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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


To all my blogger friends and viewers,

My apology to all for not responding to EC drops, Cbox messages, comments etc. reason being, I was not able to surf on the net for the past 5 days. I was not able to send feedback and comments to you guys and I even missed out posting my Music Monday for this week. My programmer was here a few days ago to check what went wrong and only appeared today to replace my faulty modem to a new one.

I will only be free tonight to reply all Cbox messages, to check all comments and to do EC dropping.

Hope you guys understand now why I was missing and not responding for quite a while. I am living in Terengganu not Kuala Lumpur, so you can just imagine of the slow service here, moreover, I only trust my programmer I know and that was why it was such a delay.

Will be back with more actions soon. Have a good and terrific day, cheers!

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Blackberry said...

Hello Lily, I hope all the trouble go away soon, and you can blogging again in no time. Warm Regards. :)

DorothyL said...

Hey sweet Lily...not a worry...we still love you even when you away:)e a

Recent undefined:=-

renaye said...

have fun in terengganu!

Ailurophile said...

That's totally understandable. I've been unable to access yahoo mail myself owing to some problems with my internet server recently. You've got quite an elegant blog btw :)

Kim said...

oh it is awful having internet problems Lily..I had them last week ..I hope your problems are resolved quickly :*

Recent blog:=- a sad sad Music Monday..

Lil said...

Thanks for your understanding. Have a great weekend.

Cheers! :)


Lil said...

Hi Dorothy,
Thanks for your love and never ending supports. I need this. One of the thing that make me happy is switching on my blog. It is my playground and a place where I can communicate with more sensible people!

Have a great weekend. Cheers! :) ;) :*

PS: Still sad thinking about MJ. He was not a happy person most of his life, he was an abused child and I can understand what he has gone through myself!


Lil said...

Hi dear,
Thanks for your comments. To be frank, I do not have much fun here. The local here like to abandon their unwanted cats and kittens at my front gate just because I have my own cats. Mine are all spayed/neutered before I shifted here to avoid more breeding since I took with me 28 cats, rescused and mine. After staying here for the past three years, there are 17 cats left since here there are no vets and I have to depend only on "Pejabat haiwan". I am still searching for a house in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city to move back there because I finally realized this is not a good place for me. I don't belong here, I can visit my sister and my brother-in-law's Beach House resort for holiday but not staying here with many selfish and uncivilized human being! TV and and networks are my only friends here, it's just like living in a different world here! They have different mentality, portrays like good people dressed up Muslim way, but most of them are selfish and are cruel to animals. I can't wait to get away from this place. To me they are just like "foxes in sheep skin". I cannot stand their way of thinking and mentality!!! >:o


Lil said...

Hi! Thanks for your comments. It is really frustrating when we cannot get through the net.
It is my daily interest to surf the net and visiting other blogs and publish new posts etc.

Have fun and happy weekend.



Lil said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks for visiting and your comments. Yes, sure frustrating when we all face problems of not being able to surf the net.

Have fun and happy weekend. :) ;) :*


Guest said...

yah, i felt frustrated too when i can't get a connection.

anyway, Lily when you have time and good connection, just spread the Love -:-D an award for you :*

Shaine said...

opps =-X

I forgot to log in :-E

blackjack card-counting said...

Hi Lily, I really like your blog, I hope that you continue to work on it.

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