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Monday, September 7, 2009

If Tomorrow Never Comes

"Love is like a pebble dropped on the smooth surface of a lake. It ripples outward in perfect symmetry, caressing everything in its path with reflection glory"

We often overlooked and tend to forget that one day we might never see our loved ones again.

These videos are very good reminders for us all in order not to forget to show our love to our loved ones and from now onwards we must always cherish them and do not be afraid to tell them repeatedly that we do love and care for them very much while they are still around and while we still can.

I found these videos while trying to check for something else and now that I've read all those wise lines especially on the first video, I don't feel good if this is not shared with everyone here. So, just click and play the video and read every line that are beautifully written for us to take note seriously and apply it for ourselves in our daily hectic life before it is too late for us to regret it one day.

This is my interpretation of the word "Love"

God, the Al Mighty has created us and other creations out of his grace & love for us and he then teaches us how to love and not to hate.

That's why all of us are searching and hunger for true love as we do need it for our soul, for without love around us, we will feel emptiness and incomplete with life.
So to begin with, we must first know how to love ourselves!

Even animal know what love is and want to be loved.

Everybody need love, and love make the world go round, don't you think so?

Just click and hear this attach audio, it's quite interesting.

Many thanks to "Melana on the path" for allowing me to embed this audio.

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ELVIN@ drop it said...

Very VERY inspired post.:D

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Lil said...

Hi! Thanks for your comments. You will get my Linky Love, in other word, I will insert your links below this post.

Regards, :)

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Melana said...

Hi Lily ~ Thanks so much for embedding my audio player on your site! Supporting the value and the importance of giving love, to ourselves and to others, is an opportunity we all get to choose, and one that will heal and bless every moment of our lives. I so appreciate the bigness of your heart, and am pleased that we have made this connection. Take care. Mx

LadyJava said...

Hi lily!!
Love the videos dearie.. thanks for sharing..

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meryl said...

very nice message early as possible we should say i love you to our loved ones...before it's too late... have a great week ahead ^_^


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