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Friday, December 18, 2009

Maal Hijrah or Awal Muharram (Muslim New Year) 1431 H

Awal Muharram marks the beginning of the Muslim year/calendar (Muharram) and also Prophet Muhammad’s journey from Mecca to Medina in 622AD. To commemorate this occasion, Muslims will attend various religious activities including Quran verses recitals, special prayers and sermons at public halls and mosques throughout the country. So we are now in year 1431 H according to Muslim calendar.

"Happy Awal Muharram to all Muslim viewers"

I welcome 1431 H and pray that this year will be a better year for us all. As for me, I have my dreams too, hopefully I managed to get a house in the capital city to shift back there soon to start my life again. With or without a job I know I can survive because I am a master of all trades. So while doing other things, I will still seek for a job in order to have a fixed income. Since I am so attached with my computer and love creating and experimenting stuff here, I am planning to learn and master the knowledge of programming and perhaps to even learn the art of graphics as well because in the long run I am planning to work from home with my computer.

I pray hard and hope that good people will keep on coming to view my rescued cats/kittens and take them for adoption before I send them to the Shelter Home in Kuala Lumpur. I am still delaying the process of sending them to the Shelter Home because so far I managed to give away 3 adult rescued cats with 2 rescued little kittens. I hate the feeling of them being put to sleep at the Shelter Home if no one comes along to take them home for adoption within a certain period of time. I just cannot bear this and feel so sorry for them to go through all these stages in order to survive and do not even know their fate.

Firstly, it is not even their fault. It could be the stupidity and ignorance of their previous owners beside being selfish for not wanting to spay/neuter them both male and female cats and allowing breeding out of control to take place. Some of the unlucky innocent ones will be put to sleep (killed by mercy death) for not even committing a crime! What a world!!! Can't those who have the power and those in authority do something to stop this cruel practice soon? Look! In Islam, we were taught not to take life into our hands. I've been repeating this on numerous occasions in my previous posts to stop this cruelty, actually it can be done! Islam is a religion than encompass everything good about life. I am blaming the people who have power to stop this cruelty simply choose to ignore it.

I feel that the authority should do something about it, otherwise, this will go on and on and there will be more cruelties towards the innocent animals. We cannot just rely on some good people to rescue some abandoned cats/kitten, dogs/puppies and then becoming their burden in the end. Still it will never stop because more selfish and cruel owners will keep on letting their pets breed out of control and then abandon their unwanted animal again.

Law must be imposed and make compulsory for all pet owners to spay and neuter all their pets if they feel they cannot handle and cope with many by letting breeding out of control. Government should look into this matter seriously and play the key role in stopping animal suffering and animal cruelty once and for all. It should also be taught in school to young children not to be cruel to animal. People should be reminded and taught in mass media, TV, radio, advertised signboards etc how to control the situation. This is another duty as leaders.
(In Islam, we were taught to do the best we could within our ability when handling situation, especially when we see something which is not right in front of us. We were taught to rectify it first with our hands, and if we do not have the power or strength to do it with our hands, then do it through our speeches. Again, if it doesn't works, then whisper it in our heart and this is the least and the weakest approach we could do as a human being for Allah knows all with his unlimited knowledge and wisdom)
I just feel that I ought to share below a good video to commemorate this occasion for all of us to pause for a moment and think of the All Mighty for his precious gift to us with his grace and love to have created us, the human kind, the best of his creations with brain! We are given brain to think and become the master of all creations. All of us are sent into this world as leaders or "Khalifah" in our own little ways to do something good.

So if we remember and still are aware of this, we will then realize that we are sent here not to just living our life for yourselves comfortably and then developing some bad attitudes and characters just to mention a few here like being selfish, proud and arrogant, betraying others, cheating others, becoming an opportunist, killing one other for power and for other reasons and interests, oppressing the weaker beings, cruelty to animals, destroying the environment and polluting the world, self-centered, abusing the weak and abusing women and children, slander, merciless and other uncountable undesirable behaviour which I need not have to include and mention here that could lead us following the footsteps of some tyrants and those of the Satan. Seek from God that we do not have all these qualities.

We must not forget that we are here on this earth just for a short period of time on a great mission and we are tested for our deeds here. Therefore, we must learn to contribute with whatever we can within our power and ability for the sake of our creator to repay him with pleasure showing him our appreciation by making this world a better and healthy place to live in with peace and harmony instead of destroying it.

We were created out of love, so learn how to have it in our heart this powerful gift in appreciation of our creator's genuine love towards us and all the human kind together with his other creations. If only we realize the endless benefits we are getting every minutes and every second of our life, then only we get the clear picture of the greatness of the creator, because all that we see, we hear, we feel, we smell, we posses from nothing including all the other goodness in life etc. will somehow make us realize that we are all attached to his love and grace. We are all test differently in this world in order to be a better individual. Sometimes we are test with all sorts of difficulties and sometimes we are test with power, riches and fame. Just remember that all these belong to only him, we are just powerless human beings who need to always seek his guidance and accept our life in good faith in whatever test and circumstances we receive for he who knows what is best for us with his endless knowledge and wisdom.

We ought to seek for his guidance always to enlighten our life journey during the good or bad times. We must learn to trust him even if we sometimes find ourselves so hard to face our life journey and to accept his test on us full heartily but don't forget to pray for a better life and learn to challenge our life bravely by not giving up hope easily. But if we are blessed with goodness and wealth, do not forget the surrounding needy neighbours, because it is our duty to spread the goodness not just in term of monetary but also with kind words of support to give them hope and encouragement. You could lift them up by giving them your helping hands so that they feel lighter and easier to proceed with their life and God would not forget to reward for all your good deeds. That is why we are all encouraged to find wealth and be rich on this earth so as to enable us to assist and help the unfortunate and by doing goodness to the world.

We have to develop in our heart some of his endless good characters, just to mention a few, the most loving, the most caring, the most giving, the most generous, the most gracious, exaltingly forgiving, the most beneficent, the most merciful, the most knowledgeable, the most wise, the most high the lord of strength, the all mighty in all power and many more good traits not mentioned here (the last two characteristic is beyond human ability, just to introduce them here).

Above all I noticed that all of us are still searching for something endlessly. Yes, we all do that reason being no matter how rich and famous we may become but if we do not possess "Love" within ourselves and "Love" for others, top it all to learn how to "Love" the creator and all his beloved messengers, especially the last messenger, prophet Muhammed s.a.w., "May peace & blessings always be upon him", we are bound to keep on searching and searching endlessly.

Just sit and think for a moment, even with all the wealth that we may possess, truth is ones will never be complete if we do not know the meaning of "Love" and develop it within ourselves. The truth is "Love" is the key of everything because with love, we will feel safe, happy, content because only with love we can strive and obtain the power to do just about anything we want in life. Reason is if you look back to the root of it, you will realize that we are all created out of his grace and love, so remember without it life is meaningless and with love again you will not go astray or lost your way no matter what happened, instead you will begin to develop into a quality and complete individual with great moral values and then slowly and surely with God willing you will finally achieve having a character of a true leadership dressed up with calmness, peace, and loving! If not sooner, perhaps later, may all of us achieve this status, Insha' Allah.

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Mariuca said...

:* :* :* :* :*

Mariuca said...

Happy Muharram Lil! I hope u are feeling heaps better today, holiday boleh duduk rumah, puasa tenangkan hati...

Mariuca said...

It's really true Lil, we should take the time to seek his guidance.. even when things are okay we should continue to remember who is our true guide and take comfort that if we hope and pray enough, things would turn out okay,no matter how difficult it seems right now. I hope u will get through ur trying times, just don give up hope. BIG HUGS! :* :* :*

Lil said...

Here come my dearest friend in the blog ...

Yes! Many yang senang with wealth biasa nya lupa, the saddest thing is they thought God give them wealth because God love them and go to the extent becoming indifferent to certain level of people because they thought tak sama taraf! Have mercy on them, if they are still in their world because they will regret it one day!

So if you see someone, even in high ranking but down to earth, with good moral values and treat everybody the same, no double standard, like to help those who needed it badly, do charity, etc. then, clearly you will know that this human being is the true hamba Allah yang tak lupa daratan!!! :) ;) ;) 8-) :* :* :*

A Mighty big hug for you Marsie this time (hope the spelling is right)

Friendship forever ...

Mariuca said...

LOL it’s Marzie hahahahah takpe, salah sekali-sekala no problem!
No worries Lil, vent away… I pun suka tgk org yg Berjaya but still humble. That’s why I always remind myself to have a piece of humble pie every day, keep me grounded with the real things in life… :)

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