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Monday, March 30, 2009


For old time sake, I'm back in memory lane. I hope you guys like this video (Elvis Presley Comeback Special), it is a video with songs of late Elvis Presley. I used to sing along when I heard his songs aired on the radio during my childhood days.

Elvis Presley has always been my favourite musician and singer. I grew up with most of his songs and movies. He was very expressive with his facial expression and body language. I like his smile a lot. I think he was one of the most sexiest men on earth and he looked so tall and handsome with the black leather jacket suit. From what I've heard, he was very generous, a giver and like to laugh a lot even with the slightest jokes. I still love his music and songs and still can't get enough of them till today. Listening to his songs bring me back to memory lane to my younger days when I used to sing to most of his songs by heart.

Happy listening.

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Mariuca said...

I'm here Lily! Am I ur first commenter?

Mariuca said...

Okay Lily, now... if I'm ur first commenter for this post, what u do is you link back to my blog URL, at the bottom of ur post. U don have to put the FCC badge. Replace it with a picture OR text link linking back to me (if I'm ur FC) or whoever is ur FC. I hope this is clear enough Lily. ;)

Lily Arbee said...

You sure are lucky my dear Mariuca. Indeed, you are my very first commenter. According to you now I am supposed to link back to you, so I'll post this first and then go to your site, right? Anyway, congratulations for being my 1st commenter. Cheers!

Shinade said...

Oh I love this one. I can't listen because of my speed. But, this was a great special and all of the songs were fabulous!!

Great pick!!:-)

Mariuca said...

Thanks sweetie. yes, since I'm ur FC u can give me linky love at the bottom of ur post. Either in avatar form (like how u see I do at my blogs) or just a text link pun okay. Janji you link back to ur FC, hence the FCC! woot! :)

Lily Arbee said...

Hello Shinade,
Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you like the video I displayed. You know, I still remember growing up with Elvis' songs and movies. I could sing most of his songs by heart when I was little and was hoping to meet him in person. He was very good looking and he looked very tall and so handsome with the black leather suit he was wearing during the "Comeback Special". I like his smile, his face expression and his body language, he was very expressive! He was one the sexiest men of earth! It is really sad no one really took the trouble to guide and help him out when he was having problem. He was a kind and generous person as what I've heard and was a giver. He did not deserve to suffer and die in such a manner. I grieve his death till today. I always like to remember Elvis as a happy, handsome and talented person.

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