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Friday, April 3, 2009

My blog went bizarre and hay wired - in the process of rectifying it. Please be patient.

While I was trying to activate JS-Kit comments into my blogging system, something happened to my blog. It went bizarre and became hay wired! Please be patient because most of my new interesting layouts are lost! I have to start all over again from scratch to mend the problems, many of my displays are gone, gone, gone ....... I got to be cool. Anyway, through the years of my life experience, I am already up to this level, learning to be very calm & cool when encountering difficulties during tough & bad time, when the going get rough. Amazingly, I am a more relaxed person during situation as such since I am leaving on my own now without any more outside intervention and interference with life from some smart Alecs (Negative packages) who were always trying to run down my life and creating troubles and problems to me. I'm just waiting to tell some tales in a new blog which I'm going to create when the time is right.

I like to share with all viewers the beautiful saying below as guidelines as to how we can grow and become stronger in life after facing difficulties :

"Don't despair when the going gets rough, for that's when you discover how strong you really are" (Anyway, when there is No pain, there is No gain!)

Imagine tomorrow is the launching day for SlogBite (4th April, 2009) and I am now starting step for step to rectify matters. I have screwed up my blog before during the early days when I just started creating a blog. In fact, I am a self-taught individual learning most of the things on my own through "trials and errors" in a very hard way. No problem with that 'cause I like experimenting through "trials and errors" and that's how I'm learning to be better. I think we all ought to do the same in life, we have to move on to something better after each failure.

Pausing for a while .....

I like to listen to music when I'm doing something. I'm now playing the songs "Let me be there",& "If you love me, let me know" and many more on aired repeatedly and most of the songs are sung by the unforgettable Legendary King of Rock & Roll, the late Elvis Presley and I'm now feeling good already even in this challenging moment.

Perhaps, I will post some of these songs on Music Monday, the lyrics are good, it can lift your spirit high! With the songs on and with good feeling and happy mood, it brings me back to prospective and on track which make it easier for me to carry on solving all the problems.

I still remember the first incident when I screwed up my blog during the early stage when I started creating my blog, After fixing some problems, I improved so much and my blog looks and become much better and even go international! All these involved time, sleepless nights, taking risks, hard works, patient and perseverance. I've gone through all ways and means to make it happened because I am not like many other bloggers who are already equipped with good knowledge and skills of computer. In fact, ,some even studied computer science and have tremendous skills and the know-hows. Whereas, I learned all these by myself on my own and have achieved this far and I think I ought to be very proud of myself for doing so. You see, I'm a very daring individual who is not afraid of taking risks and the challenges in order to be better.

Yes, very sad indeed!,
almost crying here.... The beautiful settings are all gone hay wired, now I am left to work it out step by step. First, I'll have to put back the missing beautiful background on. My blog really looks so bare and naked without the beautiful background. By the way, I like to introduce to all those who do not know from where I got it. You can find it on "The cutest blog on the block's website". Do visit them and check it out. You can just click at my very top left hand corner of my blog to get there. Very soon the background will appear again. (Well!, no problem with that, I managed get it done easily, it has appears on my blog now!)

I'm supposed to write something on SlogBite before it's launching day (4th April, 2009), and now with this interruption which is really time consuming. But, I promise I will still do so soon even if it will be a short and sweet post because SlogBite never fail me before. Just to let you folks out there know, I just got back my badge and my SlogBite's widget immediately upon request. (You guys can see them on my blog now). So sweet of them, and I got the requested items without delay! Thank you Mel, I appreciate this very much. You and your teams are so wonderful and reliable, I will support you all the way and hopefully be back to write something on SlogBite on my top page.

This is really difficult
: I have tried the forum, it didn't works.

The only that worry me so much now is my CMF Ads widget, it's quite complicating there, but I still have to try to get back the widget code. Anybody out there who like to rescue and assist me on this as it is quite important and urgent to put it back as there is some one's ads being displayed there!


Latest news, I'm so surprised to find JS-Kit's comments on the saved copy of my blog in document file. I retrieved it to check just in case if my old blog are intact here in order to take it as a guide to put back whatever is missing (I am also planning not to include everything now, only the beneficial gadgets, widgets, links etc, the rest I will just ignore and I think it will be better not to have too many unnecessary gadgets etc).

Below is the comments I received from


You are accessing this page locally, using file:// or http:// local host-like URLs. In order to work properly JS-Kit requires publishing this page to some external web server (intranet's o.k.)


Just to kill time, and if anybody out there who is so kind enough who could share their knowledge with me and all other viewers as well, I need to know how to proceed according to the request indicated. Please feel free to comment as this would be helpful to all as additional knowledge. I would appreciate it very much if anybody could offer me their kind assistance on this matter. Otherwise, I will still have to try on my own again. It would be good for me though, but it's time consuming since I am rushing for time now. Once I proceed to include JS-kit comments, then I can immediately start joining FCC with Mariuca and other members.

Sincerely yours,

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