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Monday, June 1, 2009


To: All my blogger friends, the Entrecarders:

I have just received the following announcements from Entrecard and would like to share with all Entrecarders just in case you are not aware of this latest development. So, what are you guys waiting for, go do the dropping. Sadly, as for me I really cannot start the dropping now, can only do it tonight because I am stucked with so many things to attend to around the house, especially to deal with all 34 abandoned rescued cats and the 5 kittens, feeding them, cleaning up, clearing their litters (only the recent rescued cats and the 3 male cats are in cages), the rest in the shelter, I built them a special place for them to do their stuffs and here too I still got to change the dirty sands with new, etc.

Later, after my afternoon prayers, then only I can go to the kitchen to cook something for me. I intend to cook a nice delicious Hot & Spicy Asian Styled Fried Noodles with lots of vegetables and added with some fresh prawns plus lots of onions and garlics and chillies, just to give you guys a few tips, I normally added a sprinkle of vinegar too with some tamarind juice! Just wait, I will try to snap the pics. to post here so that you guys have some ideas how it gonna look like! Sure gonna tastes delicious yummy... yummy... yummy!


Greetings Entrecarders!

Two big announcements today.

Cashout Apps Approved!
First and most importantly, all the cashout applications have now been dealt with and either approved or denied. Thank you for being patient with us while we tested in the Beta Phase, worked out the kinds, and got the whole thing spinning. Hopefully you can start earning some money! and to help you get started...

Drops will count for 2 credits today!
That's right, for today only, drops will earn you TWO credits, and the receiving blog will get 0 credits. So, if there was ever a day to drop some cards, find some blogs you love, or even read some old favorites, here's a great excuse to do it!

Big Change to the Ad Network: Only Entrecard Blogs
Moving forward, we're making a big chance to the Ad Network. From here on out, only Active Entrecard Members can advertise via our ad network. We listened carefully to all your feedback during the trial phases of our ad network, and one thing that kept recurring is that you only wanted bloggers and other Entrecarders advertising on your widget. So, we're going ahead and making that change. From now on, the only advertisers approved into the Entrecard Ad Network will be advertising an Entrecard blog with an Entrecard Widget, just the way you like it!

Please help share this news with any blogger friends or communities you think may be interested to hear all the news.

Graham Langdon

All the best to all Entrecarders from your blogger friend,
Lily Arbee in Malaysia.

Congrats. Monica


Monica said...

Hi Lily! I'm here ;)

Monica said...

oh I received the announcements from EC too! :)

Monica said...

=-O =-O =-O =-O u've 34 cats, Lily?

Lil said...

Hi! When I was working & living in KL I had a 5 cats, then a female cat came to my house for food. She kept coming, then one day I realized there were 5 beautiful pedigree kittens at my front porch. This persian cat gave me her 5 kittens b'cos I feed her when she need food plus always with a container filled with clean water. Cut story short, when I was working in UTAR (University Tuanku Abd Rahman) I started collecting some abandoned cats and kittens, then when people know that I have cats, they started throwing at my doorsteps. Finally, altog. it reached to 28 cats. And b4 I shifted here in Terengganu, I spayed/neutered all of them so that I do not have to worry about having more cats since it would be easy to handle too many. I've been here for almost 3 yrs and 10 died, so I have 18 left. But those idiots in Marang, (mind my harsh language) started to throw their cats, their kittens, their pregnant cats, their male cats, their sick cats thinking that my house is the best solution for them. Their throwing to me all their burdens just b'cos either they are ignorant or lazy to spay their cats or perhaps very calculative to spent their money to spay their cats. They are smart, they will throw to me gradually, say 2 this month, 1 next month, 3 previous, that how it goes till todate, the cats from Marang are now 16 adults cats and 5 kittens (not included those received in bad shape and died under my care) mine balance 18 cats (even mine from KL was mostly rescued and abandoned cats, 'cause my actual cats are only 5!) So you see, how people are so mean to just washed their hands clean giving somebody their dirty shits! I am now planning to move back to KL and trying to give away some. End of my story!

:( :( :'( >:o >:o O:-) O:-)

Lil said...

Hi Monica,
Sorry to have to bear with such long story! I realized some mistakes here and there, hope you can figure out!

One question, for my second post of today, you are stil my 1st comment. I like to know about about if I post 2 or 3 post on the same day? Does the 2nd and 3rd post be considered as in the game, to include the score for the 1st commenter? Pls let me know, 'cause if it is valid, then you'll be my 2nd first commenter of the day and I have to follow up with the score etc...

Bye.... *DONT_KNOW*

Dorothy Lafrinere said...

Hey Lily...thanks so much for the tips.
I can get into my entrecard is the statistics area that hardly ever connects. I managed to finally get in this am so I could get my list of top droppers...frustrating:(

Also I nevr get emails about adverts waiting approval anymore...I have double checked all of my settings and they have not changed so I have no idea what the heck is going on.
In any event...try to have a good day today and just think of the goodness you bring to Gods creatures :)

Lil said...

Hi Dorothy,
To be honest with you, Entrecard did not send me email about adverts waiting approval too. I myself will go to the Dashboard to check and sometimes surprising to find 2 or 3 blogs awaiting for my approval. Even today, when I visited Dashboard, there were 2 in waiting for my approval. I don't know why Entrecard stop acknowledging us on this?
Instead, today I received e-mail from the CEO re. the announcements. Still puzzled! :) =-O

banquet manager said...

I thought you might like the most recent post I wrote on my blog, So You Want To Be a Banquet Manager. It's about a crazy bride that insisted on getting married outside in the rain.

Hope you enjoy it.

P.S. this bride may need some therapy herself.

Lil said...

Thanks for taking the trouble to let me know. I will be more than please to visit you and view/read your latest post.

Ha..ha.. therapy you said? With all my cats around, I think either she will run away or get healed on the spot due to shocked!
:) :) :) ;) ;)

Shaine said...

until now I'm waiting for the approval, i really don't know what is all about hehehe stupid me.

and lily how you manage to take care of many cats, you know I'm trying to catch small cat from the street :-D but it's really hard :-E.

Acai Ignite said...

The payout for Entrecard is pretty low. I don't think I've ever gotten over 200 credits saved.

Ailurophile said...

How nice that you are doing so much for the cats. Thank you for your rescue work :)

Acai Ignite said...

Thank you for contacting Diet Cleanse. A member of our support team will contact you shortly.

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