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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


To: All Music Monday members & all my blogger friends around the world,

This song "Angel" is specially dedicated to all the unfortunate abandoned animals around the world and I pray to God that they will soon go to good homes and loving owners. Hopefully many people will realize their long suffering and therefore will help to make the difference.

I love this beautiful song with it's meaningful lyrics, what more can I ask for when it is sung by the lovable group "Westlife".

Song lyrics | Angel lyrics

I'm late again, it's Tuesday 4.16 a.m, Am I crazy or what?! No, I'm not yet at that level, I had just been too busy around the house with the cats and the house chores and in addition lately learning new stuffs and I am so adamant to get thing done. There will be some changes with our "cannot go without" Entrecard. Beside that Angullia Beach House is full of guests and I received more orders on "Instant Roti Pelata". Last night I did not sleep the whole night trying to get to know some new stuffs. Tomorrow morning I am supposed to deliver some orders to Beach House. Two days ago I cooked hot and delicious "Rendang" my late mum's recipe and gave some to my nephews and families and my sis at the Beach House. They all love it very much, it sure taste good, yummy, yummy.. I have taken some photo snaps and intend to post the recipe accompanied by pics. I am supposed to have a short sleep in a matter of time now and get up again for Subuh prayer, then to prepare at least 40 pieces of "instant roti pelata" for the Beach House. Just few days ago I have delivered 76 pieces. I teach a few local students "English" on Saturday. At the moment I only have six students, trying to get few more to join.

I heard this song at a good friend of mine WAYN's profile when visited her profile to check on her and wrote her a short note. I love this song the very minute I heard it. Lida, I like to specially dedicate this beautiful song to you on my Music Monday page. Hope you are doing great with your family in Shah Alam. Do get in touch with me once in a while, I know you travel alots. Still waiting for your respond to my note to you on WAYN.

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Khaled KEM said...

Thanks for sharing the song. Very lovely!

Ane Fallarme said...

I love SADE Lily! How come I didn't see this entry when I did my rounds for MM? Anyway, better late than never... :) I love your pick! :)

SlogBite said...

Just stopping by to say hi.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Now this I cn listen to forever! AWESOME pick :-)

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