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Friday, April 10, 2009

I got back my CMF Ads Widget

Hi! I was so worried of my CMF Ads Widget when it did not appeared for days and I think there was an ad running ever since my blog went hay wired. After fixing it back step by step, I was trying so hard to go to the Forums Section to request for it again. It was a bit complicating and really I went through all means, the hard way to finally e-mailed directly to Ben Barden to seek for his assistance. I was advised to go to the Help Forums page. Finally, somehow through my curiousity and determination, I managed and there at the Control Panel, I've learned the process of how to go about to get back my missing CMF Ads Widget. I was given the url of my control panel and there next to my widget "Therapy Home" I have to click "Get Widget" and so I did that and was so relief to find several codes laid out for me to choose according to their sizes. I clicked on the code with the single widget and thanks God, managed to post/publish it back on to my blog.

I am so happy today I did that on my own with the guide from Ben Barden, Master of Ceremonies - Administrator of CMF Ads and I am able to follow instructions after instructions even when I find it quite complicating. It might sound simple to some people, but I find it difficult to a certain extent. So I like to remind myself and all viewers that nothing is impossible, we all can do anything we want if we have the will in doing so, all we need to do is to try and keep trying till we achieve what we want.

"If there is a will, there is a way"!

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