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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My blog makeover was created by Super Lady, LadyJava

Just click on this badge to see more makeover blogs at LadyJava's Creations.

Blog Makeover by LadyJava Creations

Foremost, my sincere compliments and many thanks to the designer of my blog makeover, LadyJava.

I started creating a blog with just coloured background since I desperately wanted to blog and write about myself and my rescued cats towards the end of 2007. At that time, I was changing my background colour, from one colour to another. I still remember I started off with "Apple Green" background and then later on changed to "Light Pink" which was just very basic. At that time I did not know anything about background and blog makeover. My miserable blog was so bare and does not look interesting enough to be amongst the international bloggers, except with some posts accompanied by YouTube videos and some widgets here and there which I thought could help make it looks better. Then, I discovered interesting backgrounds. But I was still not satisfied as I noticed I still kept on changing from one background to another within short period of time. I did not know how to create a good set up to the expectation and it was not good enough so, everyday was a lesson to be learned. As I was not afraid to venture further, and being quite adventurous, I found Entrecard for traffic, then learned to put up some ads and so on. At that time, other bloggers kept dropping by and so I began to see and discovered many good stuff.

I has some specific items that I wanted to show in my header and one of them is my trademark that is the opening windows overlooking the beautiful blue ocean. I have 31 cats and 1 kitten to be exact (rescued and my own) and so I wanted that reflected in my new header as well, at least with one or two images of cat(s) and kittens as I wanted something homely plus the colour blue and gold as my theme colour.

Below is the image of my last background before I had it made over.

Ta da .... my new look! (No more surprise!)

And then one lucky day, at "Music Monday" I found this very talented lady, a master of blog makeover! I was so trilled but still dare not approach her yet because I thought it would be quite costly since I have seen most of her makeovers. They are created beautifully and look so professional.

Me being an artist at heart and always love to admire blogs with fantastic great look, could not wait any longer, so just hardly a week ago, I took my plunge and contacted LJ for the makeover. What a coincident? so happened I had just posted a widget with a great colour scheme which I displayed to accompany my post at that time. I was very impressed with this colour combination. The image is in very rich blue blend with typical golden colour as borders. I fell in love with these colours straight away and gave my recommendation to LadyJava of LadyJava Creations to start work on my blog makeover immediately.

You know, LJ being talented, professional, very efficient and dedicated in her work managed to get me the right colours I requested. I was surprised that two of us were chatting late hours till morning breaks. After having slept for just a while, and when I woke up and switched on my pc, sure enough, I found e-mail after e-mail sent to me on the mode up too soon and fast. My hat off to this super lady, she wasted no time and kept e-mailing me checking on the sample of the mode up one after another and awaiting for my feedback, so that I could go ahead to give her the green light for her to proceed. My blog was a mess with too many widgets here and there, she helped arranged them accordingly and this make me realized that I should delete all the unnecessary widgets, so if you see my blog today, it looks much, much better and load easily! A million thanks to super lady, LadyJava.

LadyJava is so diligent and she works with every little details. Even after she has delivered to me the new "Therapy Home Makeover", I still realized that there are still some changes going on here and there; she straightened the alignments, etc, she works on little details to satisfy all her customers. I told her that she is just like a little elf working very hard at night finishing up her work while others are sound asleep to surprise others the next morning.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who are looking around and planing of having their blogs makeover. She finished mine within two days to be exact even with her heavy and tight schedule including daily visit to the hospital checking on her sick mother-in-law etc. And now if I'm not mistaken, her cat is sick and need attention as well. She is such a great lady, very reliable and I admire her a lot. I am so impressed with her work. I wish her all the success and pray that she will make it big internationally and LadyJava Creations will one day become one of the top 10 blog makeovers in the world!

I am very happy with my blog today, perhaps I will join the FCC to be with this wonderful lady, who is also the creator of "Music Monday", Mariuca, one of SlogBite award winners and the rest of the First Commenter Club Community on Music Monday.

Good luck to you my dearest LadyJava, and God bless you always. May there be peace and love with you.


LadyJava said...

:* :*

LadyJava said...

Awww.. you are so sweet dearie...
I love that you love the new look.. it does look good eh the colours.. gold and blue :)

LadyJava said...

And now the sidebar are much neater and your fast loads tons faster too!!

LadyJava said...

I was thinking of adding a Top Commenter widget for you that time but since so many widgets already tak jadi.. now that it's nice and neat.. do you want it?

Lil said...

My dearest LJ,
Oh! I will love you for that, so eager to join FCC with you guys. perhaps with linkage love as well, am I saying the right thing?

One more thing that you ought to know, I was so daring enough to experiment and created another label, "mixed topics". Now I need your kind assistant to make it appear to the top with the rest of the label title.

I think that will complete the Makeover.

Thank you, thank you and thank you. :* ;) ;) ;) :)

Dorothy Lafrinere said...

It looks awesome Lily. I just may approach Lady Java myself about my website. I love real people testimonials:)


Lil said...

Hello Dorothy,
Just received your comments. Yes, you should click on her badge attached on the top to see more blogs makeover to confirm your curiosity. She is really good and talented.

Have good morning there over the other corner of the world. Here in Malaysia, it is 4.21 am now, crazy me still not sleeping yet, just got carried away with my blog. Still to do EC dropping, if too late for me, perhaps tomorrow noon, 'cause morning I am teaching 5 local students their English lesson.

A big hug to you again, may love & peace be with you.

Bye .... :* ;) ;) ;) :)

philly5113 said...

Very nice job! I can certainly appreciate your comments and motivation to change the appearance. I am also going through those changes to get the 'right' fix for me as well as get the traffic etc up.
Good looking :* 8-)

Metz - Empty Streets 1027 said...

Hi Lilyarbee,

this is an amazing make over :) LJ is really a talented graphic artist :) it matches not only the content but your persona as well, very rich and elegant :) thank you also for following empty streets, that is much appreciated :) will be dropping by here more often. Keep cool always :)

LadyJava said...

All done dearie!!!

LadyJava said...

Hi Dorothy..
Please dont hesitate to contact me ya :)

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