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Friday, October 16, 2009

I really need a break!

A great escape.......
What I need now is a special good cup of coffee!
Care to join me?

"I have a strong feeling I can create some beautiful images on coffee since I love art and I like design very much. If only I can get hold of the ingrediants used and how to go about doing it, will try to find out ... "

I've been planning to write about my 17 cats plus the 23 rescued cats and kittens (from Terengganu) and to take some good snapshots of them for my regular post(s) starting with very short and interesting write-up, instead I still got carried away and spending my time wandering elsewhere doing something else. I guess I need a break badly, imagine to-date there are 23 abandoned cats and kittens thrown to me by the selfish "orang kampong from Marang". Surely living at "Jalan Sekolah, Kg Rhu Muda, Marang" is a nightmare and bad news! So to-date, like it or not, I am taking care of 40 cats/kittens even though I am not rich, and in fact, I am surviving only on my saving at the moment, and that is why I am planning to shift back to the capital city to try to find a job and send the balance of the rescued cats/kittens to Kuala Lumpur Shelter Home.

While feeding all these cats and kittens, I promote cat food and managed to get dealers price since each time I purchase their food, I got to purchase at least 10 to 15 bags of either 10 or 15 kg/bag trying to cover for the high cost due to the price increased. I do not have many customers, but I have only three miserable customers and only one very regular. Sad indeed! Very soon I am going to remove and bring down "Lil's Corner's signboard", I don't really make much money on cat food, instead receiving more abandoned cats/kittens at my front gate. These idiots will come like thieves, perhaps at night to leave their unwanted cats/kittens there mainly because I have cats and the signboard indicating that I promote cat food. So just because I promote cat food doesn't mean that I owned a factory full of cat food, I have to buy them myself and on the top of that it is so costly these days.

More cats and kittens mean more responsibility and more work, time, energy and money spent and a lot of sacrifices. I took them in because I just cannot bear to see them cry of hunger and lost at my front gate, and for this weakness I possess, sadly I become the victim of circumstances!

I am planning to give away as many rescued cats/kittens as possible before I send them to the Shelter Home in the capital city because I think at Shelter Home, these innocent loving animal will be put to sleep by mercy death if nobody take them within certain period of time. Such a cruel world!, don't you think so? The rich and those leaders who have the power just do not bothered to do something to stop these cruelties. They are all living a good life and have more than enough to spare for the unfortunate and even have the power to stop the cruelty. What can I say, I guess I still have to try to get good homes for them first, but it is really difficult to get good people to come by and take them home. Really sad situation! Still I am not giving up, am passing words around too in order to get more respond. I realize now that there are so many cold and selfish people in this world, why can't they just spay/neuter their pets, there won't be more unwanted kittens, simple as that. Those in authority never bothered to impose a law on owners to spay/neuter their pets to avoid breeding out of control.

Hello all leaders, please listen up here! Do something and stop the animal suffering. This is your responsibility!

Mind you, every day without fail I have to spend 3 to 4 hours just for the cats, feeding them, cleaning and mopping their shelter, empty their litters, even their drinking water are filter water, so I have to spare some times just to fill up the filter water in some unused orange juice bottles for storage.

I guess with all this pressure, I need a break badly after spending my time daily doing the normal stuff for the cats. I do have my daily obligation on EC dropping and firstly visiting those blogs that drop their EC on mine and now with Adgitize drop and everything, I must be smart to reschedule my time so that I wouldn't miss anything since sometimes when I am all drained out and become tired and sleepy I missed my EC and Adgitize dropping.

When I need a break, I would wonder elsewhere to treat myself. I love to venture with my computer in the net and experimenting some new stuff. Today after creating play lists of some of Michael's old and new songs, I went on to survey further on Micheal Jackson's music and songs and surprisingly discovered some great songs that I haven't heard before and I like them. I can't wait for Music Monday to post this particular video, so I posted it now, the first song entitled "Whatever happens" and what makes it more special, it is accompanied by the famous Carlos Santana, I believe he is on the guitar, mind you he is such a great guitar player! At once I love love the song and am attaching the video below.

Well! Well! Well! I am beginning to sound more like a DJ now. Honestly, I think I am quite good and well-versed in choosing good music and songs.

Below video is on motivation, it's good to listen to this type of motivation talk once in a while as a reminder so that we are not lost in our world and forget about ourselves! We deserved to be happy and have a normal good life

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LadyJava said...

:* :* :* :*

LadyJava said...

oh Lil.. it is such a terrible world for animals that is for sure..I often wondered too why there aren't any leaders, prince or princess, or any VIP out there that is sympathetic towards this cause and do something..

LadyJava said...

I just telling my hubby that if ever we become millionaire we would set up a shelter and try to help as many animals as we can.. those that we cant keep, instead of putting them to sleep, we would spay them and let them go which is what the shelters in SG are doing..

LadyJava said...

I feel really bad too if I'm at food stall and I see the cats there so skinny.. obviously this stall owners are really heartless.. i mean what is wrong with giving the cats extra food yg tak habis kan?

LadyJava said...

When my mom and my late dad used to have food stall in SG, all the kitties there are well fed.. my late dad would make sure they each had one fish in the morning and another one before they left at around 3pm... murah rezeki depa...

LadyJava said...

oh well.. i guess not everyone are animal lovers eh? Tawakal jer lah.. hugs dearie!

Lil said...

Hi Sayang LJ,
Yg I hairan tu those leaders and who have the power to do something just ignore all these and living like kings and queens sampai tak tau mana hendak letap duit mereka! At least kalau tak hendak contribute, those who can impose law, just do it lah and start educate their folks to spay their pets. Should also educate children in schools, ajar ugama untuk diri sendiri aje tak complete. Ajarlah di sekolah budak dari kecil to be aware of all these and not to be selfish and let those animal yg tak berdosa suffer to the maximum, kesian kan. The govt. should also play the role to stop all these nonsense besides imposing a law for all pet owners to spay their animal so that they do not have too many cats and to stop breeding out of control, I think they should also request BandarRaya to put up signboard on the roadside "Stop animal suffering, spay your pets" something like that. I hairan they got the power, but they just don't bothered, tidak hati perut langsung! Konon masyarakat penyayang, all the bullshit!!!
All they care is their life, rumah besar, kereta besar, pergi holiday in class, tunjuk masjid mahal yg dibina konon, binatang yg stray kelaparan berkeliaran tak dapat makanan, apa ni semua? I memang tak respect these ppl.

Bila I kat restaurant, selalu beli makanan, ikan dan nasi mixed them up and give the stray cats I see, also get a container and fill in water for them.

Your mom and your late dad are really good ppl. I am sure they get all the blessings from Allah the Al mighty for the good deeds.

I really hope one day somebody capable will help to look into this matter and finally the number of stray hunger sick cats and dogs including kittens and puppies will end 'cause all pet owners spay their pets because it is compulsory if they cannot take care & be responsible of many more! At least the population will only be quality animals with good and healhty life instead being abused and suffered!!!1 >:o >:o >:o :-P

Recent blog:=- I just need a break!

Your Daily Cute said...

You're so great to take care of all those cats. People like you make up for all the mean people out there. Thank you!

Recent blog:=- Cowboys Herding Cats

Lil said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting and for your comments. I really cannot bear to see these poor little things in front of my gate. I did not have a second thought when I took them, my intention only to safe the feed them, hoping that one day I can give them to good homes. People are selfish, instead of coming to pick these rescued cats, they prefer to choose mind, really make me sick! >:o >:o

Recent blog:=- I really need a break!

LadyJava said...

I agree with you Lil
Mmg I also got no respect for this kind of pple.. and education is a must..
you know if I am anywhere.. and I see kids tending2 or tarik ekor kucing..
my voice terus naik and marah the kid tau..i don't care if the parents nak
tenung or marah i.. if they don't want to educate their kids.. and let me do
the honors and I am very handy with my retort too.. don't make me use my
laser mouth on them.. lol!!
Hugs and stay sweet Lil

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Snow White

Snow White

Thank You God

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