trust God, the All Mighty 'cause he knows better and what is good for us.

Hope you enjoy this great song with meaningful lyrics.
Wishing all a beautiful Monday and a fruitful week.


When you get caught in the rain
with no where to run

When you're distraught and in pain
without anyone

When you keep crying out to be saved

But nobody comes and you feel so far away

That you just can't find your way home
You can get there alone

It's okay, what you say is
I can make it through the rain

I can stand up once again on my own

And I know that I'm strong enough to mend
And every time I feel afraid

I hold tighter to my faith
And I live one more day

and I make it through the rain
And if you keep falling down

don't you dare give in
You will arise safe and sound,

so keep pressing on steadfastly
And you'll find what you need to prevail

What you say is
And when the rain blows,
as shadows grow close

don't be afraid
There's nothing you can't face

And should they tell you
you'll never pull through

Don't hesitate, stand tall and say
I can make it through the rain

And stand up once again
And I live one more day

And I can make it through the rain
(Yes you can)

You will make it through the rain

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LadyJava said...

:* :* :* :*

LadyJava said...

Great song Lil!!
Happy MM :)

Lil said...

Hi LadyJava,
Glad you are here. Happy MM to you too.
Hugzzz :) ;) 8-) :* :*

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