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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Friendly Blogger Award 2009


I've just received a "Friendly Blogger Award 2009" from DedeAndro for being one of the top commenters (Award below).

The rules are:

1. Take your latest picture.
2. Take your picture as natural as possible.
3. Post your picture on your blog.
4. Post the rules as well.
5. Tag 10 people to do the same as above.

So, looks like I have to get cracking to get 10 people to do the same.

I will follow up with the necessary request in a matter of time and will be back at this page to complete it. So, in the meantime, cheers!


Mariuca said...


Mariuca said...

Hi sweetie! Thanks for ur comment and for joining the FCC. :)

I see the badge, so that's one requirement met!

Next, please have a * or a linky love FC post here at your blog. Do u know how that works Lily? For example, if this had been a * post, and if I were your first commenter here, You would thank me with a link back from your blog to my blog. Just like how u see all those avatars I link to at my * posts. That's how it works. Once u have at least one FC post here, I will add u to the official member list yeah? Let me know if u have any questions. Have fun! :):):)

idotkontji said...


Bill said...

Hi Lily thanks for stopping by. I hope you join FCC it is a great group. We have a lot of fun. Have a great day. See ya around.

Lily Arbee said...

HI! I will come back for FCC very soon. You know I am in the midst of making my late mum's "Rendang" recipe and have taken some snap shots of the ingredients already cut into small slices and the pics of the boiled beef plus coconut milk (thick) and the kersisek (coconut dah di parut, goreng dan tumbuk halus). I am also planning to post this recipe for you guys to try. Very hot and tasty, em .. Yummy, Yummy, please also inform lady java, yr good friend, I think she will love this. Normally this recipe is prepared for the festival "Hari Raya". Will be back in action soon! Cheers!

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