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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear All,


Not that I want to tell or announce to the whole world that today is my birthday but you know, you will definitely feel that your birthday is a very special day to remind you to love yourself because by loving yourself then only you can love others! I always like to inspire myself with good words, good quotations and good thoughts. I have one below here to share it with all. It really sounds strange to wish myself but who cares, if you do not love yourself, who will, right?!!!

"Trust the call of the future with the same spirit as the bird who sings to greet the dawn while it is still dark"

I realized that these days, besides doing some charity to 30+ cats and kittens, even though to be honest, I am not the qualified person to do so due to many factors, firstly, I'm not rich, secondly, here in the small town which I live in has no professional vets except I have to depend and make do with "Pejabat Haiwan" (A centre sponsored by the Government with some veterinarians to handle and treat all sick animals especially here in this corner, they pay more attention to cows, goats, buffaloes and the king horses). They do treat cats and kittens too, but I cannot compare with those professional vets in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur) but I am still trying to do my utmost of what I can for my cats and few rescued kittens. To be prepared, I always have some medicines like eye gel, spray for fleas and ticks (Frontline), vitamins, anti-biotic tablets, D-worm tablets, flu tablets and creams for sensitive skins (Wisprec - Ayurvedic Veterinary medicine - Natural Remedies) etc. in case I might need them. I keep these medicines in a good place under good temperature and pay proper attention to the validity period. The tablets and pills are stored in my fridge. All these are purchased from a vet in Kuala Lumpur through one of my brothers who used to visit me during festive seasons. My cats and my rescued cats are just like a family to me, so much so that I am quite responsible keeping them safe by giving them enough care and love.

Besides spending my daily life almost 3 hours a day feeding, cleaning their shelter and whatever else for all these unfortunate animals including my own cats, I live, eat, sleep and dream "Entrecard". You know most of the time I would feel kind of guilty when I did not fulfil dropping back to all those kind droppers whom I believe most of them get hooked on the dropping and I think they are doing it very seriously and religiously. I am trying my level best to the extent that sometimes I found myself half asleep at my PC doing my droppings till late hours!. Now I'm trying to drop on two computers with the presence of a laptop as well in order to compete with the droppings. But you know, it is becoming my daily routine and I really cannot complain so much because it is really fun to visit other blogs to get to know other bloggers and picking up lots and lots of knowledge and ideas to make my life more enjoyable connecting to the world and learning so much and getting to know many good and smart people out there. It is funny enough that as I get older I like to seek more and more knowledge and tend to get hungry for more. I'm always looking forward very much to click and unwrap each blog with pleasure to find more unfold secrets and knowledge just about anything there is to know and discover and learn from others. It is good for the mind you know, we'll get better and better and will achieve a good stable mind. It is the food for the thought! Otherwise, ones mind will wander elsewhere and sometimes will even end up creating boredom with negative thinking. As the saying goes "You are what you think & you are what you eat". So be careful not to go astray forgetting this fine saying besides of course to be spiritual is a plus sign and not forgetting to think and worship the all mighty, the creator. This is the food for the soul. Also, not to forget to get rid of all those who are negative to us, I called them "Negative packages" who are sour grapes and like to ruin our life since they are sometimes not satisfied with theirs or perhaps their nature is such that they are so bitchy and like to make others suffer and become miserable. So please avoid in contact with trouble makers!!! (I am saying this through my life experience with some which I came acrossed, these set of people really enjoy seeing others "down" and fail in life). So we have to be balanced in the mind to stay cheerful, happy, healthy and content with our life. Bottom line, listen to the whispers of your own heart because you know yourself better, sometimes people will give you the wrong advises and give you all sort of negative comments just to ruin your life. Take it from me, the expert, who have gone through all these process and now prefer not to listen to those who think that they are smarter than others! You can detect these kind of people through their arrogance in their speech and they always think highly of themselves and that others are dumb and stupid!!!

Besides so involved in visiting other bloggers to do the daily "Entrecard" dropping and commenting on some blogs, I'm now also involved with "SlogBite" which is a great website where I get to meet many fellow bloggers with wide range of categories. It's also like some sorts of social site with lots of other interactions. They have come up with many great ideas to help promote our blogs to the world, not just for the sake of traffics but also to win awards by choosing featured blog(s) weekly. I am always thrilled with excitement and looking forward to receive news/email from Mel Kaye for the featured blog(s). Due to the existence of "Entrecard" and "SlogBite" blogging has become more & more interesting and fun too! SlogBite will be launched on the 2nd of April, 2009. So those who like to know more what SlogBite has to offer, please hurry up and feel free to surf to their website below at:

To remind myself and also to all my blogger friends out there, I would like to share the following points to ponder:

Live, Now!
All you have is now. The measure of our peace of mind and the measure of our personal effectiveness are determined by how much we are able to live in the present moment. Regardless of what happened yesterday and what might happen tomorrow, NOW is where you are. From this point of view, the key of happiness and contentment must be in focusing our minds on the present moment!

One of the beautiful things about young children is that they absorb themselves totally in the present moment. They manage to stay totally involved in whatever they are doing, whether it be watching a beetle, drawing a picture, building a sandcastle or whatever else they choose to devote their energies to.

As we become adults, many of us learn the art of thinking about and worrying about several things at once. We can allow past problems and future concerns to crowd into our present such that we become miserable and ineffective.

We also learn to postpone our pleasures and our happiness, often developing a notion that sometime in the future everything will be much better than it is now.

The high school student thinks, "When I'm out of this school and don't have to do what I am told, then everything will be great!" He leaves school and suddenly recognises that he won't be happy until he has left home. He leaves home and starts university and soon decides, "When I have got my degree, then I'll be really happy!" Eventually he gets his degree at which time he realises that he can't be happy until he has a job.

He gets his job and has to start at the bottom of the heap. You guessed it. He can't be happy yet. As the years roll by, he postpones his happiness and peace of mind until he gets engaged, gets married, starts buying a home, gets a better job, starts a family, gets the kids in school, owns his home, get the kids out of school, retires ... and he drops dead before he allows himself to be blissfully happy. All his present moments were spent planning for a wonderful future which never arrived.

Do you relate at all to this kind of story? Do you know of anybody who has been putting off being happy until some time in the future? The thing about being happy is that you are mostly involved with the present. We decide to be happy on the journey, not just when we reach our destination.

Similarly, we can postpone spending time with the people who mean the most to us. A study was carried out some years ago in the United States where the object was to determine how much quality time middle class fathers spent with their young children. The participants had microphones attached to their shirts to monitor how much communication took place between father and child each day.

The study showed that the average middle class father spent about thirty seven seconds quality time per day with his child. No doubt many of the fathers involved had great plans for spending time with their loved ones "when the house is finished", when the pressure is off at work", "when there is more money in the bank" ... The point is that None of us has a guarantee that we will be here tomorrow. Now is all we have got.

Living in the now also means that we enjoy whatever we are doing for its own sake, and not just for the end result. If you happen to be painting your front veranda, you can make a point of enjoying every stroke of the brush, of learning everything there is to know about how best to do the job, all the while being aware of the breeze on your face, the birds singing in the trees and everything else that is happening around you.

Living in the now is about expanding our awareness to make the current moment more delicious rather than shutting off. Each of us has the choice, moment by moment, as to whether we really live and absorb and allow ourselves to be touched and affected.

Whenever we are living in the present moment, we drive fear from our mind. Essentially, fear is concern over events which might happen sometime in the future. This concern can be paralysing to the point where we find it almost impossible to do anything constructive.

However, you are only open to intense fear when you are being inactive. The minute you start to take action and actually DO SOMETHING, fear subsides. Living in the now is about taking action without fear of the consequences. It is about putting in the effort for the sake of the involvement, without worry as to whether we will get our just rewards.

It is worthwhile remembering that we cannot replace a something with a nothing. If you have worries on your mind; such as your car has blown up or you have lost your job or your wife has left you, it is no easy matter to just empty out your mind and find peace. The easiest way to improve your mental state is to take action, get involved, participate. DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING!

Ring an old friend or make a new one, go to the gym, take the children to the park or help your neighbour in the garden.

Don't let the following happen to you:


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