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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Music Monday - Kitaro with Matsuri

"A definition of a family is the love, sweat and tears shared through lifetime together"

And please note below:
"Poor in wealth and status does not mean poor in values and integrity"

I like this piece of music from Kitaro, found it while surfing the net for some motivations. Just discovered a beautiful website on leadership training blend with modern management, spirituality and science known as esq 165 and the website is:

While going through in search of some good videos here to listen, I came across Kitaro with Matsuri, and so this is presented for my Music Monday this week even though I am posting it today which is already a Wednesday.

Hope you guys enjoy listening to this great and dynamic piece of music from Kitaro.

"Happy Music Monday and may your week be good and fruitful"

Just to have calmness and to remember the creator, God the All Mighty, I am including below this video, it is found in the above training webside and I like to share it here as well.

Based on above quote, beware, not all families are practising this these days, some even become strangers through the process of changes when ones got married and have their own families and some becoming so established through their spouses compared with those unlucky members who are still struggling in life. Sometimes those who suddenly become well off forget that once they were just living an ordinary life but when they have their riches, status and fame suddenly changed and choose just to mix with only those family members and people in their category and standard. We are not taught to have double standard in Islam, in fact, by the right virtue it is a duty for those who have the power and abilities to pick and lift up and give assistance to those fallen unfortunate ones with their kind assistance or just with moral supports and kind words.

There is this proverb that I know and have heard "Charity begins at home" but in our teaching it is even more complete and fulfilling, What I am trying to point out here is we are encouraged to give kind assistance not only to the family members but to all Muslims and all human kind in general.

The value of life have changed drastically these days. As I've stated earlier those established in life simply choose to have double standard and prefer to mingle only with other established member of the families, business associates and well to do friends, then only they can communicate and perhaps they thought oh well! we are having the same common interest. Those unlucky ones who fail in life and still struggling are ignored and left behind to crawl through hardships and challenges on their own without even moral supports or kind words. I am writing this through my life experience at the moment. It is really sick and very sad to note that sometimes family members changed so much to the extent that they even become strangers among the weaker family members.

Failure at the moment doesn't mean failure for the whole life and forever. A person with big dreams and good resolutions accompanied by strong determination & will power and willing to challenge life through all the rough edges will one day make it too, I'm very sure of that! So do not underestimate those who fail sometimes. Life is such you fail sometimes in the process of learning life lessons, you will surely grow stronger and be more aware of the mistakes made, but once you start and gear up again, you will become a much better person and will not repeat the mistakes made, see what I mean ....

Cheers to all and hope you have a beautiful day today, tomorrow and everyday in your entire life!

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Mariuca said...

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Mariuca said...

I baru mandi je ni Lil hahahahahhah, terus datang chop woo hoo!!! =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O

Mariuca said...

Oh dear, that's so true Lil... ppl do change when the feel they've moved on to better things in life. I've had a few encounters myself.. it's sad but I guess it all depends on the person to begin with. =-X =-X =-X =-X

LadyJava said...

:* :* :* :* :* :*

LadyJava said...

oh Lil.. i know exactly what you mean by your quote.. unfortunately not all families go through the bad times together when it is assumed you would do so esp in times of crisis..

Hope you are well dearie!

Mariuca said...

I've not listened to Kitaro in ages Lil, thanks for featuring him here today!I enjoyed listening to dis one... :* :* :* :*

Mariuca said...

Happy MM to you sweetie, my hubby just got home ni..tu yg bukak pintu tadi he he... enjoy the rest of your night and hey.. focus on those who love and care for you. Don worry about the other insignificant ticks, big hugs! :* :* :* :*

Lil said...

Hi Gorgeous!
Glad you are here, will put up your badge and our dearest LJ's badge below this post soon. Also, will add up the scores at the FCC Scoreboard.

You tau I just asked for a temporary job at my sis's company in order to get back on my feet again since renting in KL is quite expensive these days. She has two companies in KL and one in Australia and her husband has a few companies and many connectiions. She was so closed to me when you was young and followed me around like "Mary has a little lamb", but now I think she dah "malu" lah I ni her sis, sampai tahap tu, Oh my God, have mercy on her! But I tell you one thing, all of them are so greedy and have betrayed me when they subahat selling my Keramat house in the process of changing my name. My late mum seek my 2nd brother who is now a Dato' to do that, but just b'cos he paid the last payment when I was not working and he like to listen to his bitcy 2nd wife, he tipu I.
(all the while I paid the instalments) he pasang his lawyer's friend and in the end when my late mum tutup mata in 2006 he sold the house at a cheat rate and gave to all the family members yg tak contribute even a single cent toward the house their shares. my late mum thought that everything was fine.That is why I landed here but before this, I had already 2 major pindah sana sini, segaja nak habis duit my life saving, dengar ajaran the 2nd wife. I am going thru' hell actually, only Allah knows, the sisters yg established pun greedy ambil the shares, where else my 2nd elest sis renovation rumah lah, bayar hutang anak lah etc, deposti kereta baru lah. My youngest sis who is 8 yrs younger than me yg kaya raya tu ada sikit contributed towards this house, but still shouldn't take it, since all of them are aware that my late mum dah pesan suruh put my name because mula asal I yg bayar lagi pun I single, no husband, no kids, no nothing! Yet mereka semua tergamak tipu I just because I am alone with no one to fight for me except my brother 2 years my junior yg sometime listen to me.

Recent blog:=- Music Monday - Kitaro with Matsuri

Lil said...


Selepas tipu I belum lagi my 2nd eldest brother dapat duit share tu, Allah dah tujuk rumah my mereka di rompak sehingga lebeh $M100,000.00, masuk TV pun! and you know what yg di rompak tu all ialah barang2 kemas (emas) si bini yg tamak tu.

My 2nd eldest sis pula, anak nya with my sis and husband datang mengadap I konon nya anak mereka pandai main share. I was not interested but bila both parent approached me, I thought ini serious, lagi pun at that time my sis ni dah stop working as nursing sister, konon nya buat samosa, so kalau I nak tulong dapatkan commission untuk anak nya, bagus juga and moreover anak mereka pandai konon kalau nak jatuh boleh buat floating aje, pandai lah nak convince I, lepas tu a few days later datang minta cash cheque RM7,000.00 sebelum tu RM11,400.00 so altog. RM18,400.00 lesap just like that, konon nya Manager nya bawa lari, bila I suruh buat police report, just ignored and even the parent just washed their hands and tak nak layang. In the end all of them including my late mum salahkan I! Besides that my cousin pun hutang abt RM19,000.00 dok buat bodoh lah 4years +. I am not stupid bukan nak just give her the loan but I pun biasa took from her some loan. In my case, I gave here back all in one lump sum as promised but this woman dok tengoh my adek beradek makan I hidup2, she pun main yoyo dengain I!

Sorry lah panjang lebar dok cerita sini, won't do this again, at least you know now yg mereka ni makan I hidup2. :'( :'( :'( :'( :-P :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ just need for you and LJ to know, perhaps you can tell her too...

Recent blog:=- Music Monday - Kitaro with Matsuri

Lil said...

Hi my dearest LJ,
Will put up your badge beside GP's below my post and not forgetting the score at the FCC Scoreboard too. I wrote the reply to GP a very lengthy one with mistakes here and there, dah geram dgn those who played me out. I will erase that soon. So if you need to know just read it, then I will erase all! :) ;) 8-) 8-) 8-) :*

Love & hugzzz always.

Recent blog:=- Music Monday - Kitaro with Matsuri

Lil said...

Hi Gorgeous!
Just deleted and buried all those story. Thanks for your kind advice.
In fact I am learning day by day to be a stronger person.

Love and hugzzz always ;) 8-) :* :* :*

Recent blog:=- Music Monday - Kitaro with Matsuri

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